Evony Online Game - Advertising Campaign

Evony is a multi player online game that allows you build cities, gather information, research technology, and manage an army in order to become the ultimate leader of the of your city and then eventually if you manage it, the ruler of your city. It is a fun and exciting game that over 8,000,000 million people in the world are currently playing!

But How has Evony become so sucessful so fast? It all comes down to their advertising techniques. Evony almost uses suggestion and subliminal messages to get you to play it. Evony did an Evony Queen competition, where pretty females would pose to be the queen of evony, and these have been posted all over the internet. This leads a viewer of the ad believing that if they play Evony they will come across girls with huge boobs, playing sex games - who are quite literally up for it! When in fact the truth is that there is nothing of the sort.

Evony is without a doubt a great game as it puhses aside its competitor games with ease; but its not a sex game!

Evony is:-

  • Free to Play
  • World Best Web Game
  • Play anywhere
  • Conquer the land
  • Play with Friends
  • Join Global Community
  • Meet people online
  • Instant acess
  • Over 200 quests                                                            Play Evony Now


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