Farm Heroes Saga Tips, Hints and Tricks

King Online Games is back with another cutesy match-3 puzzler. And this time, you will be matching adorable fruits and veggies instead of delicious sweetmeats. Keeping the traditional match-3 gameplay mechanic intact, Farm Heroes Saga introduces fun objectives that will keep you busy for hours.

Gameplay revolves around collecting a set of resources (matching three or more goals) and achieving a specified level on the growth meter. For example, the game might ask you to collect 15 strawberries, 20 water droplets, and 12 apples, and achieve 100% growth. Once both primary objectives are complete, you collect magic beans as bonus rewards and go to a new level. Other objectives range from collecting blooming flowers to defeating the evil Rancid at the end of a stage.

The game is fun and extremely addicting. Like its predecessor, this match-3 puzzler has plenty of challenging levels. Many of these levels can be easily solved with the help of the hints below.

Farm Heroes Saga game board
Farm Heroes Saga game board

Tips to Win Levels

  • Make sure you clear fruits and resources sitting at the bottom of the game board to make way for newer ones at the top. Making way for new crops can be helpful if you are desperately looking for samples of one resource but can’t find a possible match.
  • Noticed the +1 on some fruits and resources? Well, they add a bonus fruit or resource to your collection. For example: An apple with a “+1” sign, matched with two other apples, will give you a total of four apples. Match four or more fruits, suns, and other elements to get +1 bonuses scattered among carrots, apples and other fruits.
  • In levels where you will need to collect samples of each resource (apples, suns, water droplets), make sure you start collecting the resource with the highest quota first, and finish with the lowest. For example, if the game asks you to collect 20 apples, 12 suns, and eight carrots, start with the apples first. On your way, you will be collecting other resources automatically. After finishing gathering apples, focus on suns and then carrots.
  • In many levels, you will need to collect flowers by matching fruits and resources beside them. Flowers grow in stages and can only be collected once fully bloomed. Flowers are usually fewer in number, so make sure you focus on them first before gathering other elements.

How to Get Free Gold Bars

Use gold bars to buy extra moves, extra lives, and other elements. The game gives 20 free. You will need to buy them using Facebook credits. Use them sparingly, and make sure you save them for the most challenging levels.

You can collect 10 free gold bars from Facebook by playing the game on your mobile device. All you need to do is download the Android/iOS version of the game from the Google Play Store or iTunes, and connect with Facebook. Return to your Facebook account to collect the 10 gold bars.

In general, you have to buy gold bars; there aren't any tricks to get them free in Farm Heroes Saga. However, keep an eye on in-game special events.

Special Boosters Guide

Boosters Bar
Boosters Bar

Special boosters unlock over time and can be very useful when you can’t make fruit matches. You get free boosters every 5-10 hours once the quota is finished. As of this writing, there are three important power-ups. Let’s see what the use of each booster is:

1. Shovel Booster. Use it to weed out a lonely crop on the game board. Use this booster when few moves are left and you desperately want to collect one element to complete a level.

2. Tractor Booster. Use it to clear an entire row of resources on the game board. This booster can be of immense help when matches can’t be made.

3. Bonus Rewarder Booster. Use it to give a +1 bonus to required resources on the game board. Use it when you need to collect more samples of a single resource.

Guide to Farm Club: Unlocking Animals

Unlocking animals
Unlocking animals

In certain levels, you can collect animals. The unlocked animals can then be exchanged for boosters. To find out which special levels unlock an animal, click the Farm Club icon.

You will need to earn stars to collect animals. For example, you will need to earn one star in stages 7, 18 and 38, to recruit a chicken, duck, and frog respectively, so you can get a free booster. Earn two stars in the same stages and you unlock three or more animals, which can be exchanged for a power-up. Use the table below as a guide:

Stars Required to Unlock
Available in Stages
Booster Unlocked
Chicken, Duck, Frog
7, 18, 38
Sheep, Cow, Flamingo
7, 18, 38
Bull, Ostrich, Crocodile
7, 18, 38
Bonus Rewarder Booster
Goat, Rabbit
46, 66
Special booster
Pony, Moose
46, 66
Special booster
Ox, Polar Bear
46, 66
Special booster

Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 Tips

Farm Heroes Saga Level 99
Farm Heroes Saga Level 99

Level 99 Walkthrough

It seems Level 99 is one of the toughest levels to complete. Several players have complained that even though you are supposed to collect 14 apples, there are only four to be seen. Try this trick:

1. Match three carrots vertically above those 4 apples.

2. Match three onions vertically (you will find them above those green apples). Removing them will automatically match surrounding resources and will add multipliers (+1, +2 etc.) to each apple.

3. Next, click or tap on the multiplier power-up at the top-right corner of the game screen. (Make sure you save this power-up for level 99.) This will add additional multipliers to your apples and other resources.

3. Now swap the bottom-most apple with a resource to match four apples. That's it! You have collected all 14 apples.

Collecting suns is easy, but for water droplets, you will need to match and remove resources around buckets or wells to make the buckets spill over. One bucket can spill 3-4 water droplets. Once you have enough droplets, quickly match them to complete the objective.

Level 66 Walkthrough

Bonus Tricks and Hints

In boss levels, you will need to reduce Rancid’s Health Bar by matching carrots, onions, apples, strawberries, and so on. Take advantage of Magic Beans to give extra damage. To get more beans, make sure you earn more than one star in common stages. Check the growth meter while making resource matches to keep track of how many stars you have earned.

Hero Mode is triggered when you have completed all objectives and still have some moves left. In this mode, a +1 bonus is added randomly to fruits and resources, giving you a chance to earn more fruits, fill the growth meter, and collect more magic beans.

Boosters will come to your rescue when you can’t find a match, but use them sparingly. Make sure you use a booster when a lot of matches have to be made in a a few moves. You can use the booster a maximum of three times. Once consumed, the booster replenishes every 5-12 hours. If you want a booster immediately, you will need to buy it by spending Facebook coins, or obtain it free by recruiting animals in select levels as discussed above.

Screenshots taken by the writer, courtesy King Online Games.

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i just purchase bars for the game farm heroes i had 15 bars all of a sudden i only have 6 bars left what is the problem i need to know

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i can't fi gure out what to do in level 99, there is only 4 green and you ha ve to take off 14 to win , what is that, help

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I am at a total loss on level 99. I can't figure it out to get my 14green apple points. Just when I think I have it figured out, the water drops land on them and take the points away. I haven't gotten any points most of the time - and after dozens of trys, I can't get any more than 4. Help.

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Article updated with level 99 guide and tips to get free gold bars.

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each time i defeat rancid the racoon i get a key to automatically unlock or unblock next level , do anyone know why this is so as i see no mention of this anywhere on the net 2 years ago

I do not know how to use my beans.I have a lot, they have to be of some help to me.what do I do

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105 flashing green bull cant play

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On level 395 cant seem to catch the spiders been here about a month.....please help me

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Can you do a walk through for level 66 I can pass the level but after 3 weeks of trying I can't get enough points to get the bear, lately I can't get enough matches around the buckets to get the water. Getting frustrated with the level. using iPhone 6

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@bfbs Posted a Youtube link

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