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How to Get Someone Kicked Off Alliance!

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These videos show how easily someone playing Evony can be manipulated in doing pretty much anything you want them to. It is a combination of the power of the online chat facilities and pyschology. When playing online games you should be extremely careful and be aware of the dangers that you might face. These videos have been watched by hundreds of thousands of users and these hacks and codes are being commonly used now on Evony.

Whilst Evony is still the most popular game on the internet, it is beginning to get a reputation for the amount of people that are trying to hack it and create macro bots and programs to do the work for them, whilst making a fortune in the meantime. If too many people do this it could really end up destroying the game, and therefore Evony administrators have their work cut out ensuring that this type of behaviour is not happening, and to prevent it where possible at the route cause.

Now you have seen the videos, lets have a look at what other cheats are about but this time only in text version! Simple and real....

Easy Prestige - There is one way and one way only that this trick can be done and it really can be very tedious and boring. If you have got plenty of will power and sustainability then it might be worth doing it though as you will be rewarded with lots of free prestige. This is extremely simple - Click on your barracks and keep creating new warriors. New warrior gives you 1 point in prestige. Lengthy but rewarding.

Unlimited Easy Free Gold - Raid NPC villages. Huge potential on level 5 NPC villages, where you can really take advantages of the gold on offer! Follow these simple steps of how to do it effectively

You need a minimum of 2 villages, one of which should be situated by the level NPC village. I would recommend to have at least 80,000 warriors. Be prepared to lose between 9,000 and 15,000 warrior in each attack made! Make sure you use the best resources available to you in able to minimalise your losses. Therefore make sure you have the following on the attack with you -, swordsman, archer, cavalry, pikeman and cataract Wood prices should be below 0.6, to ensure your profitability. Make sure you have sufficient barracks in order to rebuild your troops lost due to attacks. Don't do this on higher levels as it will not work!Enjoy getting rich!

For more Evony Cheats and even Macro Botz you can visit the Evony cracks, Codes, Tips page listed below.

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