Free Download Virtua Cop 2 - Classic PC Game

Free download Virtua Cop 2
Free download Virtua Cop 2

Virtua Cop 2 is a Classic shooting game published by SEGA in the year 1995. This game is also known as Virtua Squad 2 in some parts of America. The game offers tremendous amount of entertainment with good graphics and Sound effect to keep you interested. During my young age, I used to play this game for hours and hours partnering with my uncle. Your role in this game is a cop, who will be assigned three different missions and the most entertaining part is that, you should finish these entire 3 missions with limited lives. Each mission in this game will have different bosses and killing the final Boss will be little tough.

This game supports the Multi-player feature i.e. Two players can play the game simultaneously. There are three levels in the game. Your main objective in this game is to shoot the enemies before they shoot back at you. At the end of each level there will be a boss battle. The boss battle will be very entertaining, as he will throw cars and drums at you. Beating the boss will lead to the next level, where you will fight with enemies in different scenario.

There are three different levels for you choose from. They are Beginner, Medium and Expert.

Stage 1: Beginner

Here you will be interrupting a Jewel robbery and in the quest to find the boss of the robbery gang, you will be following the thieves and when you kill all the thieves the Boss will be appearing. Killing the Boss will be little difficult comparing to the other thieves. Once you enter the Boss battle, you will be in for a mini battle where he will be attacking you with different objects. Killing the Boss will lead to next Stage.

Stage 2: Medium

Your mission in this stage is to rescue the mayor of virtua city from the kidnappers. You will be fighting the enemies in the Harbor. At the end of this stage you will be fighting with the boss, who will be launching aerial attacks on you.

Stage 3: Expert

In this level you will be fighting against the terrorist in the Virtua city underground. Killing the boss in this level will lead to the main Villain fight. Killing the final Boss will successfully end your mission.

How to get Free Download of Virtua Cop 2 Game

Free download of Virtua Cop 2 Game is available at the site Free Download Virtua Cop 2. Once the pages is loaded, Scroll down and look for “Download Full game”. To the right of it, click the download link. Now the site requests you to sign up for free. Just spare few minutes to register, now you will be able to get full free download of the game. Happy gaming!

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umar 6 years ago

Free Download Virtua Cop 2 - Classic PC Game73

akbar  6 years ago


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labista 6 years ago

i like the game and i want to play it.

nguyen hong hd80 5 years ago


firas 5 years ago

its realy nice

adit 5 years ago

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adit 5 years ago

jl pondok betung raya

Khan 5 years ago

nice game

denesh 5 years ago


elohim 5 years ago

moi je veux telecharger virtua cop 2 et c'est ca vous mettez

rob 5 years ago

Is this trusted|?

arif 5 years ago


manideep 5 years ago

i want this game i love this game very much

siddiq 5 years ago

goodgame butdont know how to download

caduk anying 5 years ago

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talli 5 years ago

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abhishek 5 years ago

it is a very godd game for all person

Abdullah Tariq 5 years ago

great game

Anas 5 years ago

i like this game i want to play this game

Anas 5 years ago

i like this game i want to play this game

chinnu 5 years ago

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himanshu tyagi 5 years ago

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Tanwir Alam 5 years ago

it is a fantatic ame

coulibaly 5 years ago

i like this game forever

kamran shah 5 years ago

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Faisal Ghouri 5 years ago


me 5 years ago

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faheem 5 years ago

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bender 5 years ago

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YUVRAJ 5 years ago

V cop 2 game is good game

jamal 5 years ago

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steven 5 years ago

i cherish this game very much.

chathushka weerappriya 5 years ago

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Chirayu 5 years ago

This is one of my facourite game.

karan 5 years ago

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landi 5 years ago

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danny 5 years ago

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abdulrehman 5 years ago

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shubham 5 years ago

its good

dj king 5 years ago

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king fire 5 years ago

best game in sega

king fire 5 years ago

how i download this game

regards fire

ambar 5 years ago

not good

jano 5 years ago

super game

very gooooooooooooooooooooood

good 5 years ago


mnanwar 5 years ago

I want to download the game

muzahid 5 years ago


lalchand 5 years ago

superb game

Noman Ali 5 years ago

goodgame butdont know how to download

vijaysonar 5 years ago

that's good

aldi 5 years ago

download nya yang mana gan>?

Desktop wallpaper 5 years ago

Nice Game i really like it. . .

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Afra siyyab 5 years ago

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king 3102 5 years ago

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prince 5 years ago

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prince 5 years ago

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Dominic Amoah 5 years ago

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mahipat 5 years ago

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hobo 5 years ago

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praise 5 years ago

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CHRISMER 5 years ago


chrismer 5 years ago


arnold 5 years ago

the best game i ever played

photography by ganesh maskar 5 years ago


DANIEL 5 years ago

i want to play virtual cop 2

tahmoor 5 years ago

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LUCKY SHARMA 5 years ago

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Navneet singh 5 years ago

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Waqas Ahmed 5 years ago

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Cliff 5 years ago

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may anne 5 years ago

I really like the game. The action is really awesome!

george 5 years ago

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It's awesome but i don't know how to download this game

Frank 4 years ago

i really love this game

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zarrar 3 years ago

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zarrar 3 years ago

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GOD FATHER(original) 2 years ago

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