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YoVille introduction......

YoVille is facebook's latest new craze! It has over 12 million people that are joined to the application from all over the world. If you haven't played YoVille before then you have probably at leasy heard people talking about it or seen it advertised somewhere on the internet. So what is YoVille, and why is it so popular? .......

Facebook's YoVille is a game that is set in a virtual world. As a player you will create a YoVille character and bring him or her to life in the virtual world! The aim of the game is pretty much to be as successful as you can. It is similar to modern day life whereby we do the common things of going to work, cleaning the house, socialising with friends, and trying to make an honest living. YoVille is an online community where you will interact with other players from around the world... your character can meet and talk with other characters in the game. you eat, you sleep, you walk, you work, you do excersize, you shower and pretty much everything else that resembles real life! When you get started you will see how addictive this game can be.

Cheats and Tips...

How to get lots of Yopoints. This is quite a time consuming and lengthy way of gaining lots of yopoints but it is a totally proven method that requires good stamina and lots of patience. In the long run it will most definately be worth while. When you have enough coins you should purchase a popcorn machine, or an expresso machine. You should then buy the items from this machine in order to gain yourself 1 yopoint each time. The more yopoints you get the more popular you will become and the more doors that will fly open for you. If you do not fancy ta long winded approach then you should try to do the following..

To get lots of Yopoints you will need to have as many valuable assets as possible. By aquiring expensive items your yopoints will go up and up and up. Therefore it is important to spend your coins in the same way that you would in real - except perhaps a little more responsibly! That way you can build a wonderful world for your character to live.

It is important to have social activity. You should make sure that your character visits friends at least once a day.

Fishing plays a big part in YoVille, so make sure that you do not underestimate it. You should aim to work as often as possible and if you can get a job assembling fishing rods then you will be laughing. You can then buy your bait from yofish, which will help you to catch lots more fish. Also do not forget - you will get more yopoints for doing this!

Hacking YoVille

You should not attempt to hack YoVille. There is no way of hacking YoVille because it is an online game. In order to stand any chance of successfully hacking the game you would need to gain hosting access which isn't going to happen - so give it up.

Protecting your account

With any online game you will always get people that want to hack into your account. Therefore you should make sure that you have a lengthy password that nobody else knows, which should contain both letters and numbers. It can be extremely soul destroying when you have put so much time and effort into building your yoville to then find that your account has been cleaned out, and you are left with nothing. Be smart.

YoVille Codes

Lets keep this one short and simple. There are no codes or cracks for YoVille. The best way to be successful is to have a good strategy in order to make money and gain yoville points. Do not underestimate how important it is to keep your character socializing because otherwise it will all go to waste.

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lauralolita profile image

lauralolita 6 years ago from Florida

Hello fellow Yoviller! I appreciate you being straight forward about the hacking issue. It's so annoying when people claim there are ways to hack into the game and get thousands of coins, when it's not possible! Thanks for the great hub! God Bless



I love how you say that you can't hack YoVille when you actually can. I have been hacking for almost 3 years. And it really helps if your goal is to get rich quick and just have alot of stuff. I don't hack people. Just for me only,and maybe for some friends. Well im only 15,and some people say it must be such as hassle hacking.. just because they watched a couple of YouTube Videos.I did stop with the internet for about 3 months,and then got back on to find that they patched alot of stuff. But the truth is,you can never stop a hacker. Yhey will just come back with more. And now i have new programs,so i'm still at it. :]

-Happily Playing Yoville.

james 6 years ago

i got scammed for buying two mafia henchman and i hacked him back so i got 5.oooooooo coins for hacking him back i love yoville.

jaila 6 years ago

i really wana kno how 2 hack people someone hacked all of my things so i had 2chnge my password...& i need 2 hack that person bak 2 get my stuff back & all of my coins :(

alex 5 years ago

yea i lost like 25k andmy mafia outfit in scamm im pised if you can help me hack the person resposible plz pm me at alexfirexxx@Yahoo.com

Carol 5 years ago

the best way that I found to get lots of coins real fast is to save your All your energy untill the factory has double coins, Sure it takes a few months but in those months you are busy saving energy, I have over 400 neighbors so I get 600 coins in the factory and thats 1,200 when its doubled, last time the coins were doubled I made over 3 million coins the honest way, so save those energys!!!!!!

a nooby noobert  5 years ago

cant someone tell me how to hack please whenever i ask anyone they tell me no way or get lost come on people help me out my e-mail is ayah16@live.com pluse my friend blue mermaid told me she got me somethings but she just ended up hacking me and taking my cropped hair and 97.6k and bought somethings with my hard earned yocash

shell 5 years ago

someone pls tell me how to hack i got hacked and i think i no who done it but cant besure i want my stuff back

Yovillian 5 years ago

This aka screen name that posted under " YOVILLEHACKER " is a total joke. He or She goes on and mentions hacks being patched. These patches are simply for wpe and hxd which is not a true hacking skills. Using a hex editor you idiot a true hacker would never use. Who the hell cares if you can change colors or get a fake item that can not be sold or anything. The fact of the matter is get a life, you are talking crap in a area no one including zynga is impressed with.

your mama say u ugly hey 4 years ago

I got hacked 134k i need it back. How do u hack ppl! Thats why im on here i NEWD an anwser now!!!!!!!!!!!

CooRwin [facebook.com/coorwin] 4 years ago

lol. You can hack yoville me and my friends recently hacked into the database and were hacking every rich person we seen. So your very wrong you can hack yoville, i been hacking since 09 but i played since 08

RaNdOmYo 4 years ago

Okay guys, i dont hack but hacking is possible. I have sites to download hacker but i have too fill out survey. Can anyone find a hacking download without a survey? bcoz all the old ones have been surveyed or deleted. Thanks xox

Watever loser ;) 4 years ago

u guys stop saying shit about getting hacked.

none will help u freaking newbssssss...

u just say that u got hacked for hopeing people sad that u got hacked and they will help you.

but none will help u newbs ;]

dazza 4 years ago

i just used the cheat engine it works but when i buy somthing it disapers can u help me?

pretty girl swag 4 years ago

sup guys i need someones password on facebook and there e-mail so tell me soon or later thanks

pretty girl swag 4 years ago

sup guys i need someones password on facebook and there e-mail so tell me soon or later thanks

isaiah pettway 4 years ago

what id give for hacks............

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