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Easy Quiz Questions about Food!

This quiz is great as an ice-breaker! If you're looking for easy, free quiz questions for social groups, schools, nursing homes or family parties, this collection of quirky questions all about food will surely serve as a great warm-up!

All participants have to do is listen to the description, then guess the food!

It's easy, fun to do, and is suitable for all age groups.

The answers are typed italics next to each question. All a quiz master needs to do is print them off.

This quiz is available for use for any non-profit making purpose. Have fun with it!

Guess the Food!

1) What is oblong, flaky, pale yellow in the middle, and with white sweetness on top? Custard Slice.

2) What is very sweet, red, yellow and white, perhaps slightly fruity, and wobbles a bit? Trifle.

3) What is pale and can be whole or flaked, and used to be good at swimming? Fish.

4) What are small, round and green? Peas.

5) What used to be woolly, but can be served with mint sauce? Lamb.

6) What are oblong, golden brown and can be served on a plate or in a bag? Chips.

7) What are crunchy, crumbly, small and usually round, and often taken with tea? Biscuits.

8) What is fairly flat, chewy, cold, and can be white, black or brown, and have different fillings? Sandwich.

9) What is a crispy golden brown on the outside, off-white on the inside, and is often served at Xmas? Roast turkey.

10) What are the small, light brown circular objects usually served in a breakfast bowl, which start off crunchy but go soft when in milk? Cornflakes.


Guess More Food!

11) What is long, stringy, with almost no flavour by itself, and is cooked in boiling water? Spaghetti.

12) What goes well with toast, and is round, white and yellow? Eggs.

13) What is pale green, a bit crunchy, mostly flat, and is ruined if it gets warm? Lettuce.

14) What is very pale, creamy with small soft lumps in, eaten by horses in its raw state, and Oliver wanted some more of it? Porridge.

15) What is red and green, and sour if it's not ripe enough, best served stewed, and has poisonous leaves? Rhubarb.

16) What has raisins and is closely associated with the Lancashire town of Eccles? Eccles Cakes.

17) If you are from Liverpool, what would you call beef stew? Scouse.

18) What are oblong, covered in breadcrumbs, and a favourite of Captain Birdseye? Fish Fingers.

19) What comes in a string which can be cooked whole or in sections, and features in the traditional English puppet show, "Punch and Judy"? Sausages.

20) What has mashed potato on top, with a rich meaty layer of minced lamb in gravy underneath? Cottage Pie.


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Keep Guessing!

21) Name the doughy food made from milk, eggs and flour, and a pinch of salt, which comes from a northern English county. Yorkshire Pudding.

22) What do you call foods sealed in a firm wrapping of pastry? Pie.

23) What are red, heart-shaped, have lots of tiny seeds, and are eaten during Wimbledon's tennis fortnight? Strawberries.

24) Name the small bead-like foods often served in tomato sauce. Beans.

25) What is long, curved, yellowy-brown on the outside and creamy-white on the inside? Banana.

26) What is served in a tall glass, has several different layers of flavour, and is best eaten straight from the fridge? Ice-cream Sundae.

27) What is brown and white and crispy, smells great, and is good with fried eggs? Bacon.

28) What is red, grows as a root, and is usually preserved in vinegar though it makes a lovely soup? Beetroot.

29) What is bright yellow, can be hot or cold, and can be added to a dessert or baked in pastry? Custard.

30) What is brown, runny, has lumps if you have made it badly, and is horrible when cold? Gravy.


Guess Again!

31) What is very dark brown if well cooked, and oozes blood if it's srved nearly raw? Beef or steak.

32) What can be baked, boiled or brewed to make alcohol? Potatoes or rice.

33) Nasturtium flowers, nettle leaves and dandelions can all be eaten - true or false? True.

34) Name the dessert which has a covering of thin sponge wrapped round ice-cream. Arctic Roll.

35) What sounds like it might be a drink but isn't, and features pink creatures? Prawn Cocktail.

36) What sounds like an overheated animal, and is served in a bun? Hot dog.

37) What do you call a hard-boiled egg in a layer of chopped pork, with an outer casing of breadcrumbs? Scotch egg.

38) What is another name for stew with lots of potato? Hot Pot.

39) Which popular food can make you very ill, or even kill you, if you pick it wild and pick the wrong ones? Mushrooms.

40) What is white or brown, sweet or bitter, and can be segmented, grated or melted? Chocolate.


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50 Fun Free Quiz Questions about Food!

41) Name the pod that is ground into a fine powder for use as a flavouring in desserts? Vanilla.

42) What do you call the hot sauce that is usually used with diced meat and served with rice? Curry.

43) How do you cook the pudding that is not a dessert, and which has a filling of minced beef and kidney? Steam.

44) Which root vegetable sounds like it's wearing clothes when it is baked in an oven? Jacket potato.

45) What flat objects are made with a mixture of milk, eggs and flour, before being tossed in a frying pan? Pancakes.

46) What small green objects have to be soaked overnight then boiled with an onion and a ham shank to make soup? Peas.

47) Which small pastries are now made with dried chopped fruit, but were originally made with meat? Mince pies.

48) What do you call meat which has been reduced to a paste for use with bread, salad or crackers? Pate.

49) In the children's nursery rhyme, how many blackbirds were baked in a pie? Four and twenty.

50) In Britain, which bird is illegal for anyone but the Queen and her guests to dine upon? Swan.


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