Focus: A Documentary (Official Trailer) featuring Mike Ross

Focus: A Documentary on Mike Ross

The journey, not the destination is often a recurring theme when it comes to a person on his/her way to reaching the top. This is even the case for a video gamer. As one knows, there are a lot of ups and downs that occur when on your way to the destination. However, this shall not stop you, but motivate you to being as sharp as you can. Mike Ross is that kind of player. This documentary is unique in it shows the heart of a true player...the emotion, the drive, the vigor, the sweat, the tears, the faults, the conquers; everything. This is no stiff, robot documentary but all human.I can definitely respect Mike Ross for giving it his all, and not holding back anything. As a gamer and an African American, I'm glad to see one of us getting some shine for a kind of niche activity. Although, gaming is a billion dollar industry and more players are getting into it. Sponsorship and playing it on a level like a sport is still kinda scarce. Also, I respect Mike Ross for playing as E. Honda. Although E. Honda is an original Street Fighter character, you don't really see too many players use him in tournament. Definitely no Mike Ross player. Shoutout to Steve Hwang for the documentary. I'm definitely looking forward to it. For the actual trailer, check out


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