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Many of you would have already spent hours scrolling your way through the internet in hope of finding some fantastic Farmerama cheats, cracks or codes. If you are one these people then you will have already realised that cheats for this game are extremely hard to come by. This page will share with you the tricks, tips and cheats that are out there and are already being used by thousands of players throughout the world.

Firstly, for those who are not familiar with Farmerama, a brief introduction to the game. Farmerama is a relatively new and exciting online farming game that is a competitive alternative to the extremely popular Farmville game that is widely played via Facebook by people throughout the world. The idea of the game is simple - to farm and to prosper. There is herds of competition and obtaining gold coins and experience is the way to success. Coins allow you to invest in more machinery and land, from which you can then make a bigger profit when you reach the markets. It is similar to real life farming in the sense that you are playing for survival, and you are trying to make as much money as possible. The only difference is that you can play from the beauty of your laptop, and enjoy the sensual rewards without experiencing the real hard labour! Nevertheless, Farmerama will keep you extremely occupied and competing for long lengths of time. However it is always good to find a little something to put you in the right direction and this is what I intend to share with you on this page.

Farmerama Cheats, Cracks, Tips and Codes.

200 Barnyard Bills Cheat Code.

Whilst in game play you should try holding Enter, Shift and Ctrl together at the same time. A secret screen should then appear! The screen will not always show so you should try this at different levels. When the screen appears enter the following code -

Effect: xprokop1234 2000 barnyard bills

Farmerama Coins Cheat.

This cheat can be found on There are downloads involved which have not been tested but there is a video which will show you how to operate the cheat.

Gain Experience Points Quickly.

Don't waste your time growing crops, trees and animals that will not gain you very many experience points. The highest earners for each category are listed below. You should focus your energy into producing the following because this will build your experience points at a far quicker rate than wasting time growing things that will not!

  • Crops = Lettuce
  • Trees = Bananas
  • Animals = Chicken and Turkeys

Don't Bother Hacking.

Hackers ruin games and spoil the fun for everyone. Remember it is against the law and you can be prosecuted.

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kristen 6 years ago

hi if you take one good account that may be high in level or in cash and you open another tab with another account that may be poor and you play for about 10-30 min the poor account will turn into the good account try it,it worked for me good luck

qafa 6 years ago

The best game ever is (Farmerama)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rowell99 5 years ago

farmarama is the best game by far and is by far way more fun and easy to get used to the controls.

thanasis 5 years ago

do you know a code if you know please,tell me

mast10 5 years ago

I know a code the code is sorryfarmerama

hoi 5 years ago

The best game ever is (Farmerama)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

la ptite sophie 5 years ago

quelqu'un na pas des codes pour farmerama???

petre 5 years ago

un cod pentru gologani va rog frumos

patrick 5 years ago

jeg vel have en snydekode

leoandros 5 years ago

do you know miltos1111 code for farmerama??? pls help

bravemen 5 years ago

3erete ton kodiko mashable?

teo1998-4- 5 years ago

3eretai kodikous gia bonus sto farmerama?

kpappas95 5 years ago

poios einai o kodikos gia fiorinia?

sss 5 years ago

farmeramam ist de best van alles ik ben de enige die daar geen geld aan uitgeeft

gabby7714 5 years ago

Hi, I'm on level 8 and the 200 BB cheat didn't work, does anyone have an idea of what level you should be on or does it vary, if a lot of people say what level I can probably make out what level it is usually Ok Thanks xx

konstaoo7 5 years ago

???? ??? ????? ??????? 73 ???? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ??????? ????? mashable,shule,farmerstars ???????? ????????? ??? ???? ???????

kostasmissios 5 years ago

hi ti kns?

sanni 5 years ago

farmerama for ever!!!

Jayfeathr 5 years ago

Farmerama is fun please invite hkissinger goosy14 lightfur kissinger jayfeathr hollyleaf Nataliar. Maxsumner HarleyE. BrookeL. MorganLaFey, or OberonS. to be your friend

-TSwimmer5123- 5 years ago

me ton kodiko farmerstars mporoume na paroume 12 asterakia kai farmerama 4ever

kool chick 5 years ago

i am on level 34 an i tried the code for 200bb but the screen didn't come up!!! does the code really exist??

Raul 5 years ago

as vrea un cod pentru gologani si pentru mamudele

dab 5 years ago

there is no such CHEATS for BB. dont be fools :)

quinten 5 years ago

farmerama is de bom en speel het nog niet zo lang maar ben wel sen een level omhoog

ennrick 5 years ago

je connais des code mais je les garde pour moi je suis niveau 15 et je voudrai des amis

mon pseudo: ennrick

df 5 years ago

farmerama is the best

рш 5 years ago

the best thing that i have ever played is farmarama

Immanuel 5 years ago

farmarama the best forever

alexdrogba11 5 years ago

farmarama is great

alexdrogba11 5 years ago

farmarama is great

Hommers 5 years ago


john123459 5 years ago

(award)its a very dood code

chaadiimaster 5 years ago

can i have sum codes

kachimaster 5 years ago

no codes

sebapon 5 years ago

Im not geting 200 BB cheat dosnt work. all it does is showing my crops and open the map anyone know wy pl help only have 1 xxl apple tree{with bought BB}

shahrukh 5 years ago

bb cheat doasn't work

shacktuk 5 years ago

farmerma is the best game farms on the internet.Im in 47 leven and i love very much farmerama

emily 5 years ago

hi 200bb cheat major failure on lvl 13 and tried on every level :( ive tried lots of codes and u can try vivalefrance while the french thingy is on. i also found a really helpful website: from smarteypants (my farmerama username)

GmG 5 years ago

Want to sell farmerama acc lvl 76, and bahamarama 17 only 200 euros my email is

fagpan20002000 5 years ago

kata tin gnomi mou o kalyteros code einai o award.

teo! 5 years ago


kostas 5 years ago

the best of all

raihand 5 years ago

you stupid

kanavaki8 5 years ago

balte plese perisoterous codikous!!!den andexoume allo!!!!!!!!!

Mitsos is playing poker! 5 years ago

malakies lene oloi gia tous kodikous!!Den mporo allo!!!!!!!

ΝΙΚΟΣ 5 years ago

????? {THE BEST GAME} ????? ?? {FARMERAMA}

Bonus codes 5 years ago

For Bonus Codes check this site

giorgosgiorgakis 4 years ago

h kodikou pianoun aplos eseis den 3erete money hack 4 years ago

ali 4 years ago

plzzzzzzz coud u give me hacks that work and uve tried

money hack 4 years ago the best money hack ever.

rinaldo houkes 4 years ago

hey you should look up to me and I Farmerama hot-rinaldo123

farmeramageek 4 years ago

-Maria_2- 4 years ago

how to win money and good things to me

minas7171 4 years ago

farmerama is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AYOUB 4 years ago

i love farmerama

marek 4 years ago


psyd 3 years ago

εγω ειμαι hacker και ξερω πως ολοι ειστε ηλιθιοι

hackju 3 years ago

sms:mopay 8237


100000 gold real I can get 10000 gold this is a real hack and the sms is net:3€

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