Finding Good Toys for Kids on Xmas - Electronic Toys

Finding the perfect toy

In this series of hubpages, I am reviewing the most interesting types of toys that you can give to your children in Xmas. We all know that children are difficult to please. However, with a little of patience, and better information, we can find something that will be meaning full for them and that is not so expensive after all.

Electronic toys

A category of toys that has increased steadily in the last few years is electronic toys. These toys use the current technology to tech a little of computers to kids. They can be a powerful alie in teaching very young children to read, write, count, and get basic math skills.

There are several categories under electronic toys. The ones that I think is the most useful is called learning tools. These are toys that you can use to teach you kid something, even when they think they are just playing.

Leapfrog products

Take as an example the Leapfrog line of electronic toys. They are created specifically to improve kids' learning abilities. They can help them to learning how to count, how to spell simple words, and other general educational content.

One example of product is a pen that kids can use to "read aloud" letters, and whole words. This improves their capacity to recognize earlier the sounds of written words, and associate them to objects.

Educational Video Games

Another type of product allows kids to play simple video games. These games help them in learning to count, and to do simple arithmetic, like adding, subtracting, and multiplying. It is a lot of fun, but it also allows them to learn. This can help your children to succeed in school even faster.

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asapilot 9 years ago

My neice has Leapfrog and she loves it. She's really taken to it quickly and it keeps her attention for long periods of time. Hopefully more toys/education devices like these will appear in the future.

taylorblue profile image

taylorblue 9 years ago from Canada

Love Leap pad!! They are the best company by far for kids!

lgreena profile image

lgreena 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

I haven't heard of leapfrog before but I'll definitely check them out for my kids. Thanks for the article!

Ashley Joy profile image

Ashley Joy 8 years ago

All of the LeapFrog stuff my nephew has is great. The toys are very educational and he plays with them all the time.

thacker profile image

thacker 8 years ago

yes Coliveir you are right on with the leapfrog. My kids have them and I love seeing them play with them because I know they are learning aslo.



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