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Facebook has not only just taking the social networking world by storm, but is also having a huge say in the gaming world also. The most popular games at the moment appear to be Farmville, Yoville and Bubblespinner!

Bubble Spinner Cheats.........

Well anyone who has played bubble spinner on facebook before will know that this is a very skillful and addictive game that can have you playing for hours on end without you even realising that the time is going by! It's a great game for a boring day at work, and also a great game to wind down from a hard days work. However for some of us it becomes more competitive than that! It becomes a competition between you and your friends and family to see who is really the bubble spinner champion! Usually there will be one person in the family that takes to it like a duck to water, whilst other struggle behind with a much slower progression rate. Well wouldn't it be great if you could beat their high scores, and knock that smug look off of their faces?! Heres some tips / cheats that might help...

Farmville Cheats Tips & The Best Crops This game is the new craze on the internet. Farmville is a new game like no other. You are the farmer and it is your job to keep the farm running whilst competing with other online facebook players! Great fun and some great easy cheats to get yourself some brownie points immediately! A huge potential lies within the crops that you decide to grow on your farm. Many people udner estimate the potential in growing strawberrys. The reason that strawberrys hold so much potential is because they allow the player to accumulate money quickly and also to gain experience points quickly. They are relatively easy to maintain because you only need to log into facebook every 4 or 8 hours to take care of them! However, this wouldn't be the best crop if you only visited facebook every few days!..... read more below @

Yoville Hacks and Cracks........

This is the game that is going to test out farmville for popularity! It has over 12 million people that are joined to the application from all over the world. If you haven't played YoVille before then you have probably at least heard people talking about it or seen it advertised somewhere on the internet....another great game with some more great hacks and cracks. Enjoy.......

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snowii04 6 years ago

i love the game yoville its so fun and i talk alot online to people arund the world

cheatcodesforfarm profile image

cheatcodesforfarm 4 years ago

This is very true, I know first hand as a Farmville lover, this trend will only continue to grow as social networking expands.

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