Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

This is a video game for Sony's Playstation Portable or PSP that combines together Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years in one complete package. For the hordes of fans of the Final Fantasy series, this complete package promises new gaming experience. You'll get a re-arranged version of the game's award-winning soundtrack, improved graphics, and bonus game features.

Game Features

1)      A new game chapter called the Final Fantasy IV Interlude. This chapter bridges the gap between the Final Fantasy IV and The After Years stories.

2)      Updated 2D graphics.

3)      A new opening full motion video for The After Years game.

4)      Data install.

5)      New cinematic scenes for Final Fantasy IV. Examples of these new scenes are the eruption of Agart's volcano and the attack on the party's ship by Leviathan.

6)      The option and ability to switch between the original music and the DS versions while in the middle of playing the game.

7)      An image gallery containing pictures, never before seen images, videos and artwork.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection
Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

The Final Fantasy Interlude

This is one of the most noteworthy features of the collection. It is adapted from the gameplay of the original Final Fantasy IV. The story is set just a year after the original game. As a player, you take control of the character of Cecil.

Special Editions of the Game

Japanese release – Has a limited edition of the collection. It boasts of an art book as well as a walk through. There is also a soundtrack CD enclosed. The CD is called Final Fantasy IV & The After Years Sounds Plus. It contains seventeen tunes. Five of these tracks were selected by fans on the Square Enix Members website from the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

European version – The game comes in a special edition package. This package features a fold-out box, a selection of Final Fantasy art cards, a screen cloth that has Cecil on it, as well as a new DLC costume for Cecil.


Have great fun playing Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Trailer

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