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Favorite YouTube let's player

Who is your favorite YouTube let's player? For those who do not know a YouTube let's player is someone who records themselves playing a video game and uploading the footage to YouTube. Note my favorite let's players are in no particular order, so the last mentioned is the 1st, and vice- versa.

1. Chuggaconroy
Chuggaconroy is mainly known for playing Nintendo games, and was given a shout out by Mario. Chuggaconroy has played many various games ranging from Pokemon to Zelda. The main reason I watch these videos is since he tends to get most if not all the items in the games he plays. So it can help you if you missed an item, and were wondering where it was, or just for the entertainment value of his commentary.

2. Overthegun
A relatively unknown YouTube let's player who in my opinion deserves more recognition. OTG as people call him has many let's plays under his belt giving him a total of over 2,000 videos on YouTube which is no small feat. OTG has played games such as I want to be the guy, Zelda, Fear, Portal, Borderlands and more. But one of his strong points is his ability to rant about the most random of stuff, which distracts him while playing a game. If you have not heard of him I suggest you check him out, and watch of few of his let's plays.

3. Totalhalibut - Totalbiscuit
TB or Totalhalibut is know for both his Starcraft 2 commentaries, and his WTF is series. Which is usually 30 minute or longer video that goes into detail about games. Whether they have been released or before they are released. WTF is series usually goes into detail about how the game feels, and whether the game is worth the money to buy the game. While it also provides you the benefit to see the game for yourself to see if you are possibly interested in buying the game to play.

4. OMFGcata - Jesse Cox
OMFGcata is known for his Eye of the Tiger Minecraft video, where he gets the Yogscast to teach him how to play Minecraft, Minecraft RPG world, and last but not least him and TB playing Terraria. Jesse Cox has a crazy type attitude that makes him entertaining to watch and can voice act older generation TV shows, such as the crypt keeper. I suggest you check him out if your looking for YouTube let's players with a rather unique personality.

5. ssohpkc - Seamus
Seamus is a a very dedicated YouTube Let's player hosting over 9,000 YouTube videos at the time of this post. Seamus is known for being sarcastic, and his Mario hack let's plays. But is also known for being a part of the Creature Hub, his Minecraft let's plays, and his vast collection of video game commentaries to choose from. Some of the many games on the list include Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Shank, Mario hacks, Minecraft, Terraria, and many more games that could take ages to name them all. If you are looking for a YouTube Commentator that uploads regularly, and has a vast amount of content to choose from I suggest you check out ssohpkc YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed this post, tell me who your favorite YouTube let's players are in the comment section, and your reason for them being your favorite. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

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