Evil Minecraft Preview Mod Download

This isn't the greatest mod of all time. This is a preview of what could be the greatest Minecraft mod of all time, a mod that will turn Minecraft dark and evil and nefarious and make it far more interesting, in a scream all you want but nobody can hear you sort of way. This is one of the mods I've been waiting for with great anticipation, so nobody, nobody was more excited than I when Evil Notch announced that this preview download with some evil features was available for download.

Before we get too far into this, remember that the Evil Minecraft HD Texture Pack is also still floating about the place, it adds a dark reddish hue to things that goes well with the general ambiance of the mod. I recommend downloading it.

What evil lurks in this preview mod?

Spreading moss and vines. Moss no longer stays neatly on mossy cobblestone. No, it spreads like an evil carpet, taking over structures. You can fight the moss by punching it, but it will only grow back unless the source is eradicated. This gives the world a decidedly 'evil' feel.

Baby Creepers and Baby Creeper Nests. Aww! Look at the tiny creepers! Aw, aren't they cute.. Awrrgguuuh! (No further explanation necessary in my professional opinion.)

Camouflaged Creepers. In regular Minecraft you can't hear creepers coming. In Evil Minecraft, you'll have a hard(er) time seeing them as they take on the appearance of the surrounding terrain. Still, if you don't notice the bouncing blue water heading towards you at a creepy rate of knots, then maybe creepers aren't your biggest issue.

Creepigs. If creepers weren't enough to worry about, you'll now have to contend with exploding pigs too. Creepigs are an annoyance. An evil annoyance.

Carnivorous Boars. Like pigs except they eat meat. You're made of meat.

Giant Chickens. Chickens have long been one of the most vulnerable Minecraft mobs. Well not anymore. Now hitting a chicken gives it a chance to transform into a giant chicken that spits fireballs at you. You have been warned.

There are also additional mobs and surprises, like this goat.

Oh swimming goat, you so random.
Oh swimming goat, you so random.

Are you read for this mod? Are you ready? Sure?

BACK UP YOUR SAVES. I cannot say this enough. It's not so much that the mod will corrupt your save files, more the fact that things are much more dangerous in the Evil Minecraft mod than anyone could have predicted, so if you're particularly fond of any of your structures or worlds, you might want to preserve them as they were before evil came to the world. I should also warn you that this mod will probably destroy your FPS. I had a reasonable 30 – 40 fps before installation, that dropped to 15 or so with the mod installed.

Still happy to go ahead? Well, its your funeral.

Download Evil Minecraft Mod Preview

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