Free Apple iPad and iPhone for Sims 3

You wouldn't download an iPad, would you? Heck yes you would! The internet is just full of offers for free iPads and iPhones at the moment, but let's face it, attempting to take up most of them will result in you waking up in a bath of ice missing your kidneys. Fortunately however, this offer of free iPads and iPhones for The Sims 3 is for real. Totally for real. You can keep all your internal organs! Now how is that for a deal?

These Sims 3 décor items are decorative only and were made by the inimitable Sims 3 modder, Fresh-Prince. I suggest you take a moment and sit right there and appreciate the inventions below which played some small role in making the aforementioned Fresh fellow the Prince of Bel Air.

Apple iPad

The apple iPad will reinforce your Sim's technological superiority. This device is only decorative and costs 80 simoleons. It can be found in the 'Miscellaneous' section of the Décor tab. The iPad is majestic in its execution and wonderful in all ways. It cannot be viewed by Sims so they'll pretend that it isn't there, but you know they know. They know you know. It's like an elephant in the room, except it's an iPad, and it's awesome.

Download iPad for The Sims 3

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Apple iPhone

No self respecting sim would be seen without an iphone casually laying about on their coffee table. You'll inexplicably find this in the plants section of your décor tab. Perhaps these iphones grow into ipads with time? Who knows.

This technological wonder is priced at a mere $40 simoleons. Given that a hamburger can run you 35 simoleons or more, that's a pretty good deal. Unlike the iPad, which fades into the scenery like a timid wall flower at her first rodeo disco, the iPhone can be viewed. This means that sims will give their opinion on it by making expressions. Expressions like this one.

She also said 'yeeeaah, snu snu' which I think can only be construed as a positive comment, even if it was uttered with all the enthusiasm of a trout being consumed by a bear. An iBear.

My only quibble with the iPhone is that the icon in the menu looks like nothing. iNothing. In other words, there's sort of a shadowy thing that might be something, but probably isn't. Looking for this item was like peering at a pregnancy test. (A pregnancy test that is probably negative, but you're sure there's a shadow and is that a line? Oh my god is it? Are you? No, you're not. Breathe.)

Download iPhone for Sims 3

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