Facebook Mafia War Cheats

Facebook Mafia War

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facebook mafia wars, facebook mafia war cheats, mafia war

Facebook Mafia War

Facebook Mafia War has become one of the most popular multiplayer games you can find on the internet now. All around the world new mobs are started every day, and each one of them tries to be the most rich and one the most influencial mobs on Facebook Mafia Wars.

Facebook Mafia War is, like the title says, a mafia game. In the Facebook Mafia War game it's crucial to create a great and big family. You can do this by inviting your friends your friends or other Facebook Mafia war players.

Some Crucial Points

Now if you want to be succesful with your mob you have to be able to defend yourself. You can do this be buying different types of guns and vehicles. But all of these weapons and vehicles have their price and they need to be maintained.

To maintain these guns and vehicles you need money. Money plays a crucial part in Facebook Mafia War. The more money you've got the more weapons you can buy and this way you'll be able to defend yourself fromt others.

Money = Reputation

There are 2 known ways to create wealth, and a lot of it.

1. Doing a lot of jobs (When you put your reward points into Energy, you'll be able to do more jobs)

2. Investing in property (Buy low cost property with a pretty decent return rate)

These ways of making money on Facebook Mafia Wars depend also on the number of family members you have in your mob. The more family members, the better. You'll be able to buy a lot more property, if you have a big mob. More property = More money

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wikk 7 years ago

add me to you facebook mafia name will payton

picture is family guy in the army

MAniac 7 years ago

is there any cheats to do for mafia wars or like easy ways to get lots of money

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