Finding More Sims Social Friends And Neighbors

If you play The Sims Social Facebook game for very long, you soon realize that you need more Facebook friends who are willing to be your Sims Social neighbor. But how can you get more Sims Social friends? You can try pressuring your real friends into playing, but that’s a good way to get un-friended! So where are you going to find more Sims Social friends?

1. Make your own!

Not to point out the obvious, but Facebook accounts are free. So are Gmail email accounts. It is a little time-consuming to set up a Gmail account just to set up a Facebook account just to create your own “friend” in The Sims Social. (This is called a “sock puppet” account.)

It works, though! And you’re guaranteed that your sock puppet will respond to all of your requests promptly – all you have to do is log in under that account and click away!

2. Ask around

I found several Sims Social friends by starting a thread on a forum I participate in for other (non-Sims-related) hobbies. Just by asking if there were any other players out there, I picked up several new friends! And other people on the forum have found friends on the same thread.

3. Look for “friend me” threads

For example, if you need more Facebook friends to play The Sims Social with you, leave your Facebook URL in a comment on this post! And be sure to check back periodically to find more people who want to be friends with your Sim!

Why Do You Need Sims Social Friends?

There are several ways that friends are necessary for success with The Sims Social:

1. Sending you gifts

There are a seemingly endless parade of gifts that you can send your friends, and vice versa.

Whenever you are ready to start a new gaming session, just check your friends’ Facebook posts to see what presents they are offering. Chances are there will be several “I just did X, click here to get some free Y” posts for you to click on. And each time you visit a friend’s house in-game, you get the option to send them an “I visited” present. These gifts can amount to a tidy sum every day!

2. Helping you with Crafting ingredients

Need two Pen to unlock the next painting on the easel? Need people to sign your petition to build a new room? Sure you can buy those things with SimCash, but why spend the money? If you have friends who are good neighbors, they will click on all that stuff and send it to you when you ask. It’s free!

Be sure to do the same for them, by the way!

3. Free energy

Once a day you get 5 energy points to spend when you visit a friend’s house. Granted there aren’t too many things you can do there. But friendly actions accumulate Social points, which you can spend on items. And you can always rummage through their trash to scrounge up a few Simoleons!

4. Quests

It seems like at some point in every quest chain, the game requires you to “Talk to X friends and tell them Y.” Once again, you can buy your way out of this with SimCash, but why spend the real-world money?

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