Fishing Kings Game App For iPhone - Tips, Hints, Cheats

Fishing Kings is a game app for the iPhone and iPad. Even if you are not a fan of fishing, fishing kings is still a great game with lots of enjoyable features. This article will review the game and also give you some fishing kings tips and hints on how to play the game.

Fishing Kings

What Is Fishing Kings


Fishing kings is an iPhone app from by Gameloft. This is basically a fishing game where the object of the game is to catch fish. Although that sounds very simple, fishing kings is actually a very involved game with lots of different features and modes of game play. There are lots of challenges and missions to get involved in and the game really will keep people interested for a long while.

When you open the app you have the chance to join up to Gameloft live. This gives you the ability to register your fishing kings high scores and keep track of where you are on the leader boards in relation to other players. You can also change a few of the options such as sound level, music level, voice level and turn the vibration on and off. You can also change the language, the standard setting is English but there are eight other languages to choose from.

Game Snapshot


When you click on ‘Go Fishing’ you are taken to a large map. Here you are asked to select a location where you would like to fish. At first there are only a few places you can fish, you must complete certain levels to unlock new locations. On the right of the screen there are also options to view your tackle, diary, guide and PDA. As you progress through the game you earn money to purchase new lures, rods and other bits and pieces. The better your tackle, the better your chances of catching a big fish.

When you have selected a location you can start to actually fish. You are stationed on the back of a boat usually. You have a marker out on the water that you can move around, this is where you will cast to. Flip your iPhone or iPad back and then flip forward. This will cast your line out. The lure will land and then start to sink, now you can see any fish in the area, the idea is to catch the biggest and best fish which will in turn earn you new levels and money to buy new tackle.


Tips, Hints, Cheats

When it comes to hints and tips for fishing kings, the best advice is to practice. When it comes to hooking a fish you must be patient and careful not to snap your line. You need to slowly reel the fish in but stop if the line tension meter goes into the red. You also need to move to the left and right as the fish tries to free itself from you line. When the fish is exhausted then it’s time to start reeling him in, but be aware that he will get a second wind and try to escape again. When you get your catch near the boat you need to flip your device to land the catch.

If you are looking for cheats for fishing kings then there are some cheats out there. If you look online there are a few patches you can download which give you lots of money and give you all the available tackle. Although I think that really using fishing king cheats spoils the game somewhat. To get the most out of this game you should really complete all the levels yourself and enjoy it that way. One thing I will say about this game, it's easy to get hooked, you will find yourself up all night playing this, so make sure you drink plenty of coffee!


Fishing kings is really an excellent game with so much to enjoy. This is the kind of game that will keep players involved for ages as there is so many different things to aim for and achieve. The graphics are very good, the sounds is simple but good, the voices can be slightly irritating but they are easy to turn off. If you like fishing then fishing kings is a game you will really enjoy. If you are not a fan of fishing then the fishing kings app for the iPhone is still something that you will really enjoy.

If Fishing Kings is a game you enjoy, there are lots more great free apps out there that will suit you.  For some ideas on what to download just click here

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Pete 6 years ago

I'm stuck on a mission where I need to catch 3 grass carps, I'm using the right lure but the only fishes that get interested are flathead mullets... Help?

Stephen Ackart 6 years ago


Cast and let the lure sit there. Grass carp attack lures that are stationary and don't move. I had the same problem

Erica 6 years ago

I can't seem to catch a flathead mullet they come to my lure but just look at it :-/ what am I doing wrong? Thanks

Bryony 6 years ago

Help I'm stuck on the mission where I need a rainbow trout over 20inches but all I can catch is brown trout

andyoz profile image

andyoz 6 years ago from UK Author

Erica, you probably need to change your lure.

Bryony, I think you must be looking in the wrong places, the rainbows are there somewhere. Keep trying.

Nicola 6 years ago

Im really stuck on the part where i need to catch 3 brook trout. Been trying for ages. HELP.

Davo 6 years ago

Does anyone know where to find a shark?

Immi 6 years ago

The last amazon challenge, catching the 10-16inch piranhas, is this actually possible?! All I keep catching is smaller ones or the odd one or two too big! Thanks x

Ja_S 6 years ago

Im seriously stuck on the mission where i have to catch king mackerels. The problem is that there aren't any of them on the area where i have to get them... I even upgraded my lure but it doesn't do anything... What should i do~!?

Davo  6 years ago

Ye you can do it jus pull away from the smaller ones.

Jake 6 years ago

Does anyone know how to get the brook trout? Upgraded my lure and everything but cant fins any in the area where the mission is. Cheers.

Sabby 6 years ago

Having the same problem with the rainbow trout, found where they are hiding but all I get are brown trout. Upgraded the bait but these fish just swim by the bait.

stephan 6 years ago

It isn't a problem to catch a rainbow trout. Just stop reeling and wait if you see one swimming ahead your bait. Most of the times they eat the bait while it`s on the bottom of the see. I catched like 20 rainbow trouts. Problem is my biggest was 26,4 LBS. Looks like there arent rainbows over 28 LBS, and that you need to finish the tournament.

stephan 6 years ago

Okay, Caught a 35 inch rainbower, took me over 20 rainbows : Caught em on the left a little bit above the dock at 74,1 ft. It is possible!

Alex  6 years ago

Please help me I can't seem to get past the bit where your suppose to catch flathead mullets but I keep catching grass carp I'm using the recommended lure which is a bass worm but it don't work.please tell me what I'm doing wrong

san 6 years ago

how do u get a acro deep-dive for the 6th mission for waikaito river or something (srry for my english!)

stephan 6 years ago

For grass carp, dont reel. For mullets do reel

david 6 years ago

i cant find a acro deep-dive where do you get it?

stephan 6 years ago

I dont got the acro deep dive yet.I guess you get it by winning a challenge or you need to buy it. First ill finish al challlenges, if I still got no acro deep dive, buying should be the solution.

Sabby 6 years ago

Thanks for the tip, am now able to catch the rainbows just haven't caught a large one to win the contest yet.

stephan 6 years ago

Acro deep diver: Update plugs until you get em!

Doug 6 years ago

Arrgh! King Mackerel... Seriously, there are none anywhere!!? Any ideas?

6 years ago

Anyone know where tofind the shark? Thanks

Kmett 6 years ago

King Mackerel are on the far left. Cast far out then reel in, found a ton under the boat.

Bigboy 6 years ago

What's the best reeling technique for snapper ?

Justus 6 years ago

I still have no

Luck with the piranhas - where are the



jake 6 years ago

i can`t catch big barracuda`s, only barracuda`s of 20 inches and you need bigger ones where can i catch and find these ones?

Peerito 6 years ago

No Challenges etc. Left, but challenge Nr. 7 where a Specific bait is a prerequisite.

No Money left... How do i earn Money wirblig Jobs?

Jojo 6 years ago

I'm trying to catch trench but am constantly catching bullheads! Only have something like 5 mins to do the challenge. It's driving me mad! They both go for the same lure, are in the same area and both are attracted when I slowly reel it in. Help x

Alex 6 years ago

How i can earn more fishdollars?

Jk 6 years ago

Help! Where are the walleye? Can't find them anywhere!

Jk 6 years ago

Help! Where are the walleye? Can't find them anywhere!

Danny 6 years ago

How do you unlock amazon?

Doug 6 years ago

Thanks Kmett! King Mackerel safely on ice!

Marc 6 years ago

I need the heavy ree to finish the last challenge to unlock amazon but dont have enough cash. How do I earn more cash?

Maddi 6 years ago

Help with catching barracudas!

Éloise 6 years ago

Im on the mission where you have to catch three grass carp... I have tried not reeling but I keep getting yellow eyed mullet and flat-head mullet... + I can't find them.. where do they hide!? HELP! X

Éloise  6 years ago

and I have the right bait... I see a couple but they just swim by... I am casting where there is rises but I still cant catch one! I've been stuck on this for 2 weeks now!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! X

Mrloko 6 years ago

For all looking for Brook Trout, its on your left side towards mid of the sea

Mrloko 6 years ago

Sorry correction:

For all looking for Brook Trout, its on your right side towards mid of the sea

Laura 6 years ago

How do I catch barracuda in Bahamas it's seems that all I catch is amberjacks please help

Jack 6 years ago

Catching three brook trout: I have castes about 200 times and only ever caught one. Fully upgraded lure, what's going wrong?

Pete 6 years ago

What's the technique for catching brok trout?

sofi100 6 years ago

Hallo, I have finished all the missions, and amazon first area is now unlocked. But I have not receiced new missions!!! Do you know what I have to do to unlock it???

Alun 6 years ago

For brook trout reel in to you see then and stop, will eventually come for it

Andrew 6 years ago

Any idea how to catch a grouper?

Me 6 years ago

Sometimes you see the water a bitt moving. Like airbells. That is where the kings fish are (all the types) just swipe around on the screen till you see a little cirkel of water moving

Stephan 6 years ago

Of u tot no money and 1 mission with requirement go catch à not caught fish at à An area where you didn't fish bef

kel 6 years ago

im on the mission to catch yellow perch -can't find them anywhere -updated my bait but all i get is bass

Ian 6 years ago

Jojo 33 hours ago

I'm trying to catch trench but am constantly catching bullheads! Only have something like 5 mins to do the challenge. It's driving me mad! They both go for the same lure, are in the same area and both are attracted when I slowly reel it in. Help x

*I have the same problem if anyone can help that would be great!x*

Maria 6 years ago

I can't find any king mackerel... I've tried casting out but can only cast out 76ft at max and then when I reel it in, it goes on top of the ship and I can't get it behind it! Please help? How do I get the line behind the ship??

stephan 6 years ago

@ kell: dont know what mission: but if it is your first yellow perch mission: throw your bait at the beach (sand).

@JOJO: if a fish tries to eat my bait I pull the bait, until he leaves. Stop reeling: maybe trench comes to unreeled bait and bullheads not. If not, just try to pull with bullheads and waith for trench

@maria: Dont throw your bait: but waith until you see 'bubbles' on the water: there is your king mackerel. So throw your bait at the bubbles. I dont understand what you say about 'how do i get the line behind the ship': Your throwing area is limited: lift side, ahead, right side at 75 ft.

stephan 6 years ago

did someone did the 'arapaima' challenge ? Catch the biggest arapaima in 10 minuts. I did caught like 50 arapaimas: I can catch like 10 in 10 mintus, but they arent big enough: I need an 86 lbs or something and my max is 83 lbs. Did somebody finished this mission ? And how much arapaima did you caught for that ?

fisherman 6 years ago

grass carps are 30ft away facing the rainbow

fisherman 6 years ago

Groupers are near the rocks under the flags. at the botton

fisherman 6 years ago

Walleye are all the way to the right at the bottom of boye

Sheriff 6 years ago

Any idea what the last fish to catch is after completing the amazon? If it's a shark, any idea where to find it and what lure? Cheers

fisherlady 6 years ago

How do i catch the Tench in 5 minutes? even if i catch 4 (the same as the winner) of the right weight i only come in 2nd. I've been trying for ages and it seems that i can't win and progress to the next level.. aaagh!

JD 6 years ago

I also stuck in the arapaima challenge in the Amazon River (challenge #6). I am having the same problem as Stephan, the biggest arapaima I can get is 83 inch. Can't find the 85+ inch that I need to pass the challenge. Any hints anyone?

@ Fisherlady: The way I caugh the 5 Tench was to cast right on the water riple when it show up the first time and then just keep casting in the same spot. Then instead of reeling continuosly, I constantly did short pumps whith the reel (don'tknow if it makes sence) keeping the lure constantly moving but without making it go to fast or deep. Worked every cast.

Ian 6 years ago

Thanks JD!

Jack Brunson 6 years ago

How do I earn more fishbucks if i've completed all the missions possible. (i can't upgrade to do more missions because i don't have enough fishbucks...)

6 years ago

Found the yellow perch but they arnt biting :( Help

Jack 6 years ago

What's the reeling technique for catching blue marlin?

Alex 6 years ago

For blue marlin you Don't have to reel in!!! Just tilt tour phone/pad until they were hooked

Stephan 6 years ago

@ Jack brunson

Go to the world map and search for an area where you didn't fished before and catch a not caught fish earlier. After that I received new missions without requirements!

Sonny 6 years ago

i can see the grass carp but they don't bite, the wrong fish bites grrrr who cab help me ;-)

Ek 6 years ago

Seriously, where are the 10-16 inch piranha??

Karl thackeray 6 years ago

I'm stuck on a missions I can't do because I haven't got the right lure but I have no money to buy any what do I do?

Baroness  6 years ago

How do you catch yellow perch?

EK 6 years ago

For every one WITHOUT MONEY go to the amazon, catch a fish and itt unlocks new about the big piranha...anybody!????

Pucsent 6 years ago

EK.... I'm stuck there too. However, I found tons of them on the right side. What I've been doing is catch and keep all piranha. Process of elimination to thin out the smaller ones. Seems to be working but run out of time most of the time. Largest I caught so far is 14.9. Probably not a solution but hope you have more luck then I do.

EK 6 years ago

You should be able to get give from that right side. Then another one or two from. About 60 feet off the back of the boat. Good luck!

Tasha 6 years ago

Please help me! I'm stuck on amazon mission ten and have been stuck on it for 4 days now! I can't complete it I only get 3 piranhas big enough to be counted and the rest are to small! There are more small piranhas that big ones by 10/1! Someone must have completed it if so how? Because staying to the right of the boat didn't work staying to the left defo didn't work and the middle doesn't have enough and mixing it up doesnt work please help me!!

Pucsent 6 years ago

Makes matter worse...the Piranhas have to be between 10-16. You get those massive ones and it doesn't count.....

EK 6 years ago

On the right side about 76 ft away u should find 4-5 piranha 10-16 inches. Then another one or two 50 ft off the back of the boat. Also, for the blue marlin use the surface lure and tilt - don't reel

Tasha 6 years ago

Yeah that's what I did but the big ones aren't biting they swim right past then a small one will try to bite so I have to yank away! I can't get enough of the big ones in enough time, it's really frustrating! Is this the last level and mission?

EK 6 years ago

Don't pull away from the "smaller ones." they all look the same. Just fish the right side til u have four or five then switch. Anybody know where to find the shark??

ND84 6 years ago

Does anyone know how to gain the Journeyman fisher achievement. You have to complete the tutorial???

Mrslanky 6 years ago

Does anyone know what this last species of fish is after the amazon missions as I have completed them all but am stuck on this last fish and where to catch it cheers any help would be great

Wes 6 years ago

What's the trick to catch brook trout?

LCL 6 years ago

Does any1 know how to catch the king merlin?

LCL 6 years ago

I saw plenty of them in open sea, somehow i just cannot attact them with the right lure

6 years ago

Same problem as lcl also yellow perch??

For brook trout reel until you see them and then stop they will come :)

Mrslanky 6 years ago

The 18th species of fish is the rainbow smelt found at lake Erie and doesn't like a lot of movement so keep movement to minimum when trying to catch tends to hide from predators so is in areas of plants and sunken trees and around boat docks jettys hope this helps

Erin 6 years ago

I have one mission left that requires a certain reel, I have no fish bucks and the amazon is still locked. How do I get fish bucks??

Alf 6 years ago

Does it cost real money to upgrade lures etc? The screen shows cost in real dollars. I don't want to spend real momey on this. Anyone?

6 years ago

Any one caught a blue marlin yet?? I've completed the lot but not landed one yet, it won't take the bait.....

Minims 6 years ago

Please help! I just can't get the BARRACUDA to bite!

Teddy k 6 years ago

I beat all the missions, so I'm just waiting for an update for new levels. Is there really a shark? It's not in the guide or whatever. An other than on this forum, I haven't heard anything about one...

Wes 6 years ago

How do you catch rainbow trout?

6 years ago

Totally agree with @T completed everything yet haven't caught a marlin. Is it possible?? What's the secret??!

6 years ago

I've figured out how to catch the marlin, it is possible! :) jerking the iPhone does it! Happy days!

kaara 6 years ago

are there only 50 games total?

Ian 6 years ago

Completed the game this morning, last level is tricky but achievable (eventually!!) just waiting for some updates!!!!

Skibbz 6 years ago

To catch a Marlin you need to tilt and slowly wind at the same time using the surface lure :)

Ek 6 years ago

Rainbow smelt - which lure??

Neil 6 years ago

Rainbow smelt can be caught with a jig lure at lake erie

note there is no shark - it is a rainbow smelt

ce 6 years ago

How do you unlock Amazon missions? I have one site there open but no challenges for it.

Vega 6 years ago

Just finished Amazon challenge 10. It took me about 2 hours, but it's possible. I was fishing on the right side of the boat between the two spots (30 and 60 feet), so threw the hook on about 40-50 ft.

I focused on the piranhas that looked bigger than others and touched them about 5 or 6 times on the screen. I'm not sure if it helped because of that, but usually they saw the hook after that.

I fished 6 piranhas with the right size and 4 or 5 being too small. So, you don't really have time to change the location. Stick with the spot on the right side.

@Ce: catch any fish in the amazonas area and you'll get new challenges.


wendy 6 years ago

are there more missions after the amazon ones? i've gone through my pda and i haven't missed any, once i finished the amazon missions, no new ones have shown up. thanks

CE 6 years ago


Thanks -the trick is to land the fish instead of being environmentally friendly and releasing. Sadly I did the same with my first marlin at 470 lbs, but did not get credit for it. Now can only catch

Alun 6 years ago


I was just reading through all the comments and I too have just completed the game in full and finished the last mission in The Amazon but am now wondering what to do next.

A lot of people have asked about a possible "shark" in the game, does anyone know this for sure or is it just made up?

Please reply as I LOVE this game and would like to continue playing it.

Thanks in advance,


Fischi 6 years ago

Hi everyone!

I'm also wondering whether the game is over after the last amazon challenge (those damn pirnanhas!) .. But if its really over, why do you win a new spinning reel then?

Anyone encountered a new challenge after the amazon?

Thanks :)

Wes 6 years ago

Anyone know where to find muskies?

Hydro 6 years ago

All all the equipment and all the fish but unsure if all missions are done,how many in total have you guys/girls got ??

EK 5 years ago

The jig lure isn't working for the rainbow smelt. I've reeled, not reeled, and jerked the phone. How did those of you who caught them do it?? To be clear they are the colorful ones at the bottom by the dock in Lake Erie right?

KJ 5 years ago

Completed the game and same like the others, need help of the sharks. Any answers ? Thanks

EK 5 years ago

There is no shark. It's a rainbow smelt

inigo 5 years ago

I caught a blue marlin P.S. in your face

Christian 5 years ago

Also done with everything, but missing one fish and it looks like a shark to me? got the blue marlin and everything tho..

Alvin hayashida 5 years ago

Where do you find the blue marlin

Memento 5 years ago


John 5 years ago


5 years ago

Seriously struggling to catch a barracuda. I've tried all the baits, tried keeping it still, reeling fast, reeling slow. Nothing works! Any ideas?

Kathryn 5 years ago

How do you catch a barracuda in the Bahamas? All I catch is king mackerel, are there any the techniques I should be using? ;)

T Styles 5 years ago

Does anyone know where to find a shark????????????

Big mac 5 years ago

I need serious help with the barracudas!!!!!!!

Ian 5 years ago

How do I do the bahama's level 10? I have to catch 3 snappers? Please help!

Stanley 5 years ago

Where can I find fish number 2, 3, 12, 17 and 23 in the guide?... I have no money and I can not complete the task which opens the Amazon... som my question is which fish can be found in the open areas? and where?... Thanks a lot for any help.

Jeez guys 5 years ago

No shark, rainbow smelt; walleye are under the bouys; to catch marlin do not reel, just jig over and over again; muskies are in the deepest waters in the first place in lake Erie; To catch rainbow trout use the jig lure and do not reel when they come; to catch brook trout cast as far out as you can in the first place of nuhuel huapi and reel until they see the lure, then stop and they will bite; to catch grass carp hold the lure still and keep the camera angle tilted at the carp, they will bite; yellow perch are in the shallowest parts of the first place in lake Erie; blue marlin are a little to the right of the cruise ship as far out as you can cast at the first place in the Bahamas, and to catch them reel, just jig and they will bite

kenny 5 years ago

hi i am stuck to catch flathead mullet ... i am using bass worm as my bait ... and i keep caughting grass carp and yellow eye mullet ... please advise ...

Fai 5 years ago

Hi I cant catch any barracudas!! As soon as i cast, the amberjacks are all over me! can anyone help with barracudas?!

Ultimate fisher 5 years ago

I really need details on how to catch blue marlin I've caught 1, but it was small and I accendently caught it by swinging my found around like an idiot

Pete 5 years ago

Dear Ultimate fisher, you didn't catch the blue marlin by accident. That's exactly how to catch a blue marlin, by swinging your phone around like an idiot lol, cos it is the only way the fish will respond to the lures ;p Their spots are usually in Bahamas open sea at the far left corner just around 60 ft after the cruise ship. I caught one around 498 pounds there by using the same technique whenever there's marlin swimming around. Sure catch lol ;p btw anybody know the best spot for big arowana in level 49? I'm stuck for so long with the tiny ones :(

Ultimate fisher 5 years ago

I tried swinginig my phone around like an idiot it didn't work like last time there has to be some secret to catching them plus I need to catch a fish to get alot of experience any one know witch fish give the most experience?

mr fiserman 5 years ago

i found some snapper and im using the correct lure to catch it what is the right technique

None fisher in real life 5 years ago

I have done every thing that everyone said to do for the brook trout and I still can't get one to bit. How long do I have to wait, what level do I have to be?

NHPlayer 5 years ago

I need help with the blue marlin. I'm using the right bait. Is it cause I'm level 22? Help please.:)

richard burton 5 years ago

up to level 31, but it won't let me go to level 32 as it is saying need level 33 to do this, can anyone help,

Mark 5 years ago

Snapper tips??? Anyone???

Fat Horse 5 years ago

Need help with the snappers badly. I need to move on or my life will be wasted

Latezz 5 years ago

About the snappers... I'm not sure if you guys have the same problem as me before, but, eventually I got them to bite. It was a matter of "spot" where you cast the bait. Just make sure the snapper(s) is close and around the spot you cast your bait and let it sink down in front of them or they won't "see" the bait and no fish will come and bite it, or just reel until you find one then wait until it bites. Same goes to the barracudas and the amberjacks, you just have to make sure that the barracuda sees the bait before amberjack does. There's a specific location for barracudas, just find them and you'll get the fish. It's hard to shake amberjack away sometimes, so yeah...

And now I'm struggling with marlin... I'm trying to find my way to it...

Kevin 5 years ago

I can't seems to get anything using the jig lure ... Save me please

Latezz 5 years ago

Grrrh!! Over half a hundred casts, i fished out like... 4-5 marlins. I got one king-sized one to complete the trophy alright but the funny thing is that I got so much more exp from catching brown bullheads. Bug or not, I've fished tons of brown bullheads worth of ~1000 exp points. Sometimes I got one that was like 300~ or so.. I'll focus on the exp for now b/c there's no mission for me anymore, unless I'm lv 44... Enough with the marlin, for now.

Just sharing...

Czf 5 years ago

I found out something weird.i found a spot where I can catch grass carp worth 1000-1800xp.

Minecraft 5 years ago

How do you get trench instead of brownbullhead? Whenever a wrong fish gets my lure it makes me stressed. How do I get trench

Latezz123 5 years ago


For trench, just move; reel in slowly. Because if you don't, brown bullheads will take the still bait and stress you out. :)))

Rajesh 5 years ago

How do you get to the next level if all the levels are new and are locked?

Ed 5 years ago

How do I change lures? I go to adufferent lure and then red go back but it is always same lure? Thanks

Denny 5 years ago

Where are the snappers in the bahamas

Ben 5 years ago

Wheres the bull shark.

Latezz123 5 years ago


If you mean the new missions, you just won't be able to do them unless you reached their required level. So just find some fish to fish until you level yourself up.


I don't really get what ur saying, but the way to change the lure into the ones you want to use is by going to the shop, go to the lure you want, then select "equip"... Tadaa! Now, you can only use the lure you own, the rest, just get richer and buy them all. Good luck fishing :)))


The only snapper mission that comes to my mind is the one at the old aquarium. The snappers are swimming low at the sea floor, in the coral reef, in the rocks, under the mud floor, whatever, they come from every where if you drop the bait near them enough. I casted the bait somewhere in front of the big... domey thing with a thick foundation on the left side of the boat. I remembered that it's a speed-fishing mission, so don't cast too far or you won't gonna be able to reel it in in time, a little between 40-70ft. Hope that helps. :))

Latezz123 5 years ago


I've just updated the game to it's newest version that comes with the new shark and shark missions. I assume you did that as well. I've already tried fishing for some sharks already... I might just say that it's everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but so far I fished it out from the open sea of bahamas and the jungle of amazon river. I have yet to explore other locations. So yeah, I'll get to that soon.

By the way... After I updated it, I just can't help but noticed that every gets significantly slower; the cast ,the reel-in, the fish-out, etc. Not just with the sharks, but also the other fish like the snappers I fished out to help Denny, and also king macarel that I mistakenly caught... This is a little frustrating, but nonetheless bearable change...

Sambarooni 5 years ago

Hey KJ and EK. there is a shark. If you get the app update that has the blue marlin wearing a red coat and a santa hat then you have 5 missions with the bull shark. They are in the Bahamas and in the Amazon. With the update you also get more realistic graphics for the fish and more items, shark reel, shark rod, and 3 new lures, mullet chum, sheepshead chum, and stingray chum.

Rooster fish 5 years ago

What's the singray chum for?

Rooster fish 5 years ago

How do you catch bone fish and snapper

Andy 5 years ago

Cant seem to find the brook trout whereabouts are they

Marty 5 years ago

I've been playing this game full on for a while now and love it ! Not finished it yet but up to level 44 and trying to get 3 stars at everything so if your stuck on a mission or have any tips I'll do my best to help !

Chance 5 years ago

I can't seem to get 3 stars on the catch 5 yellow-eyed mullett mission. Please advise.

Latezz123 5 years ago

To Chance

Those mullets are on the right just between the underwater rocks. Yellow mullets are further to the back about 43-50ft. If any closer to the fisherman, the flathead will start to appear. So find a range about 35-40ft. to fish. The closer the better because you are on the clock, so less time to spend on reeling them in, the more likely you'll finish with 3 stars. But this also depends on a little bit of luck, too. Sometimes there's no fish when you cast out. Sometimes the fish are just far away and it takes time for them to see the bait and swim to it. Sometimes the fish takes 3 attempts on the bait and when you try to reel them in and it puts up a fight. And all of these take time, which you do not have, so it's luck, some skill, and speed that will get all 5 of them in time. Pray for when you cast the bait out, there will be yellow mullets very close by and it will immediately rush to the bait and took it at the first bite and that it will stay like dead fish when you reel them in. And wala

Keep trying. It's possible. I was stucked with it for a few weeks before I got it just right. :)))

Andrew 5 years ago

How can take 140 inc above the shark ?

Hug 5 years ago

Read the comments on blue marlin but still can't get one to bite what do I do right before it takes ?

kat 5 years ago

where are the baracadas

Andrewhoy 5 years ago

How to get the" BLUE MARLIN " ?

kirby 5 years ago

Hey you catch the barracuda by casting out and reeling in very quickly so that it runs along the bottom and they will bite. I had the same problem! How do I catch the King Mackerals in the last bahama mission where the gate is?

Fisherjjj 5 years ago

Hi folks

I'm in mission 45 done

Done all of missions with 3* but n. 29 and n. 44 with 2*

Finally I got a blue marlyn, I have understood that to capture the marlyn you need at least:

Ultra heavy reel

Fc line

Surface bopper

Heavy spinning rod

May be also you need level 45 or more

The technic to fish marlyns is clearly described in this forum and I want to thank all the fisherpeoples that posted comments!

Btw get marlyns is most difficult

Suggestion to get 3* in missions 29 e 44 ?

kats 5 years ago

need help with the piranhas of 10 - 16 inch

Dude 5 years ago

Where can I find the grouper? And what lure do I use

Fisherjjj 5 years ago

@ kats

Bigger Piranhas seem to stay 40ft on right middle-right side. What's your technic to make piranhas notice the bait?

Latezz123 4 years ago

Okay... I dont't have anything to say about the barracudas, the marlins, the sharks, or the groupers that was mentioned just yet but I do have sonething to say about the Piranhas though.

I'm on the piranhas' mission too and haven't quite got it yet b/c I don't really have time to play. But one thing I've noticed so far is that, the piranha tends to like the spoon bait better. Trust me, if they see it, they'll come swimming fast to it and take it, wayyyyy better response than the recommended jig lure. I guess we would have to quickly change the bait to the spoon and find the fishing spot in 5-15 seconds, and use the rest of the 2 minutes and 40-50 sec to fish out all of the 6 fish to get 3 stars. I either abort or quit the mission when I know I'm not gonna make it so my chance for 3 star exp reward is still on!

Fisherjjjj, I understand your pain bout the 3 stars stuff. I won't play anything else until I get 3 stars in every mission. I made that so far... because the current piranha is not graded yet. I'll see what I can help with your 29 and 44.

Latezz123 4 years ago

Fisherjjj, if the 29&44 really are the white bass and the piranha...

29, I don't see any problem with it. Just catch the one over 15 in. and you're fine.

44, like I've mentioned above, try spoon lure, it's faster.

jorkson 4 years ago

Does anyone know to catch a stupid blue marlin?

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

@ latez123

Thx, I gonna try the spoon, make you know...

Mission 29 is yellow eyed mullets, I have finally red your post bout it but I'm still trying. Make me mad those mullets take too much time to notice the bait and eat...

@ blue marlin hunters

When the marlyn is far reel in very little than stay motionless, if the fish loose attention reel in again or tilt. You have to attract fish on the bait staying motionless. When the mouth of fish is on the bait tilt continuously.

John 4 years ago

How do you catch yellow eyed mullet fast enough to get 3 stars? I have 3 stars on every level but I am always about 15-20 seconds too slow on the yellow eyed mulletmission

guest 4 years ago

how do you catch salmon?

jorkson 4 years ago

How do you catch bonefish on Old Aquarium in Bahamas?

jorkson 4 years ago

@ guest,

u will need to go to lake nahuel huapi. they usually are attracted to fizzer lure,and they hang out around 50-60 feet towards left-middle. btw, they are in arrayanes

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

I'm finally on level 50! Done all of missions standard and sharks. Btw got 2* on mission 29 (yellow eyed mullets), 44, 47 (piranhas).

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

@ latez123

I've done 3* mission 44 piranha! I use willow leaf lure instead the suggested one. I cast out 12,5m on the right side between the bush and the dead tree. Still working on yellow eyed mullets...

Joseph 4 years ago

How can u catch a blue marlin the reeling technique help please

Latezz123 4 years ago

@ Fisherjjj

I am also using the willowleaf:spoon lure all along. I just can't seem to beat the clock. After many attempts on it. I sacrificed my 3-star exp reward so that I can use the same bait and be on the same fishing spot as my first round (you know... After ur failure in getting the 3 stars and they ask whether you choose to continue, look at the leaderboard, or just quit. If you choose to continue, you'll have the same bait and the same fishing spot that you last casted). But that still didn't help much, so yeah, still stuck there. And I think 12.5 m is a lil bit too near the boat. The shortest cast is about 18-19 m. Do you mean 22.5m or sonething? Thanks for sharing.

FisherjjjIm 4 years ago

@ latez123

I cast out the bait 38 ft (that is 12,5 meters) immediately piranhas swim to the bait. I reel in till ~ 12 ft than I let the fish eat the bait. Normally it takes less than 30 second each fish but sometimes I cast out and there aren't fishes at all...

Carig 4 years ago

How do you catch bonefish please?

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

@ carig

To catch a bonefish in old aquarium use fizzer lure, cast out 40 ft on the right side when you see the bonefish reel in slowly. Pretty easy get 3 *.

Latezz123 4 years ago

@ Fisherjjj

Oh... lol, sorry. My bad. I miss the unit conversion part. I'm just about to get it, I'm just 30 seconds behind 3 stars... I'll keep trying. Let me know when you got 3 stars for all missions!

Fisherjjj 4 years ago


I finally got 3* in yellow eyed mullets after tousend attempts. I casted out ~ 27 ft on the right side near the underwater stones, i used bass ribbontail lure, staying motionless I looked at right and left moving the finger on the lure on the touchpad to increase the number of fishes looking at my lure. I completed the mission at 08:10

Sketrenz 4 years ago

could somebody post the fish list? the kind of bait, where to fish?

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

@ sketrenz

In the main window of the game click the menu icon after click the fish icon, everything you asked for is there.

4 years ago

Game doesn't work on iPad 3 and gameloft is in denial

Selby 4 years ago

Ok, finially got Barracuda. Cast to about 70' to the middle pylon (right on the middle), reel as fast as you can to the bottom & your catching them.

Was getting very frustrated with this one.

Good luck!

Tyler 4 years ago

In the Bahamas open sea when your free fishing how do you catch a Blue Marlin ?

How ?

What Lure ?

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

There is an update for the compatibility with the new iPad

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

Btw I have installed tho update and I have lost all the game's progresses. I was on level 50, now I'm on level 7.......... :(

profile image

Dan65 4 years ago

Ever since the upgrade for iPad 3, I get part way through and it crashes, resetting to the beginning! I tried reinstalling - no help. I have 1st generation iPad.

Been there 4 years ago

I had the same problem. Searched online for solution. Found it. You need to hold power button to shut it down. Then turn it back on. Should fix it.

Biji karet 4 years ago

I always found the game restart from the beginning when the battery is low (2%) though im onlevel 44, 36, 17, 40 etc. very frustating. Lost my progress couple of time. Is there any update? Im on ipad2.

Squoqui 4 years ago

Can anyone explain about catching snappers please??

jorkson 4 years ago

can you catch a marlin with a popper fly?

Gavin 4 years ago

I need help!!! I am stuck on a mission in which you have to catch 2 bonefish. Where are they. plz help.:)

Emily 4 years ago

Someone please help me I'm on the mission where you got to catch a yellow perch. I'm using the right lure but they swim up to it and leave. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help me.

regina 4 years ago

Please help me I can't seem to get past the bit where your suppose to catch flathead mullets but I keep catching grass carp I'm using the recommended lure which is a bass worm but it don't work.please tell me what I'm doing wrong

NSM 4 years ago

I've tried everything u guys said about yellow eyed mullets mission, but anything worked for me. I've tried like a thousand times. Need some help, please.

Hi 4 years ago

I finished the tutorial, is that all there is to this game?

sparra81 4 years ago

cant catch white bass stupid brown trout attract to my lure any ideas plz

hoboe 4 years ago

how do you unlock 31,32,33 levels

jeff02 4 years ago

i need help trying to catch rainbow smelt, what lure, and were at in lake erie?

Kyle 4 years ago

For brook trout use recommended bait and just let it sit in the water after you cast

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

To earn xp and unlock levels you gotta catch fishes in free fishing mode. In taupo you can catch grass carps with 1800 xp.

@NSM yellow eyed mullets mission is hard, I did it once then tha game resetted and I'm not able to do it again btw it seems that to attract those mullets you have first to reel in a little or tilt than stay motionless.

Fisherjjj 4 years ago

When you are out of energy and you wanna play you can change the time on your device, the energy will be restored but remember that the balance can't be defrauded: you will pay more time to restore later.

Fishermansfriend 4 years ago

Can someone please tell me the correct winding method for catching snapper? I've tried jigging, winding fast and slow, leaving it staitionary and nothing works! Help please

Fisherjjj 4 years ago


To catch snappers, once you see the snappers, just stay motionless, the bait will sit on the bottom and the snapper will eat. Sometime is useful let the bait sit on a rock so you have more "skyline" to look to.

Fishermansfriend 4 years ago

@fisherjjj thanks! It worked but now I'vejust finished lake eyre challenge 10 and didn't get any new missions, do I have to do something to activate it?

Fisherjjj 4 years ago


First of all you should get 3* every challenge to earn all the missions' xp but from level 30 aren't enough. It means that you must fish in free mode a lot to unlock levels, to me grass carps in taupo are the best 'cause most of them have more than 1000 xp each. A shark or marlyn have average of 800 xp...

Martono 4 years ago

Anyone,please help me to pass mission 31. I was stuck on it for a long time.

Martono 4 years ago

Please kindly help me to catch 2 king mackarel on lv 31. What should I do? What kind of lure should i use?

Fisherjjj 4 years ago


Cast out at right toward the second net's element. Reel in near the bottom, Macarls are ~24 ft from the boat, use suggested lure

Robert 4 years ago

Hi just starting but can't get out the shop

George 4 years ago

How do you find the barracudas on the old aquarium help please.

Frustrated 4 years ago

On the flathead mullet mission in nz whenever I catch a flathead mullet it says its the wrong fish help plz

Silver 4 years ago

Make sure you are catching flathead mullet. Some of the fish look very similar. Also, i noticed some people mentioned they had to restart their game from the begining because the game reset by itself. This happened to me. When I loaded the game I was at the menu where you have to pick a fisherman to start a new game. DO NOT pick a new fisherman and start a new game. All you have to do is turn off your device and when you reload the game all of your progress will still be there. This has happened to me 2 times and I was able to continue my game by simply restarting.

Answers 4 years ago

If you are having the problem where you can't catch a brook trout and complete the mission here's how when the screen just loads in where you cast your line you will see ripples in the water. Cast THERE and let your bait sit

Answers 4 years ago

I'm back! I know where the rainbow smelt is go to Lake Erie with a jig lure then click Brest Bay when it loads you will see plants on the VERY far right now the rainbow smelt is on the right of the plants where you can't cast let your lure sit on the ground and ward off yellow perch A 2 pound rainbow smelt should bite. Good luck!

Answers 4 years ago

Well not nessisarily a 2 pounder

Questions 4 years ago

Stuck on amazon mission 10 ARG!!! Help!!!!!

Scott 4 years ago

Help I can't catch a rainbow trout can anyone tell me how

Answers 4 years ago

To catch a rainbow trout it is the same as a grass carp don't move the lure and let it sit.

Tench 4 years ago

CAn't catch enough tench in five minutes...bullheads always come grab it first even when casting at the water ripple. Any advice?

Pablo 4 years ago

Try a very slow retrieve for tench. When the lure is retrieved slowly it doesn't seem to attract the catfish only tench. Additionally, I have read about people's games resetting on them. This almost happened to me. I opened the app and it asked for my name and said, "Let's go fishing" like it was the first time I played. I exited the app and then killed it in task killer. When I reopened everything was fine. I have done this twice now and saved all my info. If you are prompted to enter you name like it's starting over don't do anything. Just kill the app and open it again. Thank god because I would've quit.

Ss 4 years ago

How the heck do you catch yellow perch? Can't get them to bite for nothing !!!

Steve 4 years ago

For yellow perch, fish shallow, in the sandy shore area, fish will take whilst static on the drop!

Perry 3 years ago

Hi there has anyone done level 39 yet if so how dowe catch grouper fish

Advm1 3 years ago

The game started me over and dumped all the money I paid for... Please help

diego 3 years ago

im stuck in the rainbow troath, its impossible!

Caroline 3 years ago

Alot of times I will try to cast and it will say items list not available at the time. It will do this alot and so I can't cast. Has this happened to anyone else and if so how do I fix this!!!??? HELP!

denisse 3 years ago

how do i catch salmon?

Tina 3 years ago

I have the same problem as the person above. I try to cast and it says items list not available!? How do I fix this?

Jim 3 years ago

Same problem here. Any solutions?

hithere 3 years ago

I cant seem to catch the Brook trout they come up to my lure which is the recommended lure and then turn away.... does anyone know what I should be doing?


Bultacorock 3 years ago

Just wait a while that's what happens when you try to cast and you don't have any energy 2 years ago

I have been playing the game called Fishing King. It stops for no reason

Starts over I've lost money, I've lost points. Is there anyway that you can fix this. If not I'm taking it off my iPhone and iPad.

Huy 2 years ago

Catch salmon: choose surface bobber or the same kind of lure.go to Naheul huapi , in the corner lake. So

1 on your maximum left side there were salmon and grass carp in there

You need to reel the lure to attract salmon so that they will bite your lure.

Catch blue marlin: choose surface bobber (90% attraction) .(i have caught about 16-18blue marlin maximum weight is 471,8lb and 149 in) in the Bahamas open sea, on your maximum left side there were blue marlins.

1 blue marlins have to near from you about 2 blue marlins so: reel your lure when it starts coming to you, tift the lure ( move your iPad,iPhone on your right side) ( if blue marlin turn around when you stop reeling your lure, whenever you reel tift again, they never bite) ( IF it don't turn around and just go ahead to you, keep tifting, don't reel until blue marlin bite )

Those instruction based on people skills named ( fish attraction).

Thank you for reading

Huy 2 years ago

(Hi there has anyone done level 39 yet if so how do we catch grouper fish?) Perry you don't have to reach level 39, choose spoon lure and go to open sea in Bahamas then turn your left really little bit so groupers are in there.

Huy 2 years ago

Flathead mullet vs yellow eyed mullet: if you see a yellow eyed fish that was yellow eyed mullet. If that a white eyed fish there was flathead mullet.

Huy 2 years ago

I have just caught a blue marlin weight 496.8lb and 165 in.Really hard to believe but it isn't

Will 2 years ago

how do you catch bullhead?????

Huy 2 years ago

Choose Rattler lure and same kind of that lures, go to Taupo corner in Australia lake and then to the right beside the house, you will see there

belladonna88 22 months ago

i'm stuck in catch sharks mission 3. i can't find a single shark in the old aquarium - bahamas. please help

Ali 21 months ago

Where are the rainbow trout and how do you catch them? I've been looking for weeks and just can find them! Please help!

Carl 21 months ago

How do you catch a barracuda on level 25

Huy 20 months ago

You can even catch baracuda in level one

Torie 18 months ago

I'm on level 30 I've completed all missions but it won't let me go to level 31 help

Huy 17 months ago

Because you don't have enough level rate

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