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As the name implies, Fable III is the third game of the series, set in the land of Albion. The player starts out as the younger brother or sister of Logan, the current King of Albion. Both the player and Logan are the children of the Hero from Fable II.

Logan has become a tyrant for reasons unknown and the people of the kingdom are leaning toward revolution. After being forced to make a horrible decision by King Logan, the player flees the castle, and must gain followers to lead the revolution with the goal of replacing Logan as the new Monarch.

Fable III has a great story and it's very long. There are several detailed walkthroughs that are just as good as anything I can provide here. This hub is meant only to provide a few tips so the player can go through the game with some idea of the consequences.

General Gameplay Tips

There are a few tips to ensure the best possible ending.  Most important thing to realize is that making every good decision will cost about 10 million gold.  It's only necessary to keep the actual promises made.  Those will usually be made in the throne room and will be represented by one of your allies.  The tax decisions will have a neutral choice on the majority of them, allowing you not to be evil and not lose any money.  For example: it's not necessary to lift the limit on alcohol and doing so will result in a bunch of drunk Albioners stumbling around. 

Early on, work to increase your earnings and invest them in real estate.  Keep house repaired to ensure rent income or better yet only invest in shops and businesses once that particular chest is opened on the Road to Rule.  This leaves all profits with no repairs.  Once you become King/Queen increase all the rent to the maximum setting.  The people of Albion might grow to dislike their Monarch but you can easily offset any morality loss with periodical transfers to the imperial treasury. 

Co op can make the game easier.  I've jumped in a a couple random games and the players were willing to give me money to help get the key on top of the treasury.  Which leads me to a great point for working to get the good ending.  To open the chest in the Sanctuary's treasury the player must have 6 million gold to climb to get the key.  Then the player must spend it all to unlock the chest to gain the contents.  Might as well transfer it to the imperial treasury. 

Also remember that your Hero weapons change according to how you use them. 

Fable III Promises

The Hero makes several promises in order to gain followers to support the revolution. After overthrowing Logan, the player must decide to keep each promise, or break them. Keeping the promises will be very expensive and will drain more money from the treasury, making it harder for the player to fund the armies needed to protect Albion. Breaking the promises will add money to the treasury, making the people hate and resent the Monarch. For each decision to keep the promise or not, Reaver will stand against them and make a counter offer to help fill the treasury.

The first decision has no impact on the treasury but does affect moral standing. Pardon Logan or Execute him, for a plus/minus 100 moral. Unlock the final part on the road to rule and Teresa will inform the player that the impending attack will happen in a year's time.

The next decision will be to raise or lower the taxes. Lower the taxes to gain 25 morality but lose 400,000 gold. Raise taxes for -25 morality and gain 200,000 gold. There is a neutral choice for no loss or gain.

Have Reaver build a school for 200,000 gold loss and +25 morality. Reinstate child labor for the same loss in morality and a gain of 500,000 gold. I doubt the player will keep Page's support though.

The fight to gain leadership destroyed the Old Quarter. Rebuild it for 550,000 gold loss and +25 morality. But any houses previously owned there will be restored and allow the player money from rent. Leaving it will only lose 25 morality and no gain for the treasury.

Next decision will be to raise or lower the guard budget for a minus or plus 200,000 gold and 25 morality. Neutral choice gains nothing.

Rebuild Aurora and make it a free state of Albion which costs 700,000 gold or reopen the mines and force the citizens to work to pay for their inclusion in Albion. This gains the treasury 500.000 gold.

Restore the Child Benefit abolished by Logan to lose 200,000 gold and gain 25 morality. Introduce Child Labor to increase the treasury fund by 200,000 and lose 25 morality. Maintain Logan's policy is the nuetral choice with no consequences.

Have Reaver reopen the shelter and orphanage for the cost of 50,000 gold and +25 morality. Allow him to convert the shelter into a brothel for a loss of 25 morality and a treasury gain of 1,250,000 gold. This was a hard decision. (The evil choice also opens up a side quest)

There is a sewage problem in Bowerstone. Solve it by either building a sewage plant for 150,000 or directing it into Mourningwood (love the name) for no cost. This is also a +/- 25 morality.

Remember Ferret? Now the player must decide on his fate. Keep him locked up forever or accept a bribe of 100,000 gold and release Ferret.

Decide on the Alcohol Policy for Albion. Remove the ban or outlaw alcohol for a loss or gain of 100,000 gold. All the judgements have the same loss or gain of 25 morality.

Keep the promise made to Brightwall Academy or break it for a loss or gain of 150,00/300,000 gold.

Protect Bower Lake which costs 50,000 or drain and mine the lake to gain 400,000 gold.

Surprise! Albion's economy needs to be bailed out which costs 500,000 gold or let it collapse to for no gain but no loss.

Build a desert outpost to help protect Aurora which cost 300,000 gold or reject the proposal to protect the treasury, possibly losing the support of the country.

One last judgement to go so if the player decides to do anything else or wants to build up more money to transfer to the treasury, now is the last chance. Don't forget to add in an extra 50,000 gold for the last judgement. I left out a couple sidequests that can be used to gain extra money. This will be helpful for emergancies in case the player falls a little short.

Final decision. Return Mistpeak to the Dwellers and lose 50,000 gold or allow Reaver to open a logging camp to gain 400,000.

After keeping a few promises, I started wondering why it all had to be done the first year. My allies understood the danger but still made their demands. I won't give away the ending but after decision making it's purely combat.

Feel free to contact me if you need further help.  And thanks nell79 for reminding me that I needed to update the Fable III help.  This hub is for you :)

Walter meets the Crawler, the final bad guy of Fable III
Walter meets the Crawler, the final bad guy of Fable III

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sord87 5 years ago

A good explanation on fable 111,keep it up,your game hubs getting interesting every time!Some of it seems very new to me!

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 5 years ago from Athens, AL Author

Thanks again sord87. I started out wanting to do a complete walkthrough, then realized how big a job that would be. Fable might seem like a simple game but it's fairly detailed. So I went the far easier tips and suggestions route :)

If you need help on Fable 3 feel free to contact me. Much appreciated!

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

evvy, you have explained fable iii so well even I can understand it. Love your explainations and tips.

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 5 years ago from Athens, AL Author

Thanks KoffeeKlatch, I'm glad the hub did as intended. Always awesome to have you stop by and comment :)

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