Fifa 10 Ultimate Team The Great Gold Pack Experiment

I have written many many hubs on fifa 10 ultimate team and consider myself to be one of the best card traders out there,i have amassed over 1,000,000 coins in my career as a team builder and trader and passed on those tips to others who through their comments have let me know that my success has also been shared by them.The best hub i have written on fifa ultimate team is this one Fifa ultimate team tips and strategies which has had over 60,000 hits from across the world in less than 3 months.The one hub i have never attempted though is the one which would definitively answer the only question i haven't been able to truly answer in the last few months since the download was released."Are gold packs worth buying or are they a waste of time and coins".Well i will now answer that,firstly let it be known that i am selling Lionel Messi to be able to do this experiment.Messi sold for 239950 coins and also i had a few coins in the bank anyway.For this experiment i have a kitty of 280,122 coins of which i am going to buy Premium gold packs and special packs when available,every pack i open i will be making a note of what i get and listing the results below.Then by the end we will be able to tell if it was worth it.i Have seen this done a couple of times before but never on this scale.Wish me luck!!!!!!

Once i have opened a few packs i will be selling the unwanted cards and recording the amounts they go for so we can see that if you do blow a load of coins on packs just how much you are likely to get in return for selling the unwanted cards,i will only sell the cards of any value,all other cards will be discarded for minimal fee's,can you seriously make back 5-6000 coins on a 7500 coin pack.Lets see!!.Its exciting times people.

Special Packs

And so we begin with the first pack,to start with i am going to open the special packs which cost 15,000 coins and contain players only.Here goes.!

The first special player pack has been very dissapointing!

The highest rated player was Marquez CB 82 and Fanni RB 81 the rest were all under 80 and a waste of time.

The second special player pack was also dissapointing

The highest rated player was Diego CAM 84 and the rest were all under 80

Premium Gold packs

1: Nobody over 80 highest was 77, Two gold 90 contract cards and One 4-4-1-1 99 training card At least that was something.made 900 on the contract cards and training card and about 1000 on discarded items

2:Best is Dzeko ST 82 and Milan Home kit.  Dzeko sold for 600 and i earned about 900 from discarded items

3:Best is Marchisio CM 80 and One rare 78 Emre CM (discarded for 624) One 90 contract card and One Gold squad team talk. Emre went for 624 and i made about 1100 from discarded items

4:Best is Tuncay CF 78 Juventus badge and One 90 contract card.Made about 1450 on discarded items

5:Best is Helton GK 81 One rare player (Discarded for 614) One 90 contract card.made 1280 on discarded items

Not good so far eh,but like i have already said it is pure luck,ronaldo could be round the next corner,although if i don't get anything out of this at least i would of helped some of you guys make your minds up about whether to spend your hard earned coins

6:Best is Senderos CB 76 One rare player,2000 coins and 1250 in discarded items

7:Best is Renato Augusto CAM 76 One rare player,Spurs Home kit and 1200 in discarded items

8:Best is Toure CB 86 and Maxwell LWB 81 and San siro stadium plus 207 in discarded items,not too bad

9:Best is Vandenborre CF 77 and LF>LW card and heal all card and one 90 contract plus 1200 in discarded items

10:Best is Tuncay CF 78 Villa home kit,Training all attributes +10 and 1200 discarded items

So first 10 done,not great eh,good find on Toure but nothing special,ah well only another 20 or so to go.

11:Best is Bojjinovst CM 77  and Two 90 contracts plus 1551 discarded items

12:Best is Diamanti CAM 77, one rare player, squad team talk, and one 90 contract and 1440 discarded items

13:Best is Dede LB 79 Two rare players, one 90 contract card, and 2098 in discarded items

14:Best is Kodlec Rubbish,one rare player, one 90 contract, and 1300 discarded items

15:Best is Suarez CF 84 Better, One gold manager, one 90 contract, and 918 in discarded items

16:Best is Granqvist CB 77 One team talk Morale, and 1800 discarded items

17:Best is Myhill GK 77 One manager training card, Two 90 contract cards, and 1200 in discarded items

18:Best is Downing LW 81 and one rare player, two 90 contract, 2000 coins, and 1700 discarded items

19:Best is Elhoff GK 77 and man city home kit, two 90 contracts, and 1340 discarded items

20:Best is Deco CM 81 and one rare player, and one squad fitness card, and 2870 in discarded items

So still not going terribly well,but this is what makes it exciting knowing that at any minute you could unearth a Messi or Ronaldo or Torres.I have opened less packs than this before and got better players.

21:Best is Riera CM 79 one rare player, one squad fitness, 2000 in discarded items

22:Best is Vannucchi CAM 77 arsenal home kit, one 90 contract, one heals all card, and 911 in discarded items

23:Best is Aimar CAM 79 2000 coins, one heals all card and 1310 in discarded items

24:Best is Afellay CAM 79 one heals all card, one 90 contract, and 1175 in discarded items

25:Best is Jaaskelainin GK 84 and squad morale card, one 90 contract, and 1119 in discarded items

26:Best is Arteta CM 85 and one rare player, and 1845 in discarded items

27:Best is Jaaskelainin GK 84 and LF>LW card, and 1800 in discarded items

28:Best is Belletti CB 80 bolton home kit,player training card 4-4-1-1, and 1300 in discarded items

29:Best is Huddlestone CM 78 and Arsene Wenger, and squad morale card,and 1770 in discarded items

30:Best is Hangeland CB 82 and one rare player, one crowd capacity unlock and 1110 in discarded items

31:Best is Park RM 77 one rare player, two 90 contract cards, and 1280 in discarded items


So having spent 262,500 and having made about 60,000 in discarded items this shows in my opinion that buying card packs is only for the mega rich.I could of brought Messi again with the money i spent on packs or even an entire half decent squad,and the best players i got were Toure,Arteta,Jaaskelainin and Diego come on!!!.But then on the flipside i have opened just 5 packs before and got Higuain,Tevez,Maicon and Lampard so it can work but in my opinion and from the results that you have just read i have to say it is now conclusive that it is just pure luck,"Whats that you just got a Torres well bite me you lucky SOB.So i have just spent a quarter of a million coins on testing out my theory to help you guys make an informative decision,i hope you do the right thing and keep trading without having to buy packs,I also hope that you appreciate my efforts,I ill possibly be doing a part 2 to this hub but on special packs only so keep your eyes peeled for it.

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dkrainwater profile image

dkrainwater 6 years ago from Sheridan, Wyoming

Great hub, Never knew what Fifa was.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@dkrainwater thanks a lot,its a great game and has millions of fans across the globe!

RoyLflush 6 years ago

cheers for the info, was thinking about saving and buying but dont think I will now. Do you still think buying cheap gold players for 350 and reselling them is the way to go? Have brought about 15 and only sold too so far, and relisted them now for 450 for 1hr to see howe it goes, but not a great return

profile image

ssj4tito 6 years ago

the best ive ever gotten in a pack was filipe 85 LWB from R.C. Deportivo... but my little brother got Essein 87 from chelsea and julio cesaer 91 from inter on his first 2 PACKS!!!!!!!

John 6 years ago

I just got a 90 CF Tevez from a premium gold pack, coverted his position to ST and put him on the market

luke 6 years ago

warchild yesterday i was thinking of buying gold packs with 230,000 but did not want to glad tough got van persie 88 kaka 86 and torres 89 and swienstigher 86 not bad a.

ryan11 6 years ago

many people go 4 the first pack i always search for the ones were there are 3 of the same player and go for the middle one. best ive got in packs were rooney 92 villa 89 henry 88 lampard 87 drogba 87 lucio 86 kaka 86 and drum roll please messi 95... im a pro at opening packs i just always seem to pick the right one.

hhhh 6 years ago

i got messi 91 2 days ago seen som1 on youtube who got him from a scheinstiger pack so i went 4 it and got him best ive got was maicon,messi,torres,ibrihimovic and cheilinni 89

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@ryan well you all seem to do better than me,ryan next time i go to the pack menu im gonna message you and tell you where the packs are an your gonna pick for

ryan11 6 years ago

lol dont kill me if u get crap ones though

ryan11 6 years ago

i wish i could show you my team on ea but i realy cba so with a combination of tradin skills and gettin good players in packs this is my team.

GK Cassilas

LB Maicon 89 CB Puyol 86 CB Lucio 86 RB Alves 88

CM Xavi 89 CM Del piero 89 CM Kaka 86

LW Henry 88 ST Ibrahimovic RW Messi 91

Rating 89 Chemistry 93

George :) 6 years ago

I have just found out about the new unlimited goldpack glitch before and have earned around 1 million coins in 2 days, I know it's cheating but it's brilliant my team now is

91julio cesar

91 maicon 89 lucio 89 chellini 87 Bastos

90 xavi 89 fabregas 90 gerrard

92 rooney

92 villa 89 torres

Goldeneye101 6 years ago

I agree that Packs are a load of BS. The best player I've ever gotten was Henry, but using microsoft points. I buy packs of Microsoft points and buy Rock Band songs, then use the remaining that isn't enough for one 160 point song and use it to buy a pack. It's worked okay so far.

Right now, I have one Henry and 2,100 Coins. One guy also said he'd trade me a 88 Milito for a Coventry City Kit and I'm planning to sell that as well. I'm trying to get the Coventry City for as much as I can so I can get the Milito and sell it for MUCH more. But whether I get it or not, what should be my next actions? Thanks in advance!

profile image

ssj4tito 6 years ago

@george :) how do you do the cheat??? is it for ps3 or xbox360?? if its ps3 add me as a friend and tell me

nikitha p profile image

nikitha p 6 years ago from India

great hub

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@nikitha p why thanku ur comment means a lot

mark1984 6 years ago

Warchild, actually got exactly the same pack as ur no. 6 last night, further proof the same crap goes round in a circle and they occasionally stick new packs in between, I wonder if the time of day or day of the week u choose the pack makes any difference?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@mark yeah its bull eh!! i reckon there might be a certain time to do it.we need someone who tells us on here that they just got torres to note the time it happened and then we can have a go at opening some packs.

ethanh55 profile image

ethanh55 6 years ago

i did worse thn u i just spent 75k on packs best i got? anderson

profile image

lukeyboy112233 6 years ago

me torres AND klose 8 and 89 and van persie and boateng and hulk and ferdinad today is my luky day and yesterday i got 90 rtd tevez and 91 rated carlos puyol so sometimes a pack is really helpful to gttin RICH!!!

johnboy555  6 years ago

i went to got some coins and bought some packs yesterday and got ronaldo 93 on like my third pack

profile image

Sensational V 6 years ago

ok holy sh*t how lucky am i?

i was bored and searching for gold players under 200 coins today with the hopes for buying them at 200- and just discarding them when i accidentally put 200 in buy now instead of max price with player level on gold and search

the only card that showed up was a 90 OVERALL XAVI!!!!!

luckiest day ever

maty 6 years ago

Thanks for that, tough luck not getting anyone decent, I have never had anyone good but my mate got an on form Ashley Young from his first free pack from having played Ultimate Team on 09. It is really annoying not get anyone good from a pack but like you said it is pure luck, I tell you one day I will get an on form Messi ;).

TechnicallyADream profile image

TechnicallyADream 6 years ago

Thanks for great hub, cheers

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

No problem!

Ray21224 6 years ago

Why did I get an 86 puyol in a pack but I see 91s for sale?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@ray21224 because ea release uprated players every now and then if they are playing well in real life!!

avfcavfc 6 years ago

what do how much do u think i could get for my team? not very good but would like to start over.

all 4-1-2-1-2 and in their correct positions

avfcavfc 6 years ago

profile image

tigertennis7 6 years ago

Great article, I really enjoy reading your stuff and I have a couple of questions for you if you can help me out.

I have about 350K to buy and sell with and I was wondering which players resell the best above the 100K mark. Also, who is the best RM/RF/RW to use besides Messi and Ronaldo. I was thinking Robben but I didn't know if there was anyone else worth considering.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@tiger over 100,000 its the usuall suspects messi,ronaldo and torres will always sell quickly and usually at a profit if ur cunning.Rw i always used Zarate and had no issues with him,but then i brought messi and he was quite a bit better!

Ryan c 6 years ago

In form palacio is good. Got eto for sale atm if anyone interested?

profile image

tigertennis7 6 years ago

Thanks man, do you happen to know when the best time to sell players is? I'm 5 hours behind England so I can't seem to figure out when most people are on.

@Ryan How much for Eto? I was thinking about adding him to my new squad.

profile image

lukeyboy112233 6 years ago

lol i love buying packs lol only joking i had 80k and just risked it BIG TIME and got my reward david villa and dani alves as to yesterday i got torres so packs sometimes are bloody great!!!

patrick 6 years ago

who's sellin really well these days.... i have 20k

PedroMondoza 6 years ago

OMG. first time i played fifa i got ROBBEN 90. I was new so i just sold him for like 5000 and realised later what a big mistake i did. Since then nothing.

profile image

PedroMondoza 6 years ago

Hey warchild, do you have twitter?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@pedromondoza yes i do but i only tend to use it for promoting hubs!

Patrick O'Brien 6 years ago

who's sellin good for 10-20 grand i'm on ps3

kevinmac 6 years ago

great hubs warchild. i just started at playing ultimate team. just picked up abidal, milito, carrick, berbatov, suarez. trying to sell them back and make a little profit. any ideas on how much i should list them for?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@kevinmac sorry dude over the last 4 or 5months i have been asked variations of this same question probably 500 times,at first i answered but it is quite time consuming,look on the market for the answer u seek my friend!

profile image

DannyP16 6 years ago

you should see my team it sucks, the best player i have is Pepe Reina and, lets face it he aint really world class, ive also got essien from a gold pack and Gallas from a normal gold pack

pat444 6 years ago

i jus bought a few packs and got totti 89 essien 87 cech 87 alonso 82 and sold them all now i have bought a pack and got khedira not 78 stuttgart but........... khedira...84...real madrid and then put him up and only expected 7000 but now i see people sellin theres for 80k so i put mine up for 150 start and its still goin.... i'm on ps3.... can you suggest a player who makes good profit i have 150k

pkhamre 6 years ago

@pat444 After following the market quite a long time I feel like there is really one player at all times that will get you good profit. It really depends on when you are on, and lots of other factors.

Just browse around, see what players sell for what amount of coins and look for good bargains.

My tips for ?150K is to look for a bargain on Maicon, Torres, Villa and other players that do sell well.

PS: The last 24 hours I have done good deals on IF Valencia.

Bin279 6 years ago

Me and my mate are up on the xbox + its quater to 4 in the morning ( heard its the best time to get good deals) , Trying to get some good deals but keep getting outbid at the last minute, best player so far is pepe for 1000 not to bad i spose just going to see if i can get more to sell tomorrow

Mufc 6 years ago

@bin279 go for the cech 87 at night for 7-8k and sell him for 10.5k Always works for me... You might pick up a cheaper 1 at night

profile image

lukeyboy112233 6 years ago

lol mufc i just got cech for 3550 and sold him 7000.but ive done you have done so its a good profit scheme.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@lukeyboy nice one for more great tips and news on fifa 11 please join up to

profile image

lukeyboy112233 6 years ago

thanks mate i already checked it out so i will sign up today . and im doing what your doing earning 500000 coins in 6 hours so far ive got 15,000

profile image

lukeyboy112233 6 years ago

warchild before i could never get a gold team without microsoft points. but now there is a bronze tourney out on single player and after it if you win you get 10k not bad for playing 4 lousey games!!!!

BulletPr00f1 6 years ago

Am Trying to to buy good players if any one has them and the time to do it my email address is I have paypal price of players are not going to be huge i can only spend a certain amount of money neogotiations can help. fifa 10 on xbox360

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