Free Webkinz Guide - Blender & Sandwich Maker Recipes

If you haven't already...

Check out 60 + stovetop recipes for your Webkinz or Lil Kinz, also part of the Free Webkinz Guide. If you have yet to buy a Webkinz, or are in need of a new one, the best prices are constantly updated here on this page!

Blender Recipes

Mix these delicious drinks up in your Webkinz' blender to satisfy their sweet tooth! All of these recipes boost happiness, health, and hunger meters.

Almond Blutrice Punch

Almonds + Blueberries + Orange Juice

Atomicolicious Punch

Cherries + Orange + Peach

Beach Sunrise Frappe

Coconut + Orange Juice + Pineapple

Blueberry Parfait

Blueberries + Ice Cream + Peanuts


Milk + Toffee + Ice Cream

Cream Soda Float

Cherries + Cream Soda + Ice Cream

Fruit Slushie

Bottled Water + Orange + Cherries

Health Juice

Apple + Carrots + Watermelon

Hot Marshmallow

Chocolate Bar + Marshmallows + Milk

Icy Frosty

Ice Cream + Water + Watermelon

Mega Berry Slush

Blueberries + Raspberries + Strawberries

Neon Pink Smoothy

Cream Soda + Dragon Fruit + Pink Lemonade

Plymouth Veggie Parfait

Baked Potato + Peas + Pumpkin

Root Beer Float

Cherries + Ice Cream + Root Beer

Shirley Templkinz

Cherries + Fruit Punch + Orange

Soccer Float

Chocolate + Ice Cream + Kiwi Fruit

Spicy Salsa

Asparagus + Tomato + Corn

Strawberry Smoothie

Milk + Strawberries + Honey

Sweet & Sour Smoothie

Pink Lemonade + Orange + Milk

Trippple Hot Chocolate

Chocolate + Chocolate Milk + Hot Chocolate

Tropical Punch

Fruit Punch + Orange + Pineapple

Veggie Dip

Tomato Soup + Mushrooms + Milk

Wild Kiwi Sunset

Coconut + Kiwi Fruit + Papaya

Yogurt Twist Smoothie

Bananas + Kiwi + Strawberry Yogurt

Sandwich Maker Recipes

Now try the sandwich specialties, below, you can whip up with your very handy-dandy sandwich maker in your own Kinz Kitchen!

Bean Burrito

Baked Beans + Cheeses + Pancakes

Birthday Party Sandwich

Bread + Hot Dog + Mac & Cheese

Black Forest Sandwich

Cake + Cherries + Chocolate

Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

Bread + Tomato + Cheeses

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Bread + Chicken Nuggets + Salad

Choco Chip Waffles

Chocolate + Milk + Waffles

Deep Sea Barnacle Bagel

Bagel + Fish Sticks + Shrimp

Egg Salad Sandwich

Bread + Salad + Eggs

Fancy Schmancy Waffles

Ice Cream + Strawberies + Waffles

Fire & Water Sandwich

Bread + Dragon Fruit + Watermelon

Fruit Berry Crepes

Blueberries + Pancakes + Strawberry Yogurt

Grilled Carrot Sandwich

Bread + Carrots + Asparagus

Hole In One

Asparagus + Bagel + Chicken Nuggets

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream + Chocolate Bar + Cookies

Kablookie Sandwich

Blueberries + Cookies + Kiwi Fruit

Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

Banana + Bread + Peanuts

Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich

Bread + Peanuts + Honey

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Bread + Peanuts + Strawberries

Piggies in a Blanket

Hot Dog + Pancakes + Tomato

Pizza Sandwich

Pizza + Tomato + Cheeses

Sloppy Joekinz

Bread + Tomato + Spaghetti

Sunrise Sandwich

Bread + Tomato + Eggs

Turquoise Sandwich

Blueberries + Bread + Grapes

Veggie Sub Sandwich

Bread + Tomato + Salad

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Sophia 4 years ago

Webkinz recipes are greatest and good thing in the world on webkinz world to me it is.

By: Sophia

7pinkiegirl 5 years ago

the resipices wored great thx!my webkinz loved them!! my user is 7pinkiegirl if u want to add me. bye:)

WebkinzLover 5 years ago


Also the recipe for Aquarus Jelly is Jello + Asparagus + Fish and Chips. Saw it on Chef Gazpacho!

iroxes101 5 years ago

this is gr8 i love webkinz and here is a recipe for the blender it makes spicy salsa,

asparagus , corn , tomato my username is iroxes101 if any 1 wants 2 b friendz

Ashty21 5 years ago

My little sister found this one all by herself. Amazing she is only 4.

Here is the recipe Jelly+licorice+ice-cream cone=jellamazoo jiggle!

I have a million of recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want a recipe just ask.

kaitlyn1053 5 years ago

LUV IT!!!!!!!!


NO WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FlashForward2... 6 years ago

Hey guys! Its flash! Im so happpy to be back! I havent been on in ages and i have questions!?...

has anyone here seen peacegirl01 or willstar???? i miss them.

does anyone know if that fight between alyssa and cpgirl was sorted out?????

WHy can i not comment on webkinz recipies anymore????


Love u guyzzzz,


neopup 6 years ago

I love this site!

Jazadele 6 years ago

I need some friends. I have 5 pets and 21 rooms. My user name is Jazadele. Add me if you wish!!!!

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redhed732 6 years ago

hey hotgirl1 u still here???

Kamirah 6 years ago

boo no grapes just green

puplemountain 6 years ago

thesse helped ALOT


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sarah19 profile image

sarah19 6 years ago

cool foods

hi 6 years ago

Please add me!!!My webkinz name is opentoyou weird name i know! :->

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Peace2121 6 years ago from California

huh?im cumfuzed!

Kayla 6 years ago

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He/She should be banned

add me on Webkinz 6 years ago

My username is tetherball12

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PeaceLover21 7 years ago from California

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PeaceLover21 7 years ago from California

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PeaceLover21 7 years ago from California

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PeaceLover21 7 years ago from California

oops i 4got to say, my webkinz LOVE theese recipies!!!:) BYE!!!:)

PeaceLover21 profile image

PeaceLover21 7 years ago from California

theese recipies are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! they are so cool! people go CRAZY for them in the trading room!!!:) bye!:)

mafercita97 7 years ago

hi i´m mafer i´ll like to get new friends at webkinz world. i only have 4 friends. add me and i could send you something daily, maybe food, items or clothes, please send me something, i need outdoor stuff. thanks!!

this is my username: mafercita97

team jacob 7 years ago

thnx 4 the recipes you guys are awesome

Jenny 7 years ago

wow!you know more than anyone about webkinz

Kelly 7 years ago

i have a recipe that is so seceret only 2% in the whole world knows it.

1) bread

2) jelly

3) watermelon

have fun eating it!!!

rachael gadzinski 7 years ago

yeah i do

Carl 7 years ago

My name is Gohame add me as a friend.

P.S. Thanks this is awesome mate!!:)

Jessicool 7 years ago

My names jessicool10 add me as a friend i have none.p.s thanks for the recipes

brycen 7 years ago

thank you so much for making these recipes!!!!!!!I'm making a book of your recipes. thank you so much :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

1#superwebkinzfan 7 years ago

this page rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AOIFE 7 years ago



sarah 7 years ago

i know a webkinz resipe.its... bread,blueberrys,salad.stove.enjoy!!

i w m m p t w16 profile image

i w m m p t w16 7 years ago

um ewwwwww john!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah b sdfhr is right! that's where most people chat! (me and my friends!)

b sdfhr 7 years ago

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john 7 years ago

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amy 8 years ago

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ps dose any one have the recipie for leafy nestigetti, boogoo or snout supreme??please write!!!!!

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to miki 8 years ago

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miki 8 years ago

Thats awsum but i already made 14foods with the stove cuz imma join da cookn competition

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Desi7 8 years ago

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pick me 8 years ago

omg u r so cool. do u have a webkinz 2????? thanks soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMILEY 8 years ago

good for you kari berrios! i have more than 9 webkinz!!!!!! i have 39!!!!!!!! boo ya!!!!!!!!

kari Berrios 8 years ago

webkinz is the best! i love it. i have 9.a leapard named brownspot a terrier named erin a pink dragon named saphira a lil kinz dog named ruffy a lil kinz alley cat named reggie a retired gold fish named star a google named decky a riendeer named dasher and not but not least my favorite the one i alwaysed wanted a retired coacoa dino named hannah.i found her sitting n my bed after we opened presents for Cristmas.

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this is awesome!!

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DIVACATS 8 years ago

Desi its ok i beleive you I always trust my friends

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I didnt say it was u and it certainly is YUCKY Eeeeeeeeew

And who is trying to be you Desi ???

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haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

yea shes rite so dont try 2 be us

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Desi7 8 years ago

and now i have an account so no coppying me either!!!!!!! yep, thats right!

Desi 8 years ago

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haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

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Miley Cyrus 8 years ago

i say these are good recipes and i LOVE nick

webgirl1012 8 years ago

That really helped thanks soooooooooooo much,if u want to be my friend my user name is webgirl1012

abi 8 years ago

thankyou you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much noow i dondt have to waste about 78$ every 2 months on magazinez

webkinz 8 years ago

i made a copy of all of them and they were all so helpful!!!i hope you guy's make more!!!!

smile 8 years ago

i want some more friends on webkinzs so heres my username EMBB

hee hee 8 years ago

OMG these R SOOOOOOOOOO helpful! Thanks a bunch! Now I don't waste money guessing what I need to make recipes. I'm making a collection, and thanks to your page, and other websites, I now have made 131 webkinz recipes!

bob 8 years ago

hey my username is ketchup56 if you send me a exclusive item i will send

you some super secret recipes!

bob 8 years ago

hey i know some super secret recipes for webkinz

Paige 8 years ago

thanx.if anyone wants to be friends my user name is petewentzrox1

Deshero 8 years ago

oh i'm sure a lot of people do.... just look it up!

midfieldgoal76 8 years ago

who knows how to make slimescraper? i do

Deshero 8 years ago

hey! um, does anyone go on here anymore?

anna 8 years ago

hi people this helps alot

Reggie 8 years ago

omg peoples need to stop talking about love and girlfriends and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

caitlyn 8 years ago

these are awesome

Dana 8 years ago

Hi again, I have more recipies


Sandwich Maker-Pickels,Tacos,Bagel

Stove-Chicken Nuggets,Jelly,Icepops

Blender-Chicken Noodle Soup, Rasberries, Gingerale

Blender-Honey,Pink Lemonade, Salad

P.S. ALL the recipies I put down are TRUE. and thnxs for some new recipies Madie Ruud!

Dana 8 years ago

I love Webkinz and i like to collect food items. I have about 150, i will tell you a few I forget what they are called, so it will be a suprise...

Stover-Webkinz Crackers, Rasberries, Blueberries

Stove-Webkinz Crackers, Kiwi, Strawberries

Stove- Fish Sticks, Jelly, Asparagus

Stove-Waffels, Cupcakes, Blueberries

Stove- Milk, Toffe, Eggs

There is more but I can't remember all 150 lol

soccerstar11 8 years ago

Hello I think wekinz is the best site ever is any one on?

671 8 years ago

I DON'T LIKE WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

123freak 8 years ago

webkins are awesome and i todely love making recipies

webkinz freak 8 years ago

Thanks for the free recipies! Does anyone have a neopets account? If so, and you are a warrior cat fan, neofriend me. (I'm warrior123400)

ella 8 years ago

i love this it helped so much you should check out the new recipe and if you want to add me you can my user name is madison8811

pokedude 8 years ago

coolio dude you rock 100% of th rcipes are true!!!!

jahvon 8 years ago

thanks i used all of the recipes

Madison 8 years ago

this helped SUPER SUPER much now i dont have to guess all the recipes and waste all my money and my user name is madison8811

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Tara 8 years ago

This food looks great u should try it in ur webkinz oven!!!

aaron 8 years ago

i love you

?????? 8 years ago

so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

calicass2 8 years ago

check out this stove recipe wishful whirlawhip--candy apple,iced tea,strawberry yogurt and a new blender recipe berribrite blast--cherry,dragon fruit,cream soda

Maddie F. 8 years ago

add me keep putting more amesome recipes Maddie my username is brewster07

it rhymes with rooster!!!!

rachael 8 years ago

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Kristian 8 years ago

thx sooooooooooooo much bc i needed recipes and now i have them and if u can plz add me to your webkinz friend's list my username is CondesaD thx!

jfhjvbkj 8 years ago

sweet recipiesssssssssssssssss

megan 8 years ago

you know what webkinz world is sooooooo AWESOME

jennifer 8 years ago

grat reciopes

haley 8 years ago

this is how u make a baseball float a pretzel popcorn and rootbeer and bake it in the oven

kyra 9 years ago

thank you so much this was a great help i loved it my webkinz is theamazingkyra3000 if anyone wants to be my friend and i will send you gifts if you are my friend

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meo 9 years ago

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my usear name is paris56

Spencer 9 years ago

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icegirl121 9 years ago

i love webkinz and if you want a recipie here is one. just mixx up a pumpkin a cola and some picklez!!! you will have a halloweenarific treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anna 9 years ago

this is great I love it!

Manticore777 9 years ago

To camie- You don't make Dragonfruit- You can buy it in the food section of the W shop! Just cycle thru all the pages- It's red and spiky! Its kinda pricey, but cool looking! I love Webkinz too!

camie 9 years ago

How do you make dragon fruit!

I love webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kyle 9 years ago

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phoebe 9 years ago

how do you know about this do you own a webkin???

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Hi thank you so much for the recipies can you add me on webkinz my username is Lily101basketball!

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Very Helpful! Thanks!


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