Facts About Sheaffer Fountain Pens

Sheaffer pens left a trace in the history of writing instruments

Walter Sheaffer formed a part of American Industrial History, being one of the 'Big Four' pen makers of the 20th century.

Nowadays this great company continues manufacturing under the name of French BIC, preserving the craftsmanship traditions of nearly a century of production and design.

This quick list of facts about Sheaffer fountain pens covers the penmaker's history in brief.

  1. Sheaffer fountain pens began the world-renowned history with just seven employees in 1912, crowded into the small back room of a jewelry store in Fort Madison, Iowa, USA. Sheaffer was incorporated in 1913. The huge plant in Iowa initially was empty at its most part.
  2. The shimmer of Sheaffer's unique inlaid nib is created by a special blend of material ranging from alloys to pure gold. The company developed its unique alloys and technology to patent the so called 'Sheaffer Gold'.
  3. One of the foremost technologies Sheaffer pioneered in the 1920's was a way to make pen caps and barrels of plastic. Another break-through invention was the Skrip ink (in fact, never referred to as 'ink') devised by chemists to prevent clogging in fountain pens.
  4. The United Nations Charter was signed with a Sheaffer fountain pen on June 26, 1945.
  5. The first Sheaffer ballpoint pen was manufactured and sold in 1946.
  6. 6 years after WWII, in November 1951, the 50 millionth Sheaffer pen came off the assembly line.
  7. Walter Sheaffer was in his 40's when he put at stake his life-savings to start the Company that would grow into a world-renowned brand name.
  8. There were already 58 other established pen companies when Sheaffer made history with his patented, high quality, self-filling fountain pen - which revolutionized the writing world.
  9. Skilled craftsmen, trained in the unique Sheaffer tradition, today execute up to 300 steps to create fountain pens by hand.

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does anybody know the website for schaeffer so i can order from them directly

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hi im a total fan of fountain pen!!!!!!!!this is so cool!

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