Free Computer Games For Kids

Our Two Favorite Websites


I must admit that like a child I am drawn to playing free online computer games when I have nothing else to do with my time and have become an addict on a website called Pogo that has a large category of video games for adults and children. On Pogo I am able to chat n play with people from all over the world striking up really interesting conversation while enjoying myself.  I have also won a few cash prizes as well and earned several expert badges in games like spades, battleship, canasta, payday free cell, monopoly world and others.  In the last thirty days the Pogo game website has given away over eighty thousand dollars to everyday people and I have definitely gotten my share.

On Pogo you can also earn tokens to be used for daily prize drawings of up to a thousand dollars or more, I was skeptical when I first joined a few years ago but it was free and fun so I had nothing to lose but time. My whole family has become Pogo addicts as well and we all play using the same free account to build those tokens up, even though my son decided to get his own free account so he wouldn’t have to share his money if he won anything. Pogo also offers downloadable computer games, and they have a way of keeping the little ones busy when you’re busy.

Pogo gets nothing but good reviews from me and millions of others but I have stumbled onto another free online game website that I like just as much. Y8 does not offer prizes like Pogo but they do have an even larger category of games with great graphics for everyone. Y8 has more violent game selections as well so you may have to screen what pc video games the kids play on this game website.

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