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Okay, so Zoo World isn't as popular as Farmville on facebook. BUT! I just can't stop playing. Zoo World is pretty much a game where you build a zoo and watch it grow, like all the game on facebook, the more neighbors you have, the more zoo dollars you will earn to improve and upgrade your zoo. With every animals you buy, different species will be able for you to purchase for your zoo.

If you're interested in this game, read further on how you can earn zoo dollars and points.

Treasure Hunting

Once every twenty four hours, you can collect money from yourself and your friends (who has a zoo with Zoo World). You can tell it's time to go treasure hunting when there's a treasure chest next to yours or your friend's avatar. Treasure hunting is basically clicking an animal in your or your friend's zoo... if you click the correct one, you can earn up to $1000 zoo dollars. But as you level up, the more zoo dollars you will collect. Currently I'm at level 19 and I collect over 10,000 zoo dollars from my friends.

More Way To Earn Zoo Dollars

There's plenty of ways to earn zoo dollars for your zoo.

  • You can buy trees that allows you to collect 10 to 1000 zoo dollars a day.
  • Let the game run (as I'm doing now while I type this article). This can be explained in the Zoo Day paragraph.
  • Buy the zoo money and points, if you're really into the game.
  • Leveling up. With every level you earn, you get one zoo point. Zoo point is more important than zoo money. Zoo point allows you to purchase extremely rare species and money tree that grants you one zoo point a day or 1,000 zoo dollars a day.

Zoo Day

 Zoo day is equvilant to our day. Every five minutes in Zoo World is a zoo day. With every person who enters your zoo times that by your zoo admission fee, you earn that much zoo dollars a day. Let's say you get 500 people to visit your zoo, and your zoo admission fee is $3. Every five minutes, you get a total of $1500 zoo dollars to enhance your zoo.


As I've mentioned before, Zoo World isn't as interesting as Farmville. It's a free game, but if you want to further upgrade your zoo, you can purchase more zoo money or points. If you don't want to bother with that hassling business or want a zoo related game for your child but don't want them on facebook, then you can check out one of the games from our sponsors.

Facebook and Zoo World often have difficulties with loading the game. It can get annoying.

Also, everytime you level up, the price of everything rises. I don't find very that fair. My best bet is to buy as many animals, kiosks, staffs, etc as I can before leveling up.

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minzako profile image

minzako 7 years ago

I never play Zoo World games in facebook before, i think after read your info i should to try

Thank for sharing

madoschilus profile image

madoschilus 7 years ago

If you are busy and not using your computer, Zoo World has a timeout-function and kicks you out. You can use a simple program to stay in, so you can let Zoo World work for days or weeks :D the program just hits "F5" every 5 Minutes and is reloading the Zoo World page. Contact me and I will send it via email

Chris 7 years ago

Ei Madolschilus, can you sent it to my mail, jmrcfc@y.c thanks a lot

LarasMama profile image

LarasMama 6 years ago from a secret location, Australia

The amount you earn from treasure hunting increases the higher level your zoo is - and you can earn up to $410,000 by clicking on upgraded zoo trees.

mae 6 years ago

just a shame I can't play yet

herman_td@yahoo.com 6 years ago

It's a ZOOZ game can produce real Dollar?


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