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Evony Cheats....

Unlimited Easy Free Gold - Raid NPC villages. Huge potential on level 5 NPC villages, where you can really take advantages of the gold on offer! Follow these simple steps of how to do it effectively

  1. You need a minimum of 2 villages, one of which should be situated by the level NPC village.
  2. I would recommend to have at least 80,000 warriors. Be prepared to lose between 9,000 and 15,000 warrior in each attack made!
  3. Make sure you use the best resources available to you in able to minimalise your losses. Therefore make sure you have the following on the attack with you -, swordsman, archer, cavalry, pikeman and cataract
  4. Wood prices should be below 0.6, to ensure your profitability.
  5. Make sure you have sufficient barracks in order to rebuild your troops lost due to attacks.
  6. Don't do this on higher levels as it will not work!Enjoy getting rich!

How to Hack Evony and Get Unlimited Resources - This has not been tested but has been mentioned elsewhere, so there is a good possibility that it could work for you. Get your unlimited resources with this bot.

  1. Download Cheat Engine 5.5
  2. Go onto the evony.com and open the cheat engine.
  3. Click the flashing computer that appears, followed by "Windows List" --> Find Evony.com.
  4. Click ok, followed by "Enable Speed Hack".
  5. Now choose your speed and watch your resources build up.

Easy Prestige - This tip can be a little bit tedious and boring, but if you have lots of stamina and don't mind putting in the effort you will be rewarded with lots of prestige by following the simple methods.

  1. Click on your barracks and keep creating new warriors.
  2. 1 new warrior gives you 1 point in prestige.
  3. Lengthy but rewarding.

Please bare in mind that this tips and cheats are entirely suggestion and by no means are you being told to try them. Evony clearly states on its website that THERE ARE NO CHEATS in evony. Therefore you should take note of this. If you are playing for money and you cheat then you are committing illegal fraud. Don't waste your time with cheats and just enjoy playing the game - legally!

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Comments 2 comments

ryan 5 years ago

the game is good without cheats you are sorry if you have them

Anvil 5 years ago

"Unlimited Easy Free Gold - Raid NPC 5s"

This is not a cheat, it's an intentionally built in part of the game and it's not unlimited since the resources only regen once every 8 hours. Maybe a real trick would be to point out that they regen at daily maintenance so you can hit right before and after.

The poster has no clue what he is talking about.

"How to Hack Evony and Get Unlimited Resources"

Your actual number of resources is stored on the server, not your local computer. What your clock is doing will not affect what you really have. It will look like you are gaining resources like mad, but when you go to use them, you will be disappointed.

"Easy Prestige"

At the beginning of the server it takes 25 seconds to build a warrior. To get 100k prestige this way (which is not all that much) would take over a month.

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