Fallout New Vegas: Caesar's Legion vs New California Republic

New California Republic, or Caesar's Legion?
New California Republic, or Caesar's Legion?

When choosing one's Fallout New Vegas allegiances, one has to be somewhat careful. Do you back the NCR? Or do you throw your lot in with the Legion? The wrong choice can see you fleeing about the desert, tripping over tin cans whilst red bars pursue you relentlessly. So can the right choice. I should warn you now that this article contains spoilers if you haven't yet played New Vegas, or are very early on in the game.

There's a tendency amongst most players (and when I say most players, I of course mean me) to side with the NCR. They're authoritarian and stuffy and they have a tendency to sit around in their guard stations whilst all hell breaks loose outside, but they appear to be the good guys to all intents and purposes. Worst case scenario, they impose a strict tax on the town you hand over to them like a pottle of fine caviar on a tin plate without so much as thanking you. My biggest bug bear with the NCR is that they are very hard to please, like a Tiger Mother who dismisses your A+ efforts because your Pip-Boy 3000 is dirty. Under an NCR regieme you're going to be spending a lot of time practising the violin and being denied sleepovers.

The Legion, on the other hand, go out of their way to make you hate them. First of all, there's the obnoxious way they pronounce Caesar as 'Kaisar'. Then there's the fact that the legion cares naught for justice. They are only concerned with strength and a viciously twisted version of honor. My first run in with the Legion was unexpected and shocking. I was afraid of Dog Head. Genuinely afraid. Not because I'd noticed the fact that townsfolk were crucified all around me, I somehow missed that detail until after he'd told me what he and the Legion had been up to in Nipton, but because of the passionate glee in his voice as he spoke of the travesties he and his men had comitted against the relatively innocent citizens of Nipton.

It's a theme that carries on through the game. Everywhere you go, there are Caesar's troops merrily crucifying everyone they can get their hands on. Fortunately for squeamish players, the game spares you the truly terrible details and has the victims tied to crosses looking fairly indifferent to their own plight rather than being nailed there and writhing in agony. It's strange for a game in which NPCs can be blasted into inanimate hunks of flesh at your whim, but there you go.

Whatever you do, make your choices carefully. The fate of the citizens of New Vegas and the rest of the world depends on your actions. Are you destined to be a selfless savior? Or are you only in it for blood and glory?

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cmlindblom 5 years ago from middletown, ct

Good hub just a couple of grammar errors like in paragraph one you said pottle not bottle. Needs a little revision and will be a great hub on your topic.

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