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Farmville Intro

Farmville is an extremely popular game that is played via facebook by millions of players throughout the world. The idea of the game is to manage your very own farm and make it as best as possible. You need to gain experience points in order to move forward. Farmville becomes extremely competitve, addictive and can be played by all age groups!

Farmville Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Codes

Moving up a Level

Trap your farmer in order to speed up his actions. This will enable you to work quicker! All the money you have should be spent on 100 coin bales of hay only. It is important to make sure that you have land to place these, so it might be worth clearing an area that you can use on a permanent basis for storing these. Hay bales are worth 5 experience points each. Therefore 150,000 coins will give you 7,500 experience points, which will enable you to move up a couple of levels! Although this can be time consuming and requires patience, is it pretty much a guarenteed trick and a solid strategy to begin with. When you are up a level you can work with your vegetables in order to make you coins. One of the most solid options you have is to work with planting peas as you will get a returns on each harvest, avergaing around 6000 experience points per day!


Codes can be found on the internet when searched for, but in my experience I have found that none of them work, and there are a complete waste of time. It would be far to easyto type in a code and suddenly find yourself as the best farmer on farmville - lets be realistic, its not going to happen!

Tips - The Best Crops

A huge potential lies within the crops that you decide to grow on your farm. Many people udner estimate the potential in growing strawberrys. The reason that strawberrys hold so much potential is because they allow the player to accumulate money quickly and also to gain experience points quickly. They are relatively easy to maintain because you only need to log into facebook every 4 or 8 hours to take care of them! However, this wouldn't be the best crop if you only visited facebook every few days!

Other really good potential crops to grow are:- Sunflowers, Onions, Sugar Cane, Grapes, tomatoes and Asperagus. However some of these are available on the higher levels..

How to Speed Up Your Farmer!

This is a verysimple and effective method that can be used in order to speed up your farmer. Firstly you should choose the area that you would like him to be working in. You should then buy some fence panels and block him in. By doing this you will see his work rate increase rapidly, and you will have a much quicker farmer.

Cheat Engine 5.5

We have not tested this one, but it is listed on many sites on the internet as way to cheat / hack farmville and to gain more money. It should be mentioned that hacking is illegal and the best way to progress on this type of ame is to simply work out a great strategy, prepare to be patient, and simply enjoy yourself!

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The Green Thumb 6 years ago

I tried the codes-and you are right. A mere wastage of time. To be honest this didn't help me further because I have these all tips already. But thanks for the effort you put it :-)

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starcraft2guides1 6 years ago

I found some great new info here. Cheers for that! awesome.

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Thanks Lot for Your Information Provided. It is So useful to Us.

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