Everybody is Walking on Water

How to Walk on Water… Yes, you heard, HOW TO WALK ON WATER!

At last those large spheres you get inside and roll around on water are available to us the everyday, average, public. What was once the plaything of celebrities, celebrity hamsters and hamsters is now the plaything of us lot and is used to walk on water! All we can say is roll on the road version!

All you do is get inside the heavy duty PVC sphere, unfortunately labelled Nuclear Globe, close it and you are ready to walk on water… once you’ve closed it tightly – use your intelligence, understand that if it is not closed water will enter and you will sink and possibly drown.


DANGER: Do be careful. These things are accidents waiting to happen. You won’t be able to cross the pond in one. They come with a limited air supply and are necessarily water tight. We have only tested ours on our outdoor pool – where we had more fun than we imagined possible at our age! It would be interesting to see how dolphins, whales and sharks react to them but very stupid to test for reactions by putting to sea. We reckon you should get yours as soon as possible because stupid people will soon ensure that they are banned. Don’t be the first person to die in one PLEASE! They cost about £250 each.

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