Fun Facts About Sponges

Sponges fun facts

This is sort of funny subject to be covering. What can we learn about sponges. They are definitely useful. Well I am sure there are some fun facts out there so let's try and find some:  The fact is that we all use sponges either for cleaning dishes, cleaning the house, or cleaning outdoor items like cars etc.

  • -sponges are a natural or artificial pad which can be used for cleaning. There are also other sponges that you can use for applying makeup.
  • -sponges come in different shapes and sizes
  • -sponges come in different abrasions and types
  • -sponges are usually cheap and efficient
  • -sponges carry more bacteria then your toilet! That is a gross statistic and makes you want to immediately throw out that kitchen sponge!
  • -On average 10 million bacteria are found in sponge. If this is wiped on surfaces and ingested we could get very sick. However, there are companies working on sponges with anti-bacterial properties.
  • -sterilize your sponge every 2 days
  • -you can also soak them in bleach
  • -typically sponges are uses for bathing

Natural sea sponges which are nice for bathing for these reasons:  

  • -highly absorbant
  • -soft texture
  • -durable
  • -long lasting
  • -they hold water
  • -self-cleaning
  • -do not retain odors
  • -won't peel

Babies are put in a tub and sponge bathed. There are also some elderly people who may not want to bath or shower so they are given sponge baths. Usually this is done with a basin of water and the sponge. The person is washed and then rinsed.

Did you know that sponges can be offensive carriers of bacteria and germs and E-Coli which causes illnesses. They also can carry Salmonella and Staphylococcus.  However, there is way of killing these germs.

  • -put your sponges in the microwave on high for 2 minutes and it will kill 99% of the bacteria and germs and they will smell better too! There is nothing more offensive than a nasty smelling sponge sitting on your sink top!
  • -run your sponges through the dishwasher

There are many uses for sponges from cleaning indoors to cleaning outdoors. However, they are also a useful tool for adding texture to your walls. A few years ago the technique of sponge-painting your walls was very popular. This was done by dipping damp sponges into two different shades of paint and applying them to your wall.

Well these are some fun facts about sponges. They have a number of different purposes. Just remember to keep them clean and not spread those nasty germs!

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