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I am quite fond of the FIFA Manager series, but FIFA Manager 11 has some serious issues. The fact that they have two updates and a third one on the way tells you the game was not well constructed. The updates cause more problems then they solve. The developers, Bright Future GmbH, included a relatively big database of players, this is one notable plus of FIFA Manager 11. The game was released October 28, 2010 and as of the beginning of March 2011 there are two updates, and one more on the way. The game is a relatively large file and with a weaker computer I'd imagine it would not be as enjoyable.

The system requirements for the game are:1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent processor, 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended), 64 MB (AGP/PCI-E), graphics card, 7680 MB Free Hard Drive Space, 8x DVD-ROM drive, DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card

The biggest issue for me is the 3D mode, it's atrocious, just terrible. I played a season with Arsenal and did not loose a single game. That kind of result is unacceptable I played as striker with Van Persie and got plenty of hat tricks, it was ridiculously easy. The controls for the players are vary smooth thou, passes are fluent and smooth. Taking the ball away is a bit harder, and I've noticed in certain situations one side always prevails. If a defender gets to a player with the ball on the wing he will take it virtually every time. To be honest I don't understand what the wings are doing, they can have the whole sideline but instead they will dribble around and pass the ball back into the middle. The defenders also pass the ball back to the keeper way to much, it's unrealistic. The players movements should be altered, the defenders should use the keeper less often and the wings should run the flanks.

The youth market, in some aspects good, in others bad. I noticed that if you play for a better club you can buy youth players from all kinds of clubs. This makes youth camps virtually needless. Youth camps were a feature I enjoyed in the previous versions of the game, but in this one they're obsolete. You can just go find a good team and buy, well it is not even buying it's simply stealing, youth players out from under them.Simply offer the youth players a high salery and a long term contract and when they develop, they will make maybe 10% of what they should be getting payed.The option to buy youth players from other clubs is needless. If the feature has to exist, you should be only able to offer them a contract at the end of their youth career, to compete with a contract offer from their club.

The transfer market is well constructed in one aspect and totally unreasonable in another.I like the way you can purchase players, by announcing ahead of time you are interested, this is quite creative. I also like how when you negotiate a contract it shows the players expectations and other options. The newspaper adds are also a nice touch. On the other hand selling players is terrible. In previous versions I'd sell off older players at market value in order to make room for younger players, who can stay with the club longer and develop. I have had such a hard time selling players. I put Arshavin and Rosicky on the transfer list early in the season for half of their market value, and got no offers the whole season. When I look at the option "offer to club", there are barely any possible clubs to offer them to, at half price! The agent option never worked either, it is nearly impossible to sell a player. Loaning a player on the other hand is exactly the same, terrible. It is unreasonably hard to get a player loaned even if you give the clubs a ridiculously good deal.

Overall I like the the amount of data in this game, but the 3D mode and transfer market are a disappointment. FIFA Manager 11 is not as good as it's predecessors overall. If you don't like playing matches in 3D, and want to keep all your players until they retire, you will love it. I give it a rating of 6.5 out of 10


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