Free Download Road Rash - PC Game

Free Download Road Rash
Free Download Road Rash

Road Rash has been a favorite game for kids and adults, among many other games around the world. It was published by Electronic Arts in the year 1996. No other bike game before Road Rash has delivered such realistic game play. I can remember myself as a child playing Road Rash for hours on end. Road Rash was also one of the first bike racing games to incorporate violence along with racing. There two game options available for you in this game, they are single races and tournament. You can choose any one of your choice and begin the game.

The game has been beautifully designed with different tracks to ensure real entertainment for the players. The City, The Peninsula, Sierra Nevada, The Napa Valley and The Pacific Highway are five different tracks for you to select from. In each track we have to compete with 14 opponents and the winners are those who come within first three places.

There are three modes to play in this game. First one is Thrash Mode from which we can select different levels and locations, this is also called demo track. Second one is Big game mode, where you can select character, bike, and track and set racing. This mode consists of many interesting and funny characters. Among them you can select one, remember that each and every character has its own style of riding and attack. Each time you win a race you will be rewarded by cash by which you can buy different bikes like Rat bikes, Sport bikes and Super bikes. Finally the Multi player mode, it can be played by the means of Internet. You can challenge anyone anywhere in the world.

During the initial levels of the game you will be given a slow bike, but once you progress to higher levels you have the option to upgrade to more powerful bikes. You will be rewarded with money when you complete a race as winner. Using this money you can upgrade to powerful bikes with nitro boosters.

How to get Free Download of Road Rash Game

Free download of Road Rash game is available at the site. Once the pages is loaded, Scroll down and look for “Download Full game”. To the right of it, click the download link. Now the site requests you to sign up for free. Just spare few minutes to register, now you will be able to get full free download of the game. Happy gaming!

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DNemesis profile image

DNemesis 6 years ago

Loved this in my WIn95 computer. Thanks for the memories ;)

Mahernimri 6 years ago

Nice game I never seen before

we 6 years ago


firdous 6 years ago

veryvery nice game in this world

koushal 6 years ago

nice game in the world

sajib b 6 years ago

road raser

dhruv 6 years ago

we like this game and we want to play it.

sai 6 years ago


Dilubula  6 years ago

bumber game are wa wa wa

kkkkkkk 6 years ago

how to download

said 6 years ago


santhosh 6 years ago

god game zone

arun 6 years ago

very good game

Jayesh Baibahv profile image

Jayesh Baibahv 5 years ago

What the nice game

chand 5 years ago

very good

Amar 5 years ago


rubel 5 years ago

Nice game

Chris bradly 5 years ago

i wanna download this game for free

ka,il 5 years ago

NiCe OnE Sir

larweh ebenezer 5 years ago

its a game which every one should play

A.Sai vinay chandra 5 years ago

Road rash is very very nice game I like the road rash game so much.

ramdas 5 years ago

best game

vignesh v 5 years ago

it is very good

Mujaffar ali 5 years ago

my name is mujaffar ali

Mujaffar ali 5 years ago

My name is mujaffar ali

gitanshu 5 years ago

ilove it and iwant to doownload.

naviyarasan 5 years ago

sema game..

Anonymous 5 years ago

cool just like the game in my old computer

g.sreekar007 5 years ago

nice game

hoi 5 years ago


sivant 5 years ago


sivant 5 years ago


Pirate_007 5 years ago

i played this game when i was a 7 year old kid

the best game in the world

Rishav 5 years ago

this is very good game

Shubham.Malviya 5 years ago

This is the best Game In The World

Mayur 5 years ago

This is the best game in the world

ajay kurmi 5 years ago

road rash is a unique game

tbone88 5 years ago

is this even forreal though?

Magwanga 5 years ago

I love it,I've played it for a very long time . make it more complicated with same appealing features on different terrains.

KOFI KEN 5 years ago


rachit 5 years ago

it is the boring game i have ever seen

manas dubey 5 years ago

mind distractive and unique game

Pronay 5 years ago

Very simple & unique game

usman 5 years ago

what a nice game.i play ROAD RASH game again and again...........................................

saad_2010 5 years ago

nice game play again and again you will not bored

pooran 5 years ago

poottile game....

popy 5 years ago

ethu kundiyil chennal ithu download cheyyammmm

Popcorn 5 years ago

how to download this?

agilagilang 5 years ago


Riyaz ahmad 5 years ago

i am like game and complite mission ... becose game as a life so i intrest game

profile image

nirmal abishek 5 years ago from hyderabad

what a nice game..........

bp 5 years ago

it is good

chambers 5 years ago

free bhosika andher apni maa choudna betha

kenzo 5 years ago

ahahahah remember in long time ago, nice game .. i like it

mk 5 years ago

Help me to download road rash game.

sanjay 5 years ago

plese select my reqwest

bittu 5 years ago

this game can be liked

bia 5 years ago

all is well

ravi 5 years ago

all is well for to ravi

Diam 5 years ago

i got the game from here!!!100%

bishal 5 years ago

game is really wonderful

salman khan 5 years ago

muj pr ik ahsan krna k ye acha game han

vaibhav khanna 5 years ago

i like the game but it is not finding i want to download...:((((((((((((

please help mee too find and to do download..,,, please please;;

guna 5 years ago

nice & good how to download this

ritika 5 years ago

ya its really wonderful

i like this game

PRIYA 5 years ago


arun 5 years ago


keval katrodiya 5 years ago

100% like this game

ali 5 years ago

how can i download the game in my poc

plz help me

prahlad mehra 5 years ago

road rash game kaise download kare plz sirr teel me. link bhej do.

prahlad mehra 5 years ago

road rash game kaise download kare plz sirr teel me. link bhej do.

himan 5 years ago

yoooooo iiiiiiiitttttttttttsss aaaaaaaa cccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllll ae

rohit singh 5 years ago

how to download roadrash.

please tell me .

ashimpriyabarua 5 years ago

very good game.

sant 5 years ago

nice game

naseem 5 years ago

very good game

thala 5 years ago

very auosome game

sundeep lamichhane 5 years ago

it;s so cool

ubadi 5 years ago

nice game

bharath 5 years ago

nice game

sania 5 years ago

awsomeeeeeeeee game

chandrasekaran 5 years ago


karan 5 years ago

this game is all time best dude

ankit Sharma 5 years ago

very very good game

sahan aditya.k 5 years ago

road rash game has been a beautiful and intresting game . i would always like to play this game

ankit singh 5 years ago

road rash game



anju 4 years ago

it is a very interesting game and is very jolly to play wish that i can play this game every second of my life

profile image

parabnm 4 years ago

how to download

sudha 4 years ago

this is superable game

roja 4 years ago

hey may i know how to download this game frm net

rohan 4 years ago

this game is awesome

shruthika 4 years ago

i know the game to!!!!! but i dopnt know how to download it :-(

Saawan 4 years ago

i can't download this game.please help me,i so very this

amr 4 years ago

i know the game to!!!!! but i dopnt know how to download it

ojas 4 years ago

I can't download this game but I know this is awesome

ROADRASH 4 years ago


Pinaki Das 4 years ago

Wht a nice game

jahnvi 4 years ago

what a to download this

aakif 4 years ago

heyy what's hapning why i can download this game

mimi 4 years ago

how to download this??

Naman 4 years ago

Very Nice and Unique Game

sanskar 4 years ago

this is really a enjoyful game

vishal & shalu 4 years ago

try again and u wil definetly win

prince 3 years ago

also can't download this game.please help me,i so very this

raja 3 years ago

how to download the game

appu 3 years ago

mass game sir

sam 3 years ago


rama rathod 3 years ago

i hope its not fake site, i will be download this game after i commented...

Sanchit 3 years ago

how can I download Roadrash

kumar 2 years ago

super game

migue 2 years ago

nice game yay!!!

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