Finding the Right Baby Shower Invitation Wording

The occasion of having a baby is special and memorable no matter how many times you do it. Because each pregnancy and each child is a completely different experience, it is important to find the right baby shower invitation wording when you are ready for friends to help you celebrate your new arrival.

Baby shower invitation wording ideas should reflect your joy at having a baby - as well as any special circumstance that your friends might be able to support you through. It should also cater to the general disposition of the people invited to the party (for example, do not use something too humorous for a party list full of very serious people; sentimental might be a better approach).

Gift ideas?

How would you choose baby shower gift ideas? You can either buy for the baby, or for the mother. Significantly if you buy before the birth you might choose different presents from those after, for example a hospital bag is a great idea if it is before the baby, but somewhat useless afterwards! A few guests could also club together to buy a bigger present, but for those on a budget there is nothing wrong with a gift certificate.

Baby shower invitation wording for a boy might assume a traditional style and speak of all things related to boys: snakes, insects, cars, dinosaurs or following in the footsteps of his father. Baby shower invitation wording for girls could speak of typical girl things: sugar, spice, dolls or tea sets. The important thing to remember is to make sure you really know the gender of the child before you seal it in stone on an invitation. For that matter, you don’t have to play to tradition!  A good idea is to put a load of words which you would hope would describe the baby into google image search.  Find pictures you like, and then describe the pictures again in your own words.  The result is you will get a massive word pallet which you can use to great effect.  Or you could get someone else to do it…

Creative Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Getting ideas for invitations

It’s worth looking into baby shower invitation templates even if it is only to be able to get a few ideas. With such a great breadth of choice on the web you are more likely to get lost than do something that someone else has done before, so don’t worry about duplicating what a friend might do. Choosing the right colours is moderately important, like blue for a boy and pink for a girl, and you can often use your own pictures on your invites if you are doing it yourself, but even if you are ordering from a company you can do your own thing. Photos, especially close-ups, work really well.

Sometimes, if you want something unique and personal, find a local poet and commission a poem for your invitation wording. The magic of having words written especially for this new life that is about to enter your world will be one you will never forget. After the shower is done, take the words of the poem and have them professionally framed and mounted in the nursery. You can take the original invitation or have someone write the words in calligraphy or some other format on specialty paper to preserve them. The words act as a meditation as the child grows into his own life. The most special poems for children are written by their parents – use the words pallet idea I mentioned above.  Don’t think you have to make a little poem out of it that is a featureless rhyme.  If you have never had a go yourself at writing poetry, get a book out of the library of a famous poet and see how they spend more time with creating beautiful imagery than hoping it will have some sort of rhythm or rhyme.

Baby shower invitation wording after baby is born might be a little easier to write. The child is born, the parents have an experience with details to draw on and some of the potential guests have already helped to make the first memories. So, wording after birth is really about celebrating all the events that have occurred in the birth process and the immediate joy that has followed.

And don’t forget, that it is a party that centres around the newborn, but it is certainly one that includes the wide range of emotions felt by all.

Food for the shower

Don’t stress about getting the baby shower food right, because once you do then things like the decorations should fall into line quite nicely. Do be careful about the food you choose though, because pregnant women can only eat certain foods, and they certainly can’t drink alcohol. If you aren’t the new mummy doing the planning, then put yourself into the shoes of the mother, perhaps even consulting closely with them if you aren’t sure.

Something else...should you tell people about games?

Printable baby shower invitations should detail what you are planning to do at the party.  For example, would you want to play some games?  Not everyone likes playing games, but would make an exception if they knew that they had to prepare themselves for it.  It’s only fair.  If you are putting the effort in to getting the right words for the invitations onto the paper, not to mention the rest of the design, you ought to make the effort to make people happy when they are there.

Favorite baby shower centerpieces include a cake made of disposable diapers. After the party these can be disassembled into a very practical gift. A quick trip to the baby department of your favorite store will quickly reveal the going trends. Many toys make excellent table accents. Baby shower centerpieces make a beautiful memory

Gift card envelopes

Gift card envelopes are available in various kinds of designs and styles to complement your invitations. You can find gift cards envelopes at your nearest store or online. These really improve the appearance of the gift card. There are thousands of card envelopes available. There are basically three kinds of cards: the one with blank envelope and nothing is printed on it. That’s they these blank envelopes are available at a very cheap price. Blank envelopes are good in the sense that you can put anything on them. For example, you can personalize them as compared to the pre-printed cards. On the other hand, pre-printed cards are available at a slightly higher price than blank cards. These are best suitable for those who have to give out cards to different people, as these come with pre-printed message. One of the main reasons why pre-printed cards are preferred over blank cards is that the previous one looks better than the latter one. Custom cards, on the other hand are quite expensive. You can customize the card by choosing the graphics, color, shape and the text as well. It is important to keep in mind that whether you are buying blank envelopes or pre-printed envelopes, it is always better to buy them in bulk because you can save a lot of money.

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