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Fog of War

Why waste any time playing other war games when you could be playing the Fog of War? Give up the other internet games you are playing and get stuck into this one.

Fog of war is the new online game that has got all the critics talking. It is a new war game that has been introduced to the internet and is widely thought of as the new war game that could in time possibly overtake the largest internet game in the world - Evony. Evony has over 8 million members and gives the user the chance to make money as they play. Fog of war also has similar options. It is one of those games that once you start playing you find yourself

However there is always one thing to be aware of, and that is internet gaming addiction! Its very easy to get addicted to gaming on the internet and this game will be now difference.

- Becoming more and more addicted, untill eventually you sit on the computer whenever you have a bit of spare time trying to attack and defend against other legions. It is a huge game that you simply could continue to play forever. One of the better things I have personally found about Fog of War is that there are not as many "Bots" as you can find on other similar games available on the internet. Bots are computer macro's that basically do all the work for you. Hence people make these bots because they have the opportunity to make money from them. With Fog of War I found less of these jubious legions and herefore feel that it is a fairer game to play. Also less annoying. There are no major downloads involved so its quick and easy and would not take you too long to set it up. Its definately worth ago so why waste any time?

Theres only one thing left to say and that's Good Luck!

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