How to find the Time-Lost Proto Drake, or tlpd, fast in wow using the "tar" macro

Where is this drake?

Evasive! You know what this means if you have ever tried to find the Time-Lost Proto Drake (TLPD for short). Where is this drake? Where does it fly? Why can I never find it? These are all things you may ask yourself. I know I did.

There are certain things that must be done. Well one certain thing in particular, and that is camping for many hours or even days. Sometimes weeks or months. If this doesn't appeal to you, I suggest you work on a different epic flying drake mount (i.e. the Reins of the Blue Proto Drake in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle)...

There is a map below that will show you the flight paths of the "TLPD". This drake DOES share patrol paths with another very rare dragon Vyragosa. It is believed that Vyragosa and TLPD cannot both be spawned at the same time. This is becoming more and more confirmed. Either Vryagosa or TLPD spawn, but not both at the same time. Numerous sources state this.

Time-Lost Proto Drake has been sighted the most at Bor's Breath in the western part of Storm Peaks. This is a great camping spot, however, most people camp here as it is the best spot so be prepared to keep a keen eye open to spot the drake and make sure you attack it first. I highly suggest you camp at Bor's Breath hands down.

Another quick tip: it was stated by someone on a forum somewhere that in their ticket with Blizzard, the GM hinted that it may be a kill on sight drake. This means that anything can attack it and kill it, even other NPC's. He also hinted that if it is not killed in a certain time frame that it can despawn. This came from a Blizzard GM in a support ticket.

Time-Lost Proto Drake Flight Paths

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Time-Lost Proto Drake Flight PathsTime-Lost Proto Drake
Time-Lost Proto Drake Flight Paths
Time-Lost Proto Drake Flight Paths
Time-Lost Proto Drake
Time-Lost Proto Drake

How to kill it? What class? What level?

First of all, I suggest you be level 80 regardless of class. Second of all, you need to be able to kill via ranged attacks to make this fight worth your while. TLPD stays out of melee range for the most part, unless you lure it to a ledge, but then you risk someone else attacking it before you and stealing this coveted drake. Hunters, Mages, and any other range attacker can make this an easy kill. The drake has under 100,000 HP. Nuff said.

If you are a Mage, make sure you are able to heal yourself with potions or something. You wear cloth. Hunters wear mail so it makes it a bit easier.

Make sure you look at the map for flight paths of Vyragosa and Time-Lost Proto Drake. ---------->>>

When you do kill it, it has a 100% chance to drop the epic flying mount. It drops itself. Reins of the TLPD. Really cool mount. Not many have it.

I will give you some great tools to be able to find it a little easier.

You can download from Curse an addon called BloodyRare. This addon will create the macro to be able to find all the different rare spawns in all the different regions of the game, including vyragosa and TLPD. Very helpful. If you don't want the addon, you can make your own macro like the one below.

/tar Dirkee
/tar Vyra
/tar Time
/stopmacro [noexists]
/tell YOURNAMEHERE > %t <

If you use the information that has been given and also do a little more research, you should find the evasive drake in a couple days or weeks. As harsh as that is.

You can talk about TLPD with others in the comments below or ask questions. I have been searching and killing the drake for many months now. Thanks for reading and happy hunting.

Realm - Rexxar

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josh 6 years ago

yeah ive been serching 4 like 8 hours just started today found vyragrasa and it says he may spawn 6 to 24 hours after she dies

mrpudgy profile image

mrpudgy 6 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba Author

Hey Josh. Yea, it can be time consuming. You probably will not find tlpd in one days time. Maybe about 3-6 months time lol. That is why it is such a rare mount that you get from it. Good luck from Rexxar.

GoHabs 5 years ago

hi there I just wanted to pop in and let anyone that's interested know that one of my guildmates just added his guide with lots of notes and pictures on our new guild forums at

mountcollector3 5 years ago

can't find bloodyrare on here

mrpudgy profile image

mrpudgy 5 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba Author


That's interesting. Curse doesn't have it on the site anymore... I wouldn't worry about it to much. _NPCscan is much much much better. It does everything automatically for you. No spam clicking the macro button. =D

I would use _NPCscan. Hope that helps!

trololoY 4 years ago

yea been hunting that thing for like 6 months and i can't seem to ever get that hit mostly because hunters or other ranged will get him before i do i play a holy priest :D (NPCscan is useful)

mrpudgy profile image

mrpudgy 4 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba Author

That's a long time... Too long if you ask me. Have you tried your luck with the blue proto drake in Utgarde Pinnacle? If you don't have it already, you may be more lucky with that one. There is also the green proto drake from the egg in the basin.

Gthekid 4 years ago

Found vyrgosa and then 5 minutes later dirkee and now camping at bore breath we will see what happens

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