Fifa 12 Ultimate Team How To Start Early

How to Start Fifa 12 Ultimate Team Early

Fifa 12 is soon to be on us, with the game being released on Septmeber 30th. Most of the fans of this game are starting to transition into playing mostly online modes and the most popular of these modes is the free addon, Ultimate Team.

This year in Fifa 12, Ea is offering a new opportunity for Ultimate Team fans. This brand new chance is to play Ultimate Team and start building your team a week early, starting the 20th. Ea is also offering each player 2 "starter" packs so you can start your team with some decent players and actually have something to do with that extra week. Thank you to EA for making this early release useful.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on board to start building your Ultimate Team the 20th of September, a week before the game release.

1. Follow this link to the EA sports UT web application. This web app if you are not farmialr with it let's you control your team via the web if you can't get to your console.

2. Sign-in and start managing your current team from FIFA 11. If you do not already have a team but want to start 12 early, hurry and download Ultimate for fifa 11, and then login to the web app.

3. Make a few moves on your web application account. You are not required to make any trades but login and make sure that your account is confirmed an active.

4. Pay attention to the fifa forums or this awesome Fifa Soccer Blog for news on when more information about the early start will be released.

5. September 20th if all goes according to EA right now you will login to this app, and will be given your two free starter packs.

Notes: I would guess that we will be given gold packs, probably the simple packs with 1 rare card, but regardless you have a chance to pull an early superstar. You should also be given the option to list your players on trades, and possibly buy packs.

All of that news will be coming soon so be sure to keep up on the details but it is that simple, and you will have full FUT access a week before the game is actually available to the public.

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JACKFIFA 5 years ago


tom 5 years ago

whats going on i cant download the app the server has been down since atleast 12 ive checked it over about 100 times lol

jase 5 years ago

me to tom

tom 5 years ago

still no luck anyone playing yet? doubt you will look at this if you are tho lol

tom2 5 years ago

I got logged in, but as soon as I clicked a button i got "503 service temporarily Unaviailable.." FML..

valair 5 years ago

i cant get to fut :(

Bungas 5 years ago

Still down :(

Gerson 5 years ago

What is the problem with this game

broga 4 years ago

i only get one starter pack :( why?

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