Fantasy Swords and Weapons - a Guide for Buyers

if you are a collector or just beginning to collect Fantasy weapons and fantasy swords you will find a wide range to choose from including the popular Lord of the Rings. Highlander, Dragon, Samurai and Final Fantasy swords.However before you buy one you need to know something about the different kinds and think about what you will be using your fantasy sword for. Do you want an ornamental sword to display on your wall or a functional sword to use in mock battles? You should also be aware of the many ways that cheap, counterfeit swords are marketed so that you don't waste our money!

Cheap Fantasy Swords and Weapons

A lot of the swords available are manufactured in China or Pakistan and, while they look OK in a photograph they are very cheaply made, which is apparent when you hold them in your hands. They are poorly made, often with brittle blades and loose hilts and very little detail. They are however, very cheap so you can't expect too high a quality! If you just need an ornamental sword to place on the wall they might be appropriate but if you only give $45 you can't expect anything of superior quality.

Decorative High Quality Swords and Weapons

There are several higher quality, ornamental swords obtainable and one designer to look for is Kit Rae who has been making fantasy knives, axes and swords since 1984. While not 'battle ready' these stainless steel ornamental fantasy swords are exceptional value for money. There are however many counterfeit Kit Rae weapons as they are the ones copied the most by counterfeiters. Many sellers will even show you images of true Kit Rae swords then will sell you a bogus one. Genuine Kit Rae swords are obtainable from roughly $150. These are decorative rather than functional and are made from stainless steel. They are brilliant art works and are the finest value decorative swords you will find.

Functional Fantasy Swords and Weapons

Fantasy designs are of course, fantasy! Therefore to translate a decorative fantasy sword to a functional sword isn't always easy or even possible. Several manufacturers have been able to combine the element of fantasy with function to make an acceptable functional fantasy sword. An example is the Dark Sentinel Sword made by Hanwei Forge which is a combination of a duelling sword from Europe and a Japanese katana. Functional swords made from tempered steel are manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts some of which are from the Dungeons and Dragons game or the series of books, The Wheel of Time.

Lord of the Rings fantasy swords are made by Generation 2 who also make a large fantasy sword the Sword of Chaos, although the largest part of their products are medieval sword replicas that are historically accurate. One more manufacturer that we would recommend is Darksword Armoury which turn out sturdy functional fantasy swords. Several of their creations are based on traditional fantasies including Lord of the Rings and a few are unique fantasy designs. They also make the Anduril Sword of Aragorn.

Fantasy Dragon Sword with Plaque
Fantasy Dragon Sword with Plaque

Fantasy Dragon Sword with Plaque


Features: 41 inch Fantasy Dragon Sword with Plaque. Blade: 32 inches. Hilt: 9 inches. Plaque: 12.5 X 9 inches.

Click here for more details of the Fantasy Dragon Sword with Plaque

Final Thoughts

Do some homework before buying a fantasy sword. Ensure you are familiar with the distinction between functional and decorative swords and buy one that suits your requirements. Do not expect a low-priced imitation to be useful for anything except putting on the wall. For a highest quality fantasy weapon buy one from a reputable manufacturer and keep away from the cut-rate reproductions that are imported from China or Pakistan.

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bladeguy profile image

bladeguy 5 years ago

If I want to display the blade, I wholeheartedly agree with looking for high quality forged steel, preferably handmade and fully functional or battle ready. But if it's going to spend most of the time sheathed, then I'll skimp a bit on blade quality but not on ornamentation.

I also like Paul Chen's work with Hanwei Forge as wel. Great hub, thanks.

syed ali haider 4 years ago

Sir, I am interested to buy at least 10 to 15 different swords that i want to display in my 2 homes. I am interested in functional and beautiful swords. Kindly send me the prices and pictures so that i may select what i require. Kindly let me know how i can buy and pay.

Syed Ali Haider

64 Main Gulberg


0300 8453130

042 35757111

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