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Fog of War

Fog of War is the latest gaming craze to have hit the internet gaming world. If you like war games then this is the ultimate game for you. Even better you can get started within just one minute. This is truly one game that you will never get bored playing.

There are currently over 1 million people playing world wide. It is totally free to join and you can play as much as you want to. This is a fun online game where you are in control of building your own alliances, army, research and gather info in order to fight and win the war. - and then perhaps the ruler of your kingdom. Everyone is doing the same thing so do not be disillusioned, its not easy. The game offers 100% unlimited free play.

Fog of War Vs Desert Operations

Fog of war and Desert operations are both unique games. Whilst both are excellent games I would estimate that Fog of war has more players on a daily basis. However with a big advertising campaign soon coming from desert operations we may see things turned on their head. Desert Operations is played in the Desert and is an Army based allianced game similiar to Fog of War. Although both are war games they have very different missions, quests and challenges. In both games you have the opportunity to declare war against your enemies - it takes just one slip up and you could be in for a fatal blow. Decision making is of key importance, as you need to make sure that your army is up to scratch before starting a battle that you cannot finish. Both games are worth playing and I expect them to be on the internet for a good length of time.

Other Recommended Great War Games

  • War of Titans is another great game played by thousands of people.
  • Evony is the legend of war and in fact internet gaming having well over a million players registered on its books. You would have seen their advertising campaigns spread all over the internet as they tend to use good looking women and very eye catching ads!
  • Kingory is an upcoming war game that is an oriental style of war gaming. Unique and fun.

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