Favorite Board Games

Oldies But Goodies

These days, there is no shortage to the list of board games and card games available on the market. In just about any category, you have games for all ages (not to mention card, dice, or other types of games available). Going back a couple of decades, some games that have remained iconic for the game industry are Life, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Chutes and Ladders, and Scrabble. These games have allowed players to:

  • learn how to take turns and follow directions
  • develop logic, spelling, and math skills
  • exercise knowledge in current events, geography, history, sports, and the arts
  • compete on teams or individually with peers or as a family
  • indulge in role play

Growing Up with Games

The beauty about all those games is that there are few accessories needed in order to play, nor are batteries required, and they are durable to withstand the years. Since children need to learn how to develop the skill of taking turns, learning how to add and subtract, and read, the best game to have them start out with is Candy Land, followed by Chutes and Ladders. Once they can read and spell extensively, they can easily move on to Scrabble and then Life, Monopoly, or Clue, and eventually Trivial Pursuit in the teen years and beyond.

Why Board Games?

Even though there are so many choices now for playing games on the computer, television, or with cards or dice, board games are unique because of how they foster communication between participants, more actively engaging the mind, and are free of "technical issues" or broken parts.

And who is ever too old for a classic game? After all, you will end up teaching at least one kid how to play any of them at some point in your life! The best way to play these games is with all ages, for a more interactive experience.  So get out the games, plan a party or game night, and have fun with your family and friends during the holidays or any day you want to add interest to your time together.

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