Fifa 11 Ultimate team, ps3: Trading contracts, formation cards, and position cards (with photo's)


When discussing how to make a profit on Fifa Ultimate team the first thing that you probably think of is trading players, and quite rightly so. There is however other ways of making coins from trading that doesn't involve players. In this hub i will list the most popular contract, formation and position cards so that you (if you want or feel the need to) can refer to this hub when buying these particular items. These prices are based on the PS3 version of the game.


These are what prices i can normally get for my contract (player) cards.

GOLD 90 - 450/600 coins

GOLD 80 - 300/400 coins

SILVER 70 - 400/500 coins

SILVER 65 - 250/300 coins

BRONZE 60 - 200/300 coins

BRONZE 50 - 150/200 coins

The manager contracts generally sell for just a little bit less than the player cards so i tend to knock about 50 coins off the above prices for those, although the Bronze 50 cards normally shift at the same price as they are cheap anyway so i leave them as they are.

An example


The formation cards can be very significant in Ultimate team. They are there to improve the chemistry of your team by applying them to your players. Some however cost more than others, and this is where the profit for bargain hunters like ourselves comes in. These are the most popular cards and a rough guide to what they sell for:

41212 - Around 10k

433 - 5/7k

442 - 4/6k

4222 -2/4k

4411 -1.5/2k

The above are the top 5 most popular formation cards if my personal experiences are anything to go by, but please bare in my mind that these are prices that I personally have seen them go for. I make no guarantees as the market is so unpredictable. They could go for much more on any given day or the price could plummet, it's just the way it is. The rest of the formation cards can sell but don't seem to sell for as much or as regular as the above. The best of the rest seem to be the 4231 and 4312 cards that i've seen sell for around 1k. It all depends however on who's lurking at the time and how badly they want a particular card i suppose. If someone wants a 5221 card desperately then who knows how much they will pay for one.

A few examples


Changing a player's position in ultimate team is something that probably a lot of us have done (i know i have) Whether it's changing Essien from a CM to a CDM or Lennon from a RW to a RM they can be extremely helpful when assembling your squad. As with every other card though some are more popular than others. Here are what seem to be the most popular cards from my experience.


Be careful not to get this the other way around as a LB-LWB card doesn't sell for anywhere near this one but it's easy to get them mixed up when in a rush. These seem to be going for between 3.5 and 5k at the time of typing.


These also sell really well but as above the other way around (CM-CDM) doesn't. It suprises me that you can pick CM-CDM or CM-CAM up so easily given the massive popularity of the 41212 card but i have been able to on many occassions. A rough price that i can give you at the moment is between 3 and 5k


Also a very popluar card is the CF-ST one. It means the likes of Aguero or Van Persie can fit into your 41212 or 433 formation with ease. There doesn't seem a huge demand for CF's from buyers in Ultimate team (in my opinion). I'd say it's quite reasonable to expect 4k when selling one of these cards.


Another hugely popular card is the winger to wide midfielder card. This card would allow the likes of messi and ronaldo to play in a 442 or again the most popular 41212.I have seen these go for between 2.5/3k on a regular basis.

So they seem to be the big hitters when it comes to position cards. Another one that seems to have a bit of value to it is CF-CAM which i've seen fetch between 1 and 2k before, but not as regular as the ones above. Again, i must stress that these prices are based on what i'm seeing at the time of writing this hub so please have a check before you buy or sell.

A few position card examples

Thanks for reading my hub. your support means a lot. Also as i have said many times before if you want a great read on Fifa Ultimate team then take a look at what Warchild75 has to offer, i'm certain you won't be disappointed. Here's one of his many great hubs on the game we all love: Fifa 11 Ultimate Team And How I Earned 65,000 Coins In 7 Hours.

What's the most profit you have made when selling any card other than a player?

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warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

Yet another nice hub,lots of people are loving the fact there is a ps3 hubber on here and i have sent quite a few people ur way,i like the way u added ur own photos good job.

Did u know that instead of listing some of ur hubs u can in about 20 seconds add ur latest hubs or ur best hubs by simply adding a rss feed.

If u have trouble doing it give me a shout!!good hub

Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England Author

Ah right, i didn't actually know that mate so thankyou for that, i will have a go in a bit (and no doubt fail ha). Also thanks for the mentions. You have been a massive help since i started on here and i'm certain i wouldn't be having the vieweres i am without your advice. Cheers

profile image

lukeyboy112233 6 years ago

well i told u didnt i and i make loads out of them it works ahh

Don-Hussein 6 years ago

You forgot CF-CAM, they go for about 1.5-2k

patrick 6 years ago

hey fuller jus wonderin hu cud i buy wit 5k to get profit

Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England Author

Don-Hussein: I have menitoned the CF-CAM as the best of the rest mate, but you could be right, it might be worth putting it in the main list. It's just at the time i was looking they didn't seem to be selling as regular as the others. Thanks for the heads up anyway matey.

Patrick: I haven't forgot about adding you on psn mate don't worry. Baby was sick on my only control pad so i'm out of action until i can get out to get a new one ha ha. I'll add you next week if i can mucka. Player wise i have been picking pirlo up quite cheap (between 2 and 2.5k) and selling for 5k BIN. It was actually a tip off from James K who commented on the other hub which has also worked for me. Hope that helps mate.

Don-Hussein 6 years ago

Can any one loan me money to buy Casillas?

Don-Hussein 6 years ago

Sorry, wrong hub :D

patrick 6 years ago

thats a great way of makin money. i topped up my wallet by €20 yesterday and got ribery

Mainge 6 years ago

Hey great write up. Just wondering which cards you would recommend me trading for the best profit. I've got about 10k to work with and I'm on the PS3.


Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England Author

Mainge: Thanks mate. I haven't actually dealt in any formation cards just lately so i can't really tell you anymore than what's in the hub. All i will say is that 41212 are easily the best sellers, so if you can get them on the cheap then you're laughing. You sometimes have to be a little more patient with the formation cards as there are less of them up for sale than players. Sorry i can't be much more help though mucka.

Don-Hussein 6 years ago

just seen a LWB-LB card go for 9k, thats crazy

Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England Author

Don-Huseein: Wow, that's mad. It just goes to show how cazy the market can be at times.

name 6 years ago

i have a downing and upson what should i sell them for?

name 6 years ago

ive monitered the market and the prices are very different and please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

name 6 years ago

nevermind about upson and great write up ( i brought the downing for 350 )

name 6 years ago

nevermind about upson and great write up ( i brought the downing for 350 )

name 6 years ago

i just got a a. cole for 1k!!!!!!!!!!!!! about what should i sell it for ive seen it going for 15k - 45k?

Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England Author

name: I'd imagine you would get 800 coins upwards for downing mate. Excellent deal for cole i bet you were well chuffed. I would be looking at 19/20k minimum for him after looking at the market, maybe 22k?. I'd guess that the really expensive ones that you have seen are those with a 41212 formation.

name  6 years ago


name 6 years ago

wow a. cole sold for the BIN of 45000 ( was not expecting anyone to go for that ) in 5 minutes!

name 6 years ago

the bid price was 21000

name 6 years ago

ive been monitering some ivanovic`s and they are a 1-3k gain if you get them 1k and down they can sell for 2-4k

name 6 years ago

would should i sell a zanetti i got for 2k for

Oli 6 years ago

Hey mate, Oli from down under. I must admit when i got a bit stuck in playing fifa 11 ultiamte team (having never ever gone into these game modes in the previous fifa games i have owned) i googled a few of my troubles away and then came across the warchild pages like you have; drawn some ideas from and furthered my knowledge alsowith ur pages.I am stuck however in actually applying positional change cards to players. I got a RWB and want to make him a RB (or could be vice versa) i go into the squad player..player op[tions...apply item..then scroll to the position change (ive got both RWB>RB and RB>RWB - as i was covering my noob arse) but i can f*king apply wtf? how and where do i do it?

name 6 years ago

this is weird i just found a snata cruz that was a goalkeeper

Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England Author

Oli: I'll be honest mate i don't know what you're doing wrong. I can't even come up with any suggestions as it seems like you're doing everything right. Maybe someone will see your comment and be able to help though buddy. Thanks for reading.

name: Seen a couple of players like this myself. I haven't got a clue why or how it happens. Very weird.

DonHussein 6 years ago

@ Olli, i sugest you ask on main forum for Fifa Ut11 hopfully someone will help you

Don 6 years ago

just curious, are you on Xbox 360 or PSN? I've heard that the prices vary between the auctions on both.

Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England Author

Don: Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you mate. I'm on PSN buddy and yes prices do vary from xbox to playstation. If you're looknig for an xbox fifa UT expert then Warchild is definately your man here

SiYo 5 years ago

look up nationality :Brazil position gk type silver and rafael d silva comes up

Zac 5 years ago

Oi mate, is there a CAM --> CM card. I got just a bit confused there :/

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