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Are you an online gamer? Do you log into places like Facebook to check on your farm or pet? I know I'm guilty of this. I play Pet Society on Facebook, and I play everyday. I mean it's nothing like an addiction to online gaming for me. For me playing Pet Society is really just an escape. An escape from what you may ask? Well working 10-14 hours 4 days a week is stressful so I come home in the morning and play with my "pet" in Pet Society. Also between writing here on Hub-Pages now, managing a million blogs everyday and reading all the blogs I follow I just need an escape.

To me gaming with Pet Society is fun. I've met tons of people playing the game as well. And according to reports "social gaming had been one of the biggest growth areas in video games." And I believe it.

Now my fiancee and I have different tastes in 'gaming' he would rather sit at his X-box or PS2 and play games. Personally I never really got into that kind of "gaming". But for me to sit in front of the computer and play a game is a lot more exciting and relaxing.

What kind of games do you play? Are you a social gamers on places like Facebook or Myspace? Or would you rather sit in front of a gaming console? And, if you do, how much time do you give to your 'games'?

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Dobson profile image

Dobson 6 years ago from Virginia

I do Farmville and have done Social City on Facebook.

NewsGallery 6 years ago

The full version of the infamous sweaty interview at the D8 Conference with Mark Zuckerberg is now available to see in full context. See Video HERE: http://bit.ly/MZucHood

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

I can't even comment on this one, gqgirl. I know people enjoy this, but I'm not one who does. Viva la difference I guess. Several of my "kids" who live far away are on Facebook and I got involved in order to be able to communicate with them. Now all that happens is invites to do some gamey thingy. They've forgotten how to communicate, I guess! LOL

Well - that's why I love Hubpages. Real PEOPLE write their own REAL things and read others' REAL things. I love this, not that. hehe

faithfulpen 6 years ago

LOL! I am guilty as charged...I play Treasure Isle, and Cafe World and have recently joined the Chocolate Factory game on Facebook. I am not addicted, really! Just entertaining when I am otherwise bored.

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