Evony Online Game! Level 10 NPC Cheat..

Complete Evony Level 10 NPC In Just 5 Minutes!!

Evony is the worlds most played online war / farming game. If you have managed to reach level 10 then you are very likely to already be completely hooked on the game. Hours, weeks and months can be spent trying to get through each level one at a time. However by following the steps set out in the video you can whizz through level 10 in just a matter of 5 minutes! So lets see how to get started.

  • Use 100 Catapracts for the very first wave. Then make sure that you set the arrival time to 13:12:00.
  • Make sure that in the first wave you use 25 calvaries.
  • Now wait for the arrival time. By doing this you can prevent passing ahead of cataphracts.
  • Once you have got the basics set up you should refer to video to see how it is done.
  • Jot down every single action, memorise what to do, or even have the video running in the background.
  • In just a matter of 5 minutes you will have completed level 10 NPC and be well on your way to level 11 (granted you might not be as quick as the vid but you won't be far behind, that's for sure!). Sounds too good to be true but the evidence is shown in the video.

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The cheat shared above allows you to speed up your gaming process on the online game evony - The worlds most played and most exciting farming game. If you haven't reached level 10 of yet then you can search for similar videos that will show you how to get through the earlier stages quicker than normal also. If you are in an alliance then you could share this with your fellow players in order to grow the entire alliance much more quickly and efficiently than you would have thought possible.

Be aware that most of best players on Evony have tricked and mastered their ways to the top of the world rankings. This trick has already been viewed by over 180,000 people, so you shouldn't feel any guilt whatsoever about mastering this cheat! Afterall it's just a game and if you can get ahead then why not?!

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