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Do You Want Total Control Over Your Sims?

Sims 3 mods are pieces of code which change the way the Sims 3 game works. They stretch the boundaries of the possible, allowing you to make Sims as thin as a rake or as fat as a house, enabling teen pregnancy, changing the color and texture of elements outside the lot, and so much more. The scope of mods is only limited by the imaginations of the talented coders who make them.

Are Sims 3 Mods Legal?

Yes. EA is aware of Sims modders and supports the practice as long as it is done responsibly. You should be aware that some mods will override actual game files, (it depends on the mod, some mods replace in game files, others act as addons.) In some cases, mods may negatively impact your gaming experience, especially after patching. It is a good idea to make a back up of your save files, and to be prepared to reinstall your game after adding a new mod. All mods in this article have been player tested and should not cause trouble, however it is impossible to know what will happen in future updates. Modding the Sims is not for the technophobe, but it is quite doable and the upsides are generally regarded as far outweighing the downsides.

Package Mods for Sims 3

As mentioned before, there are many different types of mods. This article will deal with package mods.

Helper Monkey

Install helper monkey is the best way to install package mods on the Sims 3. This little application handles all the hard work for you and removes the element of human error from mod installs.

(You will need to be a member of Mod The Sims to download this and the other files mentioned in the article, membership is free.)

Install Helper Monkey

If you want to install your mods manually (for some reason better known to yourself,) here is a guide which walks you through the steps:

How To Manually Install Package Files

On to the mods:

Rick & Delphy's CAS Slider Hack

This slider hack is actually comprised of two packages, one which controls the body sliders, and one which controls the facial sliders.

As you will know, when you create sims, the slider's control how fat and how thin they can be, not to mention how muscly or untoned they are. The game only goes so far though, limiting your ability to make skeletal sims or rotund slims. This slider hack fixes that problem and allows you to under and over slide the sliders for dramatic results.

The facial sliders hack does the same thing, just with the facial controls. Being able to under and overslide allows you to create truly unique sims.

If you're feeling tentative about messing with your copy of the Sims 3, I would encourage you to install the body hack. The body slider hack does not overwrite any files and is a good starting point for newbie modders.

Download The Hack Here

Other popular mods include:


AwesomeMod allows you to change many of the restrictions and mechanics in the game. With AwesomeMod, sim written books can be bought in the store, the nudity filter can be removed, you can plant on any lot, sims will no longer freak out because they find their path blocked and jealousy becomes a thing of the past! There's really not enough space here to do AwesomeMod justice, but if you've ever wondered how a world with no rules would function AwesomeMod will help you realize that dream!

Get More Info on AwesomeMod + Download

If you really want to get into modding the Sims 3, I would advise joining Mod The Sims , a forum and community where Sims nuts share their experiences, mods and offer support to one another. Membership is completely free and you will receive access to the latest mods and Sims 3 information.

EDIT: If you are having problems with ModTheSims please contact ModTheSims. Commenting here won't help you much as this isn't ModTheSims and nobody here can fix your account.

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Comments 28 comments

lele 7 years ago

thanks for the great info. i found it very helpful!

lele 7 years ago

hey i was wondering if you can help me but i am having trouble installing helper monkey and i cnt figure out how to tell them bout the problem

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Helper monkey is usually really easy to install, what's the issue?

lele 7 years ago

when im installing it it says error opening file for writing and then ask me if i want to abort retry or ignore. and when i ignore it never finishs the install.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

I don't know honestly, lele. If I were you I would restart your computer, download a new version of helper monkey and try again. It's usually a really quick and easy install.

lele 7 years ago

ok thanks

Anon-E-Moose 7 years ago

try running it as administrator if you're on vista or windows 7

Katelyn 7 years ago

Hi, I have installed helper monkey but I don't know where to put the mods, I used winarr to unzip the files, But where do I put them in the folders if I want it tobe in the game? please help me cause it is so frustrating!!!

lilphillyjei 7 years ago

Katelyn: once you unzip the files in to a folder, (put them in a new folder on the desktop name it whatever u want) right click on your .package file. At the top of the list that pops up it should say in bold lettering Install to Sims or something like that. This option is from the helper monkey. Just click and in less than half a second it is installed. The helper monkey does it all for you. But you do need to download and install Helper Monkey. If you want to make sure ur file has been installed to the game, right click it again, click Install. A box should appear that says it is already installed, do you want to overwrite? just click cancel cuz its already there. Turn on your game, the mod will be there, as long as you read the information on where your mod is located in the game and how to use it

Alayna 7 years ago

I'm having trouble installing the awesomemod. It gives me the "in use by another process" error. Is it that it automatically installs when I move it to the "Program Files...Mods/Packages" file, or am I doing something wrong?

Anominominous =p 7 years ago

sup guys. havin a problem...i have the monkeyinstaller thing and it's downloaded correctly (i think) it doesn't say it has any problems but any time i try to "Install to Sims" it comes up with a message "Access to path is denied." wut am i doin wrong?

Helpp  7 years ago

Me to it says acsess is denied... Please help!

cc 7 years ago


jacqui 7 years ago

most amazing game in the world :)

mmdh8 7 years ago

Does anyone know of a no woohoo mod. My kids play and I would like to block it and add a less interacting "baby maker". If not a good website with a tutorial on how to make game mods. Please email me.

Bay Jo 6 years ago

Is this mods free? I know it says it at the top, but when I tried to install some sliders it said something about a 40 day trial then I couldn't use it anymore?

Bubblefreak 6 years ago

Here's something that may help u,if you have any expansion packs for TS3, Helper monkey WILL NOT WORK. I have both current expansions, and I can not us HM. The process for manually installing mods is hectic and irritating, so I would just avoid mods all together. 1/2 of them do not work, and they only make your game run slower. Hope this helps!

izzabelle 6 years ago

My Mum Said It Was OK To Intall Helper Monkey But When I Tried It Said I Needed To Uninstall My Secrity Programs Like Nortan ECT So She Said No- I Have Tried Everything Else- Using Winzip & WinRAR But Nothing Works!

Plz Help

Emma 6 years ago

MMDH8, although I'm not sure if there are any mods for no woohoo, I really wouldn't be too concerned about the children playing. There is not auto woohoo, so unless your child chooses to make them do so than it wont happen. In the case that a child does, then if you have a young child, they wont see anything, they may not even understand what is going on. If it is an older child, than I would think you've had the talk of the birds and bees with them. It really isn't anything explicit. It is just the blankets ruffling about and some hearts appearing. Don't worry so much.It is suppose to be rated teen. So if you are letting children play it, that is your own choice to do so. So I would relax and just let them play, or instead opt to take them out to the park, where a child doesn't get addicted to video games at age nine...

Chantraine profile image

Chantraine 6 years ago

Why can't I download the CAS slider hack? It says I don't have enough privileges to download it. Can someone please explain to me why?

vovaivlev199 6 years ago

I have a problem guys!! I Have downloaded the monkey and the awosome mod!!but the body slide hack icant download!!i have a modthesims account and it tells me that i have no acces to there!!please help or if you cant tell me an another site to download this hack!!!thank you!!!I wait your answer!!!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Chill dude (dudette) you just sign up for a free Mod the Sims account. No need to panic :)

vovaivlev199 6 years ago

i told you that i have already a Mod the Sims account!But when i press the slide hack to download in this page(your page!)it tells that i have no access!I told you that!!Please tell me an another site to download this $^$U*$#& hack!Thank you very much.I wait your answer.

vovaivlev199 6 years ago

I have searched the Mod the Sims for this slide hack and everywhere in the google but i cant find that slide hack.I wait your answer HOPE ALEXANDER.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Dude, I'm not responsible for what Mod the Sims does with their content, and after your performance in the comments, I wouldn't tell you if I did know. If you're having trouble with Mod the Sims, contact their support, (I am not affiliated with Mod the Sims) don't come and yell at a third party and think that will get you anywhere. Your attitude plain stinks.

Lennard 6 years ago

One of the greatest sims 3 modders ever. People are saying he's going to make a comeback.

Bob 6 years ago

How do you download mod files without helper monkey? I have the latest patch and Sims 3 world Adventures if that makes a difference.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

You can download the files without helper monkey easily. You don't need helper monkey to download, you need it to install. If you're confused at this stage of the process, just download helper monkey, it is going to make your life a lot easier.

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