Enjoy This Outdoor Game Called "Agawan Base"

Hmmm... can't find any photo of Agawan Base so I just used this one.
Hmmm... can't find any photo of Agawan Base so I just used this one.

A Family Outdoor Game

Agawan Base literally means "capturing base". It is played by two teams with a minimum of 3 players for each team. The more players the merrier.This game is usually played on the beach since this game involves running, chasing, or tagging, and accidental falling is inevitable. It will be less traumatic if the players falls on the sand. Grassy area is also an ideal place to play this game in. Agawan Base can be played together by children and adults. It is sort of a war-like game.

Each team has a base to protect from capturing or seizing. Once the base is captured, the team losses. The base is usually marked by digging a shallow hole, about 10" in diameter,and place something like beach sandals, or shirt, or towel, or anything to it to make the base visible to the all players. You can use a pair of multi-surface bases used for standard games.The two bases should be at least ten to fifteen meters apart.

To capture the opponent's base, one just need to step on it, or touch it, without being tagged. . Each base must have, at least, one guard.

To start the game:

*All the players of each team must step (you may use just the other foot) on their own bases to signify they're home. This is very important and crucial to the game.

*The player or players who's first to step out of the base will become the prey, or the target. This could be just a ploy to lure the players of the other team to attack. Once the opponent/s come nearer, the players must then run back to their own base, step on it, and run back to chase and tag the attacker , as he or they will become now the prey (assuming he or they have not gone back and step on their own base yet to "recharge'"). The first player to be tagged will become a prisoner of the other team.

*The first prisoner will be made to jump (from the left or right side of the captor's base) as far as he/she can muster, and then he/she can lean his body and extend an arm and a leg to to the side where rescue is easier. The next prisoner, should there be more than one, will extend his/her arms and touch/hold the hand of the one/ones next to him/her.The prisoner or prisoners will stay in their places awaiting rescue.

*After each capture (of players), the game resumes. Losing a player or players to the enemy's side will now make the team's base vulnerable and easy to capture, as only few will be left to feign attackers, or man the base. On the other hand, a long line of prisoners will make an easy access to rescue, for the captors cannot guard their prisoners closer. One can pretend to attack, but only to dash to rescue his/her team mate/s. Touching just one of the prisoners by a team mate will automatically free all of them.

*The game could be a race to five, or more. It depends on the players' agreement. The team who gets the highest number of "base capturing" wins.

*Don't forget the rules:

>The players who steps out of the base first, will become the target, or the prey. He can be tagged anytime, but he cannot tag.

> Players must always be aware who steps out of their bases first, to prevent argument. It is wise to focus on one or two opponents to follow their movements to avoid confusion on who's the attacker or who's the target.

>The first to be caught or tagged will be a prisoner. The game temporary stops to attend to the prisoner.

>.Size and age of the players won't matter because children, usually, are swifter than the adults. And also, if an adult is a "target", a child can always chase him without fear.

That's about it. Let the war game begin!

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MM Del Rosario profile image

MM Del Rosario 4 years ago from NSW, Australia

I remember my childhood days, we play this game in the street... this is a good resource for Filipinos leaving overseas to teach their kids how to play this game. thank you...

Easter 21 months ago

Essays like this are so important to breanonidg people's horizons.

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