Fable 3 and History of Albion

The world would be a breathtakingly beautiful place filled with waterfalls, mountains, dense forests, populated with compelling and convincing characters with real personality, people who actually reacted to what you did. We wanted to give the player control of a hero who would adapt to the way they played, who would age, become scarred in battle, who could get tattoos, wear dreadlocks and a dress if the player was so inclined. We wanted each and every person who played our game to have a unique experience, to have their own stories to tell. And we called it 'Thingy quote from Dene and Simon Carter, Big Blue Boxes founders.

The Fable series was some of the first games in which the player's actions had visual consequences. Performing good or evil actions not only affected how the people in the world reacted toward your character but in how your character looked. The Hero would get a halo and butterflies for being good or grow horns and attract flies for being bad. If he was a glutton and ate too many pies, he would get fat.  If he didn't block during a fight, would get scars.  Heavy magic use led to glowing lines on his face, mainly melee combat made him bulk up. 

I've played both Fable 1 and 2 and have been waiting months for Fable 3. Soon it will be out but until then I put together a little preview of what to expect. I also included a small summary of the first two games to help refresh our memories of the history behind the third game. For those who haven't yet played any of the games I only included the beginning in an effort not to spoil the story for you. There is also links to order both games.

Fable 3 came out Oct. 26 so you can order here.

Fable 3

Basic Plot

The game starts about fifty years after Fable 2. The old monarch, the Hero from the previous game, dies and leaves the kingdom to the eldest son, Logan. The Hero of this game is the younger sibling who is forced to lead a revolution against the King after a horrible decision shows how cruel Logan is.

The games is divided into two parts. The first half consist of your Hero having to make campaign promises to gain support from the people of Albion. You then overthrow your brother and become King/Queen. In the rest of the game you must choose whether or not to follow up on your promises and what to do about a new threat to your land when the nearby kingdom of Aurora declares war.

New Stuff

Like the rest of the series, your Hero's appearance changes depending on your actions. But in Fable 3 your weapons and armour and whole Kingdom will also reflect who you are. If you kill a lot of skeletons or innocent people, your weapon will look like it is made out of bones or start dripping blood, respectively. It will even reflect the way you fight, becoming shorter and thinner for fast strikes or wider for better blocking ability.

As Ruler of Albion, you face hundreds of decisions that affect the land and people.  Your family might pressure you to use the money to improve the castle and for selfish use.  Tax a town too much and throw it into poverty or build it up and make it wealthy.

I already have the game preordered and it seems I get the "Villager Maker" since I did so.  I looked into it and found out I can create my own NPC and choose where my Hero comes across him.  I can choose the name, what he does and how he looks.  That should keep me entertain for awhile. 

But since I have yet to play Fable 3, I will now stand aside and let Peter Molyneux and the rest of the game's creators tell you about it. Don't forget to pick up a copy of Fable 3 October 26 or use the above links to preorder and have it delivered to your door. 

The First Fable

I was recommended this game by one of my husband's friends. He is our local video game expert and usually is right on in anything you might need to know about a particular game. Of course the first thing I asked was if the game let you choose a female character instead. He replied that I could put him in a dress if I wanted. Good enough for me, so I bought the game and gave it a try.

The first game starts the Hero out as a young boy who must buy his sister, Theresa,  a present for her birthday. His father offers to give the boy a gold piece for each good deed he does around town. But you discover that he can earn the gold by doing bad deeds too. There is no long term repercussions for your actions yet but this sets the tone of the game nicely.

After the boy gives his sister the box of chocolates he bought her, they both witness a villager running toward them screaming about bandits. The villager is shot with arrows and fall down dead. Your hero's sister urges him to hide and runs off toward their house. The young hero watches while his village is attacked and burned to the ground before finally running to find his family. He discovers the body of his father and kneels beside him, crying. A single bandit spots him and attacks only to be felled from a burst of magic. Maize appears and teleports both of the to the Heroes Guild.

The boy trains with the Guild and graduates to become a full Hero. At this point the I discovered that everyone was calling me Chicken Chaser and went to the Title Vendor to change my title to Ranger. But there are so many different titles to choose from the ridiculous (Piemaster) to the fairly cool (Sabre). I did find something better to put my hero in besides a dress. He was called Ranger, after all and had to look manly though he pulled off the dress pretty well.

Just in case you haven't yet played the first Fable I will try not to ruin the story too much. After graduating from the Guild your Hero is sent on various quests until he gains the skills and renown needed for Maize to meet up with him and direct him toward Twinblades bandit camp. Here, you discover that the Hero's sister is still alive but blind. After you defeat Twinblade Theresa unlocks some of your hidden power before leaving.

Soon after your Hero accomplishes more quests, becomes a Champion of the Arena and goes to jail for one or more years. You also discover that another family member survived as well as the truth behind the attack of your childhood village and that you were the reason for it.

The game was great to play and The Lost Chapters added lots of more great quests, armour and characters.

Little Bit of History

The Heroes Guild used to only let their heroes do good quests but one Hero thought that they should have a choice of alignment. So he took over the Guild and decreed that any quest may be accepted by the Heroes and the Guild won't judge them

Your Hero is part of an ancient bloodline of Heroes descended from the Archon, ruler of the Old Kingdom. The first Archon, William Black, was the first recorded user of will energy and he used the Sword of Aeons to free Albion from the tyranny of the Court. He succeeded in slaying two of the members of the Court but Jack of Blades managed to survive.

Your faithful companion throughout Fable 2.  He is just a mutt and his appearance changes slightly depending on your actions.  New downloadable content for Fable 2 lets you change the breed of the dog to Dalmation, Husky  or Beagle.
Your faithful companion throughout Fable 2. He is just a mutt and his appearance changes slightly depending on your actions. New downloadable content for Fable 2 lets you change the breed of the dog to Dalmation, Husky or Beagle.

Fable II

Fable II starts you out as a child as well, only this time you are called Sparrow and you can choose your gender. The introduction of the game again serves as a sort of training. Sparrow and his/her sister Rose are two orphans living in the city of Bowerstone. They both dream of living in the Castle Fairfax, home of Lord Lucien. They come across a trader selling "magical wares" including a box that he claims can grant wishes. At first they pass it by a a woman named Theresa convinces Rose that it might really be magical so they decide to find a way to come up with the five gold to buy it. Just like the first game you must do various deeds for the townsfolk to earn your gold. When you do earn enough and buy the magic box, Rose and Sparrow wish to live in the castle. The box disappears in a flash of light seemingly not working. Discouraged, they head back to their hovel to find the dog they had rescued from a bully earlier that day waiting for them.

In the middle of the night they are awakened by a guard and taken to Castle Fairfax. Lord Lucien asks them to step in a circle on the floor and when they do a blue light surrounds them, When Lord Lucien touches it turns red and he angrily proclaims that neither one is one of the three but one of them is the fourth. He then shoots Rose before shooting Sparrow who falls out of the window.

Sparrow awakens and discovers that she was nursed back to health by Theresa but she only survived due to being descended from a great hero. The Hero from the previous game, in fact. Theresa goes on to tell Sparrow that she is destined to bring about Lucien's downfall but to do so must find the three heroes and convince them to help by combining their powers.

Once Sparrow is strong enough, she heads out to find the three, the Heroes of Strength, Will, and Skill.

Some of the major differences from the first game is the introduction of a dog that is your constant companion and your Hero can now have children. The dog is definitely more useful since he helps you fight and alerts you to hidden treasure. He even gives his life to save your Hero. Of course I had to resurrect him at the end.

Fable 2 also introduced co-op play. It is a great idea but limited in that the guest of your world can only choose a premade character and not their custom hero. But still it is a start and hopefully the next game will expand on that.


"We used a few hooks and links to the original Fable in the sequel. One of the main ones was the use of Theresa, who was the Hero's blind sister in the original Fable. She is now a strange, ageless, wandering fortune teller in Albion who acts as the player's guide throughout the game... but there's more to her than a simple tutorial, quest giving device... she has secrets and her motives aren't particularly clear." John McCormack, Art Director of Fable

Theresa is turning out to be more of an interesting character that at first appearance. She is the Hero's sister from the first game and trains and guides the Hero in the second game. She is also spotted in the trailer of Fable III. It is speculated that Theresa was the driving force behind the whole game. For example,when Sparrow first meets the Hero of Strength, Hammer, and discovers that she is a pacifist. Theresa muses that she must see what she can do to inspire her to fight. Shortly after, Hammers home is attacked by Lucien's soldiers and her father killed. Theresa is quick to show up and convince Hammer to fight. Lucien's diary also refers to dreams of a blind, old woman.
  She is also quick to claim the Spire for herself.  Her motives are definitely  unclear and she might possibly become an adversary in any future games. 

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warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

Very in depth hub on one of my favourite series of rpg's good hub,am now a fan of yours!!!

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL Author

Yay awesome and thanks!!

cons11 6 years ago

great hub!!!

certainly think something weird of theresa, she looked slightly shady especially when she claimed the spire for herself

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL Author

I agree. I wonder what role she plays in the 3rd Fable. She will probaly be showing up at your Hero's dark moment and subtly encourage him to overthrow his brother. And somehow at the end she'll get something powerful out of it. hmmm....she might be behind the Aurora kingdom's attack on your kingdom too. She's a fascinating character anyway and can be described as Good but Corrupt.

Thanks for commenting and the follow.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

Ahh, I'd get this game in a heartbeat if it weren't for the fact that my XBOX360 is a brick right now. -_-

(Won't boot up, although it turns on. :/)

Thanks for the great hub! I've only played the original Fable, which I enjoyed quite a bit. :)

I find it silly that you can become older than your sister by the end of the game though, due to the way the aging system works. Hilariously bizarre. :P

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL Author

It's possible that you age faster because of the stress of all the skills you learn. In the game you age one year for every skill level up so I guess that can be pretty stressful. thanks for the comment winterfate!

p.s. Since your harddrive should still be fine you can order a slightly used xbox on Amazon for pretty cheap. We got the console without hard drive for $160 and it works great. So now I have an xbox all to myself hehe.

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