Evony - Ultimate Online War Game

Is Evony the best war game of them all?

Why spend all your time mucking about on the internet playing boring game after game whilst never feeling any sense of achievment or worth while in playing it? Some people like quick flash games whilst others like longer more in depth and further skilled games that require more concentration and witt. If you prefer the second, then there is a very good chance that you will like Evony. Evony is a war game that allows you to battle it out against other legions in order to try to become the victor. It is one of those games that you start to play and never find yourself leaving.

Therefore if you have plans to play just as a one off then don't be surprised if infact you get stuck to it like glue to paper.

It is definately arguable to which is the best war game out there, but Evony is the most visited and most played game of them all, therefore making it the most popular and the ultimate gamers number one choice! (for free online games!) But why is it that Evony is the number one?! This is because there is the opportunity to meet lots of people and socialise in an online community with people that obviously share similar interests to yourself. Secondly you can make money on this game if you wish to do so. Thirdly there are so many different stages that you will never ever get bored. Fourthly because it really is the most addictive game out there, and fifthly because the competition is really good.

So have fun playing. And Add this page to your favourites so that you can acess every time.

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