Fall Scavenger Hunt

If you enjoyed my Nature Scavenger Hunt, then you and your child will enjoy this new Fall Scavenger Hunt. This is not only a great excuse to spend time with your young child outdoors, but it provides a wonderful opportunity to have fun and teach your child about autumn. Just print the scavenger hunt, grab a warm coat, and enjoy the fall environment!


This printable Fall (Autumn) Scavenger Hunt is in a bingo game format. All you have to do is print out the bingo card here and take it along with you the next time that you go on an outdoor walk or hike with your child. Have the child look for the items on the bingo card and cross them off. The game can be played simply or you can add difficulty based on the age of the child. For simple play, have the child cross out the items horizontally or vertically. For a more challenging scavenger hunt, have the child cross out the entire card.

Visit the URL below to print out the bingo card:
Visit the URL below to print out the bingo card: | Source

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