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These days there are so many Farming games available for you to play! Some can start off exciting but then become boring within a matter of hours or days, whilst others E.G. -Farmerama can provide you with lots of fun and competition for the longer term! However, it can become difficult to go past a certain stage as there are so many established and experienced players that know what they are doing and spend hours learning different tactics and strategies in order to own more land and gain more coins!

So when playing against these type of people, how do you really stand a chance of beating them and making yourself a bigger presence on the game? It's simple - Luckily for us there are always loopholes, tricks, tips, cracks, codes, hacks and cheats that allow us to get up to their levels slightly quicker than we might have done, had we not used them to our advantage! Some would call it cheating, but we can call it a positive advantage that can take us to any stage of the game we feel neccessary. Lets have a look at what cheats are available for us..

Farmerama Cheats, Cracks, Tips and Codes.

I came across this cheat whilst searching the internet to see what was available. It claims to have worked for 58% of users but did not work for me when I tried it. Perhaps it only works in certain countries of on specific models of the game, but it is definately worth trying to get that extra edge. I have written the code exactly as it reads, so there might be a few possibilities when entering it into the game screen.

200 Barnyard Bills Cheat Code.

Whilst in game play you should try holding Enter, Shift and Ctrl together at the same time. A secret screen should then appear! The screen will not always show so you should try this at different levels. When the screen appears enter the following code -

Effect: xprokop1234 2000 barnyard bills

Get Farmerama Coins Cheat

This cheat can be found on There are downloads involved which have not been tested but there is a video which will show you how to operate the cheat. Again there have been mixed reviews surrounding this from different users, but well worth a go if you have the time to invest.

A Simple Way To Gain Experience Points Quickly

This is perhaps the simplest of tips that I have come across, but it has worked ever since I started to use it. It is perhaps just advice that you would be able to gain over extensive game play, but nevertheless it gives you that edge early on in the game, especially as new player to get you up the ranking quickly.

Don't waste your time growing crops, trees and animals that will not gain you very many experience points. The highest earners for each category are listed below. You should focus your energy into producing the following because this will build your experience points at a far quicker rate than wasting time growing things that will not!

  • Crops = Lettuce
  • Trees = Bananas
  • Animals = Chicken and Turkeys

Farmerama Tutorial Walkthrough

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gabby7714 5 years ago

Hi, I've tried the 200 BB cheat and it didn't work, I'm on level 8, could someone give an example of what level you should be on, I'm quite confused, Ok thanks

Mushin0321 4 years ago

I have been playing for a year and 4 months, I just have reached level 77. My best advice is to put in the time and effort, plan ahead, and participate in the events. But most of all, enjoy playing the game.

netbookfarming 4 years ago

ive tried the 2000 code but it didnt work plz could sombody tell me some that do work im only on levle 3 as i just joined this morning

jeremiah 4 years ago

can u do the bb trick more than 1 time

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