Facebook's Farmville Alternative - Farmerama Online Game

Farmville Alternative

Facebook's Farmville game has become one of the most played games in the world and on the world wide web. When it first come about people saw it as a totally unique game, that looked interesting and fun at the same time. Farmville is now played by millions of people throughout universe. The idea of the game is to manage your very own farm and make it as best as possible. You need to gain experience points and collect coins in order to move forward.

However!......We are forever told to embrace change throughout life and therefore we have to accept that new innovative things do come along, and things can be changed and improved upon for the better.....After all, we all get bored of the same thing after a while (well most of us anyway).. so therefore it is good to explore and see what other games are available for us to play

Farmerama Online Game

Farmerama is a new alternative to the extremely popular Farmville game. The principles of the game are pretty much the same in many ways - but also with many differences. Farmerama is expected to become a close contender for the leading farming game on the internet within the next year. The idea of the game is to make the most of your land, whilst playing against other online farmers! Farmerama is totally free to play, and is a web based online game. Therefore no downloads or discs are required to get playing. In fact you can start playing right now if you choose to do so. If you need to know a bit more then see the guide below.

BasicĀ Guide

When joining the game you re gifted with 3 very important things. These are a Farmhouse, a Mill and a barn.

Your barn should be used for storing crops, trees and animals. The mill is where you can produce the animal feed. You also have a water tower for watering your crops and for your animals to drink.

Use your manure to fertalize your crops.

Both cattle and crops play a key important part in the game, and are the key to your success.

Use the markets and greet your customers at the door to make your money and collect your coins!

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