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This is a very cheap hybrid skill team with 7 5 star skillers. It is a Hybrid between Brazil and France and is played in a 3-4-1-2.

GK: Hugo Lloris 85- 3k

Lloris is an 85 rated Goal Keeper with 88 reflexes, 87 diving, 87 positioning and 84 handling which are stats that are, really, better than his overall. He is 6 ft 2 which means that he can reach the top corners and is hard to chip. He is a solid goal keeper who never makes awful mistakes. He is French and plays for Olimpique Lyonnais in the Ligue 1.

CB: Bruno Alves- 2k

Bruno Alves is an 81 rated centre back with 89 heading which means that he is very able at scoring headers from corners and also defending corners. He is 6ft 2 which just helps his heading ability. He has 82 defending and 69 pace which does not sound like a lot but for a centre back it is alright. Bruno Alves is Portuguese and plays for Zenit in the Russian League.

CB: Mamadou Sakho- 2k

Sakho is also an 81 rated centre back with 84 heading, 74 pace and 80 defending giving him solid stats for a centre back and he does seem slightly over powered, catching up with players who should be much quicker than him. Sakho is French and plays for Paris Saint- Germain in the Ligue 1.

CB: Eliaquim Mangala- 2k

Managala is the one of the lowest rated players the squad with a rating of 76. He does have 83 pace though, making him a valuable member of the defence. He has 83 defending and 80 defending meaning that his stats represent a player that is 81 or 82 rated but he is only rated 76. He is French and plays for FC Porto in the Liga Portugesa.

Favourite Defender in the Squad?

  • Mangala
  • Sakho
  • Bruno Alves
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LM: Varela- 1k

Varela is rated 81 and has 85 pace from 85 sprint speed and 84 acceleration. He also has 82 dribbling and the trait Speed Dribbler and is, all in all, a very good yet cheap and low rated player. He has 83 crossing meaning that he can whip in very accurate crosses into the box. He is Portuguese and plays for FC Porto in the Liga Portugesa.

CM: Danny- 2k

Danny is rated 84 and has 83 pace, which for a centre midfielder is very good. He will probably cost a bit more than 2000 coins because he will be in centre midfield instead of centre attacking midfield. He is quite a good player and I enjoy using him because, although his stats say his long shots are not great, I still find that I score a few of them. He is Portuguese and plays for Zenit in the Russian League.

CM: Menez- 2k

Menez is rated 81 and has 87 pace which is great for any position but amazing for a central midfielder. He has 84 dribbling and can weave in and out of defenders with ease. He is a good, all rounded player who is very effective in the middle of the pitch. He is French and plays for Paris Saint- Germain in the Ligue 1.

RM: Hatem Ben Arfa- 2k

Ben Arfa is rated 79 and is not a rare player. He has 83 pace which, for a winger, is not that great but he also has 82 dribbling. I like him because he is left footed but on the right wing which means that he can cut in and shoot with his preferred foot. He is French and plays for Newcastle United in the Barclays Premier League.

Favourite Midfielder in the Squad?

  • Danny
  • Menez
  • Ben Arfa
  • Varela
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CF: Lucas- 3k

Lucas is rated 82 and has an incredible 90 pace meaning that he can blast past defenders. He also has 89 dribbling so I have no idea how he is only rated 82 but he is an incredible player and one of my favourite central players in the game. He is Brazilian and plays for Sao Paulo in the Liga do Brazil.

ST: Wallyson- 2k

Wallyson is a 76 rated attacker with 91 pace making him the quickest player in the team. He is regarded as a very sweaty player and many people despise playing against him but he is a very good player so you should not have to stop playing with him. His only good stat is, really, his pace so that is why people call him sweaty. He is Brazilian and plays for Cruzeiro in the Liga Do Brazil.

ST: Rafael Sobis- 1k

Sobis is the lowest rated player in the team with a rating of 75 but still has the 5 star skills to make it into the team. He could be replaced with Neymar, Robinho or Alexandre Pato but those players all cost a fair bit more than Sobis. He has 81 pace and a great finesse shot which beats the keeper from in and around the box all the time. He is Brazilian and plays for Fluminense in the Liga Do Brazil.

Favourite Attacker in the Squad?

  • Sobis
  • Wallyson
  • Lucas
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This team has a combined cost of around 22k on the Xbox 360 and everyone except from the goal keeper and the defence have 5 star skills. It is a decent team which you should try if you enjoy skilling on Fifa 12.

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