Fun things to do in GTA 4

So you've finished the game

For those of you who have been playing the GTA series every since the original GTA (birds eye view mode :) ) I'm sure you've all played Grand Theft Auto 4 and played it compulsively until your reached the end.

The only thing is now you're done and you finished most of the side missions your running around trying to find fun things to do so here is a list of things you can do to make the most of the GTA 4 environment. I've been playing gta iv xbox and pc its great on both:)

let the fun begin :)

Crazy Taxi Driver - hire a taxi and select a location on the other side of town, once the taxi starts moving tell the driver to "hurry up" and he will start driving recklessly crashing into things and ignoring stop signs and red lights. Then increase your wanted level to maximum, and enjoy the ride. Its hilarious to watch the cops slamming into you and shooting at the driver from the safety of the back seat

Mad Playground - Theres a swing set in a playground in south slopes that has a glitch in it, drive a car up to it, hit it, then park up touching it and it will send you flying, dam insane, from ryan

Stunt - complete all the bike stunts around the city there is around 50 from what I remember.

Fire Hydrant- Blow the top off a fire hydrant then jump on your bike and ride that wave sky high:)

911 - Call the cops and then rush around punching as many people as you can when the cops arrive they will see people attacking you and promptly arrested those mean mean people. You can also call the fire brigade and ambulance.

Fire Department - jump in a firetruck and give those dirty homeless a good spraying.

Car Domino's - Line up a whole bunch of cars then fire off a rocket or grenade to see a domino explosion effect, you may have to make sure you've damaged the cars enough.

Army Chopper - Visit the airport and grab the army helicopter with the minigun and terrorize the island.

Airport Madness - Get a full wanted rating and then head to the airport with a bike and run circles around the cops its especially fun to place yourself in the middle of the back wheels of a moving airplane and watch the cops try to get to you cause nothing stops a giant boeing 747 , those cops get squished and thrown around all over the place.

Friendly Fire - play a lan game with friendly fire off and hit each other with those rockets and watch yourself fly like a birdie.

Stripathon 3some - go the strip club and get as many lap dancers into the private room as possible ( this can get quite tricky to get the dancers to ask you for a private dance but ppl have been known to get 2 or even up to 3 dancers into one room)

Cinematic Challenge - grab a fast car or a strong vehicle switch on cinematic camera mode and see how long you can last while the cops are after you it can be quite entertaining in this camera mode.

Pool throw - start a pool game then get out and just pelt those balls at your opponents head , no one messes with nico bellic

Scream Wheel - grab a car that's full of passengers and take them for the ride of there life , you wont even need the radio on cause they provide enough noise through screaming and oh my god'ss.

Really Rough S*XX - Go find your local hooker and get her into your car, then use your mad driving skills to get the car to flip over and then do the dirty business upside down.

Burnouts - hold the forward and backwards keys at the same time and see that smoke go ( not much smoke really) but you can do donuts by using the directional keys which is quite fun.

Bike simulator - grab a bike, then switch into first person view and try to drive at high speeds without crashing ( can be quite tricky).

Fastest Car - Near the old mansion on alderny island , you will find one of the fastest cars in the game the Sultan RS

Falling Boat - use the boat cheat code to drop a speed boat on unsuspecting people. I may add a gta 4 cheats page if there isn't already one

No hands - grab your sniper rifle or any other gun if your accurate and shoot the driver of a car straight in the head, sometimes he will come to a stop other times he will keep driving all over the place fun to watch.

Fast lane - grab a bike and find the longest road you can find then fly down it without crashing.

Drunken Bowling - go get drunk at he bar then hit the bowling centre its tricky stuff that 10 pwin boolin.

Down with the Burgers - head towards a burger place or cluckin bell grab a car and barricade the door jump over the car into the restaurant and cause havoc and see how long you can withstand the cops, as long as the car blocking the door stays in tack it could last forever but it usually gets blown up eventually.

Look Ma no tires - blow up all the tires on your car jump in , get a wanted level and see how long you last.

Choppy - use the chopper blades to rip people to bits.

Watch me die - of course another great fun part of GTA 4 is the video editor which you can use to create some pretty funny dying sequences and add music , effects and all that other swish stuff.

Hit that boat - find a ramp near the water and drive your bike off it and try and hit a boat that's driving by. extremely tricky to do:P

Rollercoaster Fun - Head over to the fun park on Firefly island grab a nice smallish fast car and wizz around the roller coaster track.

Pig Ride - Grab a helicopter and get a decent wanted level , land your helicopter and try and take off as the cops try and drag you out , now fly off with the cops clinging onto your chopper, and belt them around the skyscrapers.

Hooker Free or Not - Go pick up an old fashioned hooker off the streets in your car, find somewhere quiet to park your car and send the kids out of the room, then you can choose whether or not to let her keep the money you just paid her.

Carpark Frenzy - Get a high wanted level and then head to a crowded car park and wait for the explosion. I hear there's a crowded car park in alderney island

Fly a Friend - Great fun on multiplayer is to jump in a helicopter with a friend then try and drop him off on unreachable buildings, or even drop him on the top of the statue of liberty.

Move Aside - I'm sure you probably have tried it but get a cop car or fire truck and put the sirens on and everyone will clear a path for you on the road.

Probably the most fun you can have it playing the multiplayer with a bunch of friends so lots of stuff to try out there also the GTA 4 engine and physics are quite well done so testing all the physics out can be great fun.

I also hope none of these idea's offended anyone it is GTA after all and only a game have fun:) and anyone with fun things that aren't on the list don't be afraid to comment and let me know as i'm still addicted to that game and looking for things to do. and also remember GTA 1 is freeware so you can download and play for free if you miss the classic:).

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Comments 242 comments

Jordan 8 years ago

I just put on the robbers mask and pretend to rob the car shop lol

and i pretend to be an assantion i go on a building and then shoot ppl!

expectus profile image

expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder Author

nice :) i've never tried that do you get the mask from a clothing store? just like a pair of sunnies

andyy 7 years ago

yh. i have most fun by getting a sanchez and going to the skate park and make up the craziest stunts i can, also by going int the many enterable buildings and sniping through the windows(they arent bulletproof like i thought) or even get a boat, (the mini yacht with indoor area and windows) and park next to shore(beach is the best) and stand IN the boat, then shoot pedestrians throught the windows, when cops come shoot them , because the windows are quite small they find it hard to shoot you, while you you kill them. but it is really amusing when they hit you because theres a big blood splatter and bullet hole in the windows around you lol.

Ants 7 years ago

This list is very useful

Aaron 7 years ago

Well i love dying on the GTA games...Theres endless possibilities

lacey marie profile image

lacey marie 7 years ago from United States

awesome hub :) can't wait to try some of your ideas. I normally just blow stuff up and jump off of high buildings haha

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

thanks lacey marie:) the physics are great it makes everything fun:)

djrana0 profile image

djrana0 7 years ago from Dhaka,Mirpur-10,Bangladesh

I love games.Thanks for sharing it

sk8 or di3 7 years ago

awsome thx I just usally go to the sk8 park though its rly fun =p

JD 7 years ago

Another crazy thing to do is to go around and hit Cabs and Taxis with a baseball bat. Let them get out of the car and watch all of them chase you! You can get up to about 10-12 guys after you or even more! If you feel like creating a riot. Go into the crowd of cranky taxi men and hit a few with your bat! The'll try to punch you but mostly hitting the cab drivers arive them! This can result in fights and is theres cops around they''l arrest those crzy people! HAHAHA! Have fun!

JJ123 7 years ago

i am getting this game in an hour or two and i was wondering about how long it takes tocmoplete the game.

i will use this list right when i get the game :D

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

hey JJ, most ppl say it takes more than 100 hours to complete every single thing in gta 4 , including all main missions, side missions, and other fun things along the way:) its a great game

The Tyz 7 years ago

some interesting things to try.

just walk into people on a busy street. Eventually one will get mad and try to fight you. duck down and walk around, letting him follow you and missing you because you're ducked down) and try standing in front of innocent bystanders. You can get him to puch someone else who will fight him until the cops come to arrest him.

When in the mission "deconstruction for beginners" get in the car and turn off the radio. Now just drive around smashing things and people. Your passenger will not get out of the car but will continue to bitch at you because of your driving.

There is a bridge with a cable car next to it. right underneath where that cable car crosses the river is a tugboat. climb on top of it and you can shoot anyone on both sides in safety. on one side you have a plethora of pedestrians trying to enjoy the park, on the other side an underpass of the highway. use your rocket launcher and ak-47 and the police level will eventually rise enough that you get bombarded with lovely police vehicles including some that have super cops that take quite a few bullets and can travel at superhuman speeds.

there is a building in the middle of one of the sides of central park that is the best spot for an ambush. take a chopper there and blast away from all sides. there are plenty of nooks and crannies and peaks to have fun with. they will send choppers for you and if you shoot them down just right, they will fall right near you and some of the passengers will survive so that you can take them out. It seems that eventually the city's budget runs out of choppers and you have a free for all on the rooftop. lots of nice clear low level shooting.

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

thanks tyz some great things to do there, have been looking for more things to do

high flyer 7 years ago

well get a low car like tursimo and go to the roollar coster on firefly island a ride that bitch kinda trikey

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

yea that sounds like a good one, i couldn't never find the ramp to get my car onto the rollercoaster tracks

Me 7 years ago

i got gta4 on 360 ,and i wanna no what the hell is video editor.

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

You can record sequences in gta 4, i'm not sure u can do it whenever u want but u can record your death and quite a bit of time before your death. So it gives you a chance to do stunts and fun stuff record, make it into a video , edit stuff add music all that stuff

Mr.Murph profile image

Mr.Murph 7 years ago from Sunny,florida

Good tips, i think this game really has no ending

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

very true especially when they keep releasing new mods and things

Never4ever 7 years ago

I love GTA LOL Im downloading Gta4 right now can't wait to play it

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

good stuff:) its great you can download from steam

profile image

GTA4 IS AWSOME 7 years ago

how do u get to the other city without getin the cops on u

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

hey, if you get a wanted level as soon as you go to another city, it just means your technically not meant to go there yet until you've finished the story missions on the first islands. Otherwise its some unknown glitch maybe not sure

GTA 4 IS AWSOME 7 years ago

ok thanks another question is how do u use the video editor iv been playin this game for a while now and have not figured out what the video editor is

profile image

GTA4 IS AWSOME 7 years ago

plz answer me

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

hah yeaa the video editor is basically so you can edit and play around with video you record in gta 4, like if you die in a firey explosion and go flying into the air sometimes it asks you if you would like to record the footage.

This footage gets saved and then you can use the video editor to play around and make video's upload them to youtube. You can reach the video editor through your cell phone in the game and i think it may be in the menu. its fun to use u can add nice transitions from clips and music:)

GTA4 IS AWSOME 7 years ago

thank you does any one know any cheats i know some but i don't think i know them all

GTA4 IS AWSOME 7 years ago

if u answer me ill be downstairs playin gta 4 with my little cuson ok bye illl get back

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

hey try this hubpage , yea just type the number into nikko's cell phone , u don't have to keep typing them once you have typed one and saved, its saved in the phone you can just go back to it and select it.

some cheats can ruin the story a bit so becareful when you save.

GTA4 IS AWSOME 7 years ago

expectus u have beat the game right well how do i get special clothes when ill look it up it way to hard to understand

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

yea i have finished the game, by different clothes don't you just mean visit the clothing shop and pick out a new suit? or you want police uniforms or something like that

Todd D. 7 years ago

MISFIT585 7 years ago

I like the way you guys think. Thanks for all the tips. With a game so massive, and beautiful as GTA4 I have to admit to feeling a vague sense of mourning when I beat the game. I've beaten most of the side quests, and have even managed to keep all my relationships in tact. You've helped answer tha big question...what now?

I'm no programmer, infact i'm pretty computer illiterate, so i don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but is there a way for players to mod new quests? or take some of those empty buildings and make them into drug dealer nests, maybe with a cash prize? i hear they made a bank robbing mod, so i'm eager to try that out.

last thing i'm gonna say is this. God! when are these people going to make liberty city into one large mmo style server? think of the endless fun that would be!

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

yea it is an awesome game and a shame when it comes to an end, that mod for gta 4 about the biker gangs looked really awesome came out ages ago i should really get it .

there is more gta 4 stuff on mods , skins things like that. and yeaa a gta mmo must be close to reality especially with how well multiplayer worked in gta 4 so much fun shooting each other with rockets :)

Insurance Guy profile image

Insurance Guy 7 years ago

Nice hub here too expectus, really nice work ;), hope to see more from ya soon.

lol lol 1 7 years ago

is there a place where i can download gta 4 for free on pc?

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

not that i know of lol lol :P unless u wait twenty years like gta 1 became freeware:P

gtamadness 7 years ago

Try this... but first

I miss some of the things in the old gta's

i notice in gta 4, when you shoot at a car, the drivers usually get out a run away, in all the old gta games, they sped off in their car, so i used to corner a random car against a wall (so they cant go anywhere), get out while they cant move and shoot both of their back tyres (just the back tyres), then reverse your car and let them out, just watch them try to speed off, its halarious!

if you pop all their tyres, they cant build up alot of speed so they usually just spin in circles, but if you take out their back tyres only, they still have grip on the front to get speed, and the back of the car swings out of control sending them into everything in their path lol

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

hehe nice tip I will give that a try thanks:)

Ziechael 7 years ago

The best way to die by far is to find a low wall at the top of a high area, preferably with a long straight road leading to it... then, as any normal person would, drive straight towards the wall at high speed and launch yourself out of the windscreen and do that swan dive you always wanted to do but never dared, not tried it but sure it would work with motorbikes too... probable better. Happy flying

jack 7 years ago

how do you get to the other side of the city on the left

without having the cops after you cause every time i try to cross the bridges i always get 6 police stars

and do you need to do missions to get to the other side or not

cause i only got 8 missions done 9.33% done and i can't get past any more missions it's tooo hard

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

hey jack , yeaa you have to do more of the main story missions to unlock more of the islands. that way you can go over without being instantly wanted

dezzy1427 7 years ago

Another interesting thing to do is get a helicopter and fly to the statue of liberty and try and jump out of the helicopter onto the very last landing that you can't reach by walking and if you do it right and survive one of the doors you can just walk through, even though it looks like you can't. You'll be in this room with a ladder. Climb up the ladder and at the top there is this huge beating heart.

profile image

ryzter123 7 years ago

pfffffffffft to hard for mission 9 as if :P

profile image

ryzter123 7 years ago

how do you use video editor?

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

open it from your cell phone options

profile image

ryzter123 7 years ago

thx dude by the way great stuff here!!!!

profile image

ryzter123 7 years ago

thx dude by the way great stuff here!!!!

Josh 7 years ago

One of my favourite things to do is to hire a taxi and select a location on the other side of town, once the taxi starts moving tell the driver to "hurry up" and he will start driving recklessly crashing into things and ignoring stop signs and red lights. Then increase your wanted level to maximum, and enjoy the ride. Its hilarious to watch the cops slamming into you and shooting at the driver from the safety of the back seat

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

That's a great one Josh I shall add it to the list thanks, I have never tried shall give it a go

ryan 7 years ago

Theres a swing set in a playground in south slopes that has a glitch in it, drive a car up to it, hit it, then park up touching it and it will send you flying, dam insane

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

thats a good one ryan thanks will give it a try:)

jared 7 years ago

why dnt you try and do the hellitours thing go on the small building right nest to the helitours where you enter then wait for 3 ppl to get into a heli then snipe the driver he drives around crazy very amusing.

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

thanks jared I will give it a go :)

slickster 7 years ago

that's som wacky stuff but good advice

Sasuke 7 years ago

I love GTA 4!

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

its is good sasuke kun :)

Carlosman 7 years ago

On Gta 4 go to the tallest building (a building that looks like the empire state building) and spawn a fib buffalo and then get in it and spawn a turismo then getin the turismo and accelerate to the Buffalo and go flying like crazy till you fall the ground and whala Low rider. Once in this trick i tried it with a bike and fell on my head and didn't die. Program error!!! Anothertime was when I fell with a Turismo and fell upsidedown and the vehivle was completey destroyed even Niko Bellics head was coming out of the vehicles roof for the effect of beind so dawm low!

Kyle 7 years ago

I like getting a patriot and driving into the sides of cars, so you can roll them along!

bloodeye 7 years ago

i think this game gta4 should let you build your cars what is a game without your car looking fly like fffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

yeaa they tried that in san andrea's but it wasn't the greatest , you could customize everything in san andrea's it was all over the place

person 7 years ago

hit a cab with a baseball bat tell the driver get s out,then get in his taxi.wait for him to try and get u out and when he does take off rite before he grbs the handle.u should bwe able to drag him around

person 7 years ago

caution:this isn,t for people who don't like killing pedestrians.get i a car and pick a person out.hit he or sh with the car.then get out and point a oistol(or any gun)at them.demand money and when the don't give it to u pop them.sometimes let them live

person 7 years ago

I just got this game XD good stuff!

The other guy 7 years ago

I got this game yesterday, so I don't know any glitches or any other stuff to do :( so this really helped!!

I do know this though: Go to a train station. Wait for a train. When you see one coming, shove someone infront of it and whatch them get crushed! Haliarios.

donut 7 years ago


get all of the cop cars parked in front of some of the houses like the hummers and the big bus things but the hardest is the buffalo or charger car.


drift, get good at that shit the key is to just tap A


try and shoot people out of there cars on the freeway

Nyder 7 years ago

My favorite thing to do is basketball.

Get a helicopter and fly quickly towards the nuclear power plant cooling towers in southern Alderney, then jump out and see if you can land in one.


Tommy Vercetti is from Vice City, not GTA III.

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

hmm you sure they look very similar tommy vercetti and the dude in gta 3

and i will give that helicopter drop thing a go sounds good thanks

luke 7 years ago

if u stand next to the swing glitch without a car it also sends u flyin lol

expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder Author

sounds good luke I will give it a go

gta man 7 years ago

get on fire with a burning car or some thing and take out a michine gun fire it while rolling around it realy funny with cops =)

also im shivster on a game called roblox

yeah boi 7 years ago

Another fun thing to do is go to happiness island, use the car cheat, get in the car and drive around hitting all the tourists...very fun!

jake 7 years ago

omg found a glitch get a taxi and go to da airport park ur car under da bar thing and it dissapears!!!

Luiz 7 years ago

I like to "survive" in GTA IV


Get 6 star wanted level and do not hide, YES, do not hide and keep running in the streets shooting and killing all the cops who appear in the path ..



Sorry for bad English

BELIC  7 years ago

had a great time landing a chopper in the prison then tried to start a prison riot great fun

Mr. gta man 7 years ago

heli jumping it awsome it as simple as flying up high and jumping out weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(some times i fart wal falling)

Melvin_White 6 years ago

How about getting a sanchez, & finding places you can climb (ride onto), (Airport) moving plane, top of the hangar or the actual airport building.

Stunt Jumps rule!!!! (I know sounds kinda h0mo)

roy 6 years ago

at sana ma pag laro ako ng gta 4

Austin 6 years ago

I like going to Happiness Island, and getting a six star rating by killing people, and there are hardly any cops on the island besides the helicopters they send after you. After you get the rating, you can look across the channel and see a bunch of cops gathering on the coast of Algonquin driving into the water and stuff. Have fun sniping. Oh, and if you can get onto the top tier of the Statue of Happiness with a helicopter, there is a door that says, "No Hidden Content This Way" and you can go inside. You can go up the ladder inside, and at the top you will see a beating heart. The heart of Liberty CIty.

GTA Fan 6 years ago

I like getting in a heli then jumping right at the emire state building then just watch the rag-doll effects take place

frankie 6 years ago

i like goin to the airport go on to an oil pillar or summin and get 6 stars and snipe all the cops and stuff especially the helicopter drivers when you do that the helicopter spins and explodes. also i like gettin a nrg900 and driving around with 6 stars and goin under the plane its very fun because the cops try to folow you and can cath up.

frankie 6 years ago

I like to blow up the hot dog stands. Some of them have gas cylinders and can you just shoot the gas and blow it up. I'm wondering if there is some kind of achievment for blowing them all up.

Smurphh  6 years ago

isn't film edtitor or whatever for pc only?

expectus profile image

expectus 6 years ago from Land Downunder Author

yea i think it is

anonamismme 6 years ago

i like gta 4 ballade of gay tony but i hate having to go online just to play.

anyway if you get a helicopter steel one or use the cheats, fly to not to high a rooftop and start shooting at cars and ppl usualy the cops cant get at you and they don't normally send our helicopters to stop u

6 years ago

it is very fun to helicopter to the top of a medium hight building with a bunch of weapons, shoot some people with a sniper and then when the cops come shoot them and see how long you can last shooting the cops and the helicopters the

BEANZZ 6 years ago

i found a fun ting to do. you know those trollies with cardboard boxes in them (usually near hobos) if you push one with a car towards a hill and walk on it before it goes down, you have an unstoppalbe transportation device, especially when cops ram you at high speen sending you zooming off mowing down ppl in a furious rage!

Dan A 6 years ago

One fun thing me and my friend tried is to shove 2 Hobos and get them to follow you, once they follow you keep moving in circles until one of them accidently hits the other one, when this happens they will start fighting. place a bet on who you think will win. play it online with your friends.

pranavkumar 6 years ago

i love the gta series.. now niko is hero.. great game... awaiting for the next release... i love it

GL 6 years ago

Get yourself a submachine gun and a fast car and drive up and down busy shopping precints mowing down don't even need to be a good shot, 'cos any survivors inevitably get run down!

I'll leave it up to y'all to figure out if I'm talking about GTA4 or real life :P

Gta vs. Saints row 2 (Tie) 6 years ago

I get all stars and go to the x safehouse and wait for cops to come up on the other building and have a big fight and i shoot the tails with a rpg and they fall on randow things (U get the x safehouse if u kill him in the choise yo kill him or Dwane) i also like to climb around or in other terms freerun

 6 years ago

yea i like to do that to and :P:;hlv hvjf

Ross Ballantyne 6 years ago

THE NEXT GTA YOU MAKE PLEASE LET US DO UP OUR CARS AND NITRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jake anderson 6 years ago

My best thing to do is to go throught the airport build a wanted level and go to the little dock spawn cars and black half have off so youl have so cover to protect you ginuess

jaKE ANDERSON 6 years ago


jonney robbson 6 years ago

lol gta 4 iz ace will ttry give them things a go and will most post probs will fail lol

Gta vs. saints row 2 (Tie) 6 years ago

I like 2 go 2 all the secrets and try 2 find them all i already found the heart in the statue of liberty and ratman but ive been working on gta san andreaes

Artem 6 years ago

There is an other skating rink under a southern bridge that connects first and second parts of the cities!!! Bridge that has a clock tower next to it and it is the closest one to the heli rides. Skating rink is inside the building walls and it is on the opposite side of a clock tower.. It is sooo sick!

craig bakker 6 years ago

when do you get the gloves for Niko[n]

Gta vs. saints row 2 (Tie) 6 years ago

Its a Mod

Gta vs. saints row 2 (Tie) 6 years ago

Hey 2 let you all know im changing my name to Infamaus

Infamous 6 years ago

My bad i spelled that wrong but this is my new name

sethwuzhere 6 years ago

thanks for those ideas. its better than what i used to do. i used to put on that funny robbers mask you get from that bank job and use cheats to raise the wanted to 6 stars, then as soon as the cops came towards me, i would blow my self up with an rpg or grenade.

Chris 6 years ago

I don't understand gta. They made gta iv better but left things out from san andreas. Why don't they add and keep!

MW2>A4 6 years ago

I think...

awesomest 6 years ago

can you do anything good on pc

awesomest 6 years ago

sorry meant xbox 360

awesomest  6 years ago

can you like download mods to an xbox 360

awesomest 6 years ago

cuz my friend has this for pc and he has this prison mod and plus his guy can dance and taunt people but he says that he had to download all that awesome stuff but i have a pc 2 but not gta iv but i love to download mods for left 4 dead anyway i have gta iv for xbox360

revengeuf thunerdsv 6 years ago

they probaley left all that stuffout because they had to make a really realistic game and they didn't wana take up a bunch of mem

werty 6 years ago

i killed ratman! so sick! he droped, like millions $$$$$$$!

werty 6 years ago

i killed ratman! so sick! he droped, like millions $$$$$$$!

another thing to do on gta 4 6 years ago

block the hospital doors and kill everyone in there

GuEsT 6 years ago

now i have something to do!

Infamous 6 years ago

My computer had a virus that's why i wasn't on for so long -i like 2 hold hostage situatiaons at the hospital burger shot clucken bell and other places and fly on top of the airport building and see how long i can last

Fletcher 6 years ago

I now something else there is a burger shot on the first island and a billboard climb up the billboard and get a 1 star wanted level the cops will climb up and you can push them off,also if you go down to the lower platform and stand next to the stairs you were just on the cops will fall do a forward roll then die.

You know the hospital in the middle of algonquin well a quick way to get bounties on your heads(people who want to kill you)is to punch all the taxis you see and then run over behind a cop or three and the taxi drivers will all start to punch each other and the cops.

The best thing to do in middle park for me is to just walk into people to push them down the stairs or off ledges.You can also do this in all the subway station(just watch you don't push a cop down the stairs)

also at the rails push people off the edge when a train is near coming (and you know what happens next splat)

Tom 6 years ago

Another little easter egg concerning the Heart in Ms. Happiness is that if you shoot it, blood spurts out.

Carl Johnson 6 years ago

find a four door car and block the front two doors with other cars, then go to the car's backseat and press 'enter car button' and have a nice drive :)

oh and you can drive-by!

Bogtrot Benny 6 years ago

3 new fun things on GTA 4 (i think new)

Warzone:Get a police car and find a "gang crime in progress". Then proceed to the crime but be carful not to let them see you (just keep your distance for now), then using your cell phone up your wanted level to say 3 stars. When all the cops are right on you take your wanted level off with the cheats. now let the gang see you and you'll notice that all the cops that just got there draw guns and fight back, all you do is sit back and be entertained as a warzone erupts.

Hate:Goto a busy area like bohan and throw a cocktail at a wall or whatever then very quickly change back to fist mode. You'll now notice a not very happy swarm of people after its up to you.

Idiots:Goto the tall thin silo in the grounds of the airport, climb to the top and then increase your wanted level to 2. Now when the cops arrive make sure they see you on top of the silo. When they almost reach the top give them a nudge, and then watch as they fall to earth breaking numerous bones on the railings in the process...This is the one i like most.

cody 6 years ago

When ever you can get 5 or 6 stars an anhialator will be in the air. Shoot the pilot the passengers go flying very funny

Callum 6 years ago

Thanks I'll try them

Weapon X 6 years ago

Beach Bomb: My Favourite Thing To Do Is Spawn A Comet Get In And Drive It To The Beach Behind The Amusements And Rollercoaster Then Select The Greandes As Your Weapon. Start Off By Running Over Or Blowing Up the Hoboes Then When The Cops Show Up Continue On Them. Pretty Hard To Get Used To Using Te Grenades But Once you've Got The Skills It's Endless hours Of Fun:D

niko 6 years ago

get an nrg900 and floor it with your eyes closed

gta master 6 years ago

you should get in an anilator and drive around near heli tours then when they fly up start shooting at them and soon the pilot will jump out and then the helicopter (and its occupants) will fall to the ground and explode in the road making ppl go crazy 6 years ago

Nice list. I like getting in a helicopter, driving it as fast as it'll go, then jumping out and watching how far the corpse flies. F'in hillarious when done right. ABOUT YOU'RE POLES: I miss being able to swim, from San Andreas.

dakrange101 6 years ago

dude that was good info i have gta 4 for my xbox360 i completed the game so this is good info thank u

Coxy 6 years ago

I found that there are five extremely fun things to do when you have completed the campaign (or even if you haven't). Also I will add a extra one at the end which I personally haven't tried.

1. Drive out onto one of the main bridges and park your car on the side of the road. Wait until another car comes by and steal it, then park it next to your old car. Pull out a sniper rifle and using your two cars as cover kill drivers of cars and aim for headshots. You will get a wanted level and when that happens, you have to see how long you can survive before you get raped...

2. Stand on the side of a busy street and push pedestrians onto the road infront of cars. (Either walk in their direction and hit 'B' with fists or just run into them and this will barge them out of the way and onto the street). The game's inbuilt gravity and graphics make this a fun thing to do while you watch people go flying.

3. If you have finished the game, start a new game or if you haven't yet finished you are good for this. Take a fast car, either get it from the mission "No. 1" with Bruice, cheat and spawn one or steal one. now it's time to test your driving skills. Drive along one of the bridges into an island you haven't discovered yet. You will get an instant six star wanted level and all you can do is drive as fast as you can. See how long you can last. Additional: Kill civilians along the way. Hold down "LB" to shoot out of the window. Make up challenges to do with this, for example, try and drive around with the chase cam on.

4. This is a really fun but strange glitch type thing I discovered. Go to diner, the best diner is the one near your first safehouse in the apartment area. Enter the diner. The first thing you notice is that there is a lady behind the counter, people sitting on the chairs, but the person you are looking for the the guy leaning on the counter past the chashier chick. Go up to him and push him, not hitting "B", just walk into him. Now repeat this but aim yourself so that you push him into one of the seats. He will fall over and lie down on the seat as a ragdoll. after a while he will spawn on top of the table or get up to his feet. As soon as he is up he will fall off the chair or table and onto the ground. Stand on him. Yes. Stand on him while he is down. this is funny as he tries to stand but you weigh him down. Warning: This will eventually kill him and about one third of the time you get a wanted level.

5. Drive your car under the main bridge which links the first island with the second island (from the side of the first island). There is a park area and at the very end as you follow it forwards is a small wall at about waist height which is inbetween you and the water. Drive at full speed towards the wall and Niko will smash through the car windscreen and fly into the ocean. Awesome!

Extra: This is something I came up with but I personally don't know if it works... Call up Little Jacob. Become 75% friends with him and then call him up for guns. Meet him at the location on the map (near you). He will be standing by his car. Buy everything you can afford off him. Now this is what I haven't tried and this could possibly make you become less friendly with him. Pull out a gun you purchased and kill Little Jacob. What I think will happen is that he will drop all the money you paid and you get all of the guns for free!!! :)

I hope this helps!

- Coxy

craig 6 years ago

i like to get a chopper go to the top of a building, sporn a car or bike and drive yourself off. its a challenge to us the bike and try not to die when you land, easyer said than done when jumping off some of those high ones

andrew 6 years ago

this is really funny get a nrg 900 or any bike not the moped though as it is slow. then get a helmet on cause you're gonna wanna live . then go on the side walk and absolutely floor it . get some speed up then when u see a person try and just judge it right and jump off . your guy will jump to the right just so you know. then you can crossbody people and slam into them. that's y u need a helmet lol but i lvoe doing it around middle park cause its just packed and straight

poookie!!!!! 6 years ago

It would be the bast if we could costemize our own chericter

GTAMAN 6 years ago

Go Into the schotler hospital and shoot, kill everyone running out. Its really fun to act like you are holding up the hospital. the cops will eventually come after you, then stand in a room and aim at the door with a shotgun and shoot every time a cop comes through.

If you add it to the list you can retype it.

person 6 years ago

i love gta 4 this list gave me alot of ideals

person 6 years ago

cover a road with cars all the way acrost on both sides (best wish small roads) get a car on the inside get in and get a wanted level an see how long u last

Nathan 6 years ago

What the flip... If you go to happiness island and go in the statue of liberty there is a GIANT HEART. WTF

beltap master 6 years ago

saints row 1+saints row 2+all the GTA's=the most aazing game on earth

unstopableguy1 6 years ago

u could get a plane go high as you can and jump of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared 6 years ago

hat is the video editor?

CKin676 6 years ago

my favorite thing to do is to call the cops, start a fight and when the cops arrest the man punching you, steal the cop car with the criminal in it, and sometimes there is a passenger cop but take them on the ride of their life.

Scott (devlin) 6 years ago

Thanks for these tips they have been fun to try out :P

gtaplayer 6 years ago

one of the things i do is knock people down and hit people on motarbikes at fast speeds

gtaplayer 6 years ago

start a new game because you will know what to do and you can do stuff you didn't do last time

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

av u eva tried that fing in sa going myth hunting its boss i fownd the body bags did eny one else find any myths in gta 3 or vice city?

Dylan mercer 6 years ago


Dylan mercer 6 years ago

answer me and i will giv u a copy of gta v.

nico belic 6 years ago

i like to go to the heliport and steal a helicopter and chop everyones heads off lol

nico belic  6 years ago

dylan i do lol its fun and not in gta3 but in vice city i found a ufo crashed into the ground and there is a bulilding and the lights in it resemble something naughty lol > 8===>

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

Thanks niko il check that out later

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

i went to the waters in vice city niko and i found a gost ship will u plees repli

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

OMG nodody answers me are my comments invisible?

Bradley 6 years ago

If u could do up cars like gta sa it wud b way beta

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

Yahoo finnaly a reqwest anyway do u meen mod ur car?

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

Bradley what's your last name cos i hav a cusin called bradley mercer

Dylan mercer 6 years ago


DOOPY 6 years ago

why wont any one answer dylans questons?

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

ok hav it ur way ARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andy 6 years ago

I put cheats in and I get a helicopter and I go to the airport and fly close to the ground barely toching and JUMP OUT it's fun

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

hey andy hav u got gta the ballad of gay tony & the lost and damnd

conka100 6 years ago

i think gta4 is a wicked game, but i still think it has nothing on san andreas. i think they should remake san andreas with gta 4's graphics and movement.

Leo 6 years ago

That's a funny thing to do I got a helicopter found the biggest building nearest to me landed the helicopter on it then jumped off without a parouchute then I fell on a police car got a wanted level and I was just dead on the car and they started shootin me wen I was dead x)

Dylan mercer  6 years ago

haz enewon from england on here?

Me 6 years ago

Try climbing on top of people's cars and see how long can you last!

Billbobjoe 6 years ago

yo dylan dude shut the hell up...

Dylan mercer  6 years ago

hey billbobjoe im 9 how old are you 89?And another thing shut your big fat ugly trampy dirty pimply cakeole shut!

travis 6 years ago

i luv the ragdoll mode on gta 4

andy 6 years ago

no Dylan mercrer i don't have gta the ballad of gay tony & the lost and damnd

andy  6 years ago

where do you get the mask

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

hello andy nice to see u again iv got the episodes from liberty city but i havnt got the ps3 or xbox 360. im getting a ps3 later this week tho. and your like one of the people on this website hu acshully be nice to me

Ezio 6 years ago

Dylan have you put this name because of the game [prototype]? the main character name is something mercer

for me one of the most awesome things to do is pick an submachine gun and go like "RAMPAGE!!!", no police officer survives the trip(just the one that kills me XD)

james 6 years ago

For "fast lane" you can use one of the bridges, it's especially hard as everyone keeps changing lanes.

Dylan mercer  6 years ago

wo ders sumwon called ... mercer? wo! the best thing i like to do iz get the carbine rifle and go in the hospitil and see how many stars u canget if u get up to 5 stars kill the nurse on the computer behind the counter and see how long you can last and also see howmany headshots u can get o and my real name IS Dylan mercer.

UK Police Force 6 years ago

Your a little bit young to be playing such a violent game mercer, the police will be informed...

Dylan mercer 6 years ago

ha,actiully im 21 o and this is my new name...Dylan Jones!

josh 6 years ago

ive got one for ya get a helicopter an try and jump out and hit the prpeler with niko

brennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 6 years ago


Nuclear Simon 5 years ago

why not hide inside the hospital, use cheats to raise your wanted level and see as N.O.O.S.E try to kill you

nico belic 5 years ago

sorry dylan im not on this every day lol ill go check it out , my real name is stephen ;)

Dylan Jones 5 years ago

Hello everybody sorry i coudnet answer your questions because i was to bisy finishing the lost and damned and trying to complete gta iv and gta the ballad of gay tony.

wiener 5 years ago

that game sucks most of the cool stuff u have to do is online only and how do u even make a slide any ways i bet its probaly online

Fgs 5 years ago

Tommy Vercetti (GTA 3)

CJ "Carl Johnson" (GTA San Andreas)

Niko Bellic (GTA 4 )

damian 5 years ago

i like to get a car en the driver get mad and pick want to pick the back

damiangta 5 years ago

i like to get a car and see the driver angry he want his car back and gone hang on your car its realy fun :)

Dylan Jones 5 years ago

yahoo!I completed gta tlad gta iv and gta tbogt!

COD ODD 5 years ago


Darian 5 years ago

The thing i found the funnist for me is to take a big truck like a semi, trash truck, flatbed, ETC then take an old beater but car and place it at the bottom of a hill and drive your truck down the hill ounce or twice then try to drive the car the whole left/right side is ussaly dented in and the car is still on but has a extreamly hard time moveing with 2 or 3 tires bent in.. Peace

Mnah 5 years ago

Take an annihilator, fly as high as you can, and jump into the water. You'll never die!! I like to get some forward momentum going first and see if I can jump over an entire island, land in a pond, etc.

Also, getting on any of the half-sunken ships laying in the water near the edge (couple along the coast of third island just south and west of Happiness Island) makes a great place for a last stand. Not only can you destroy the cops that gather along the shore, but sometimes, if you snipe the pilot out of a helicopter while it's over water, it'll crash like usual but won't blow up. When it works, the "underwater" helicopter stays on your radar, but can't hurt you, and they won't send a replacement to mess with you.

Happiness Island is great if you want to spawn a vehicle and run over tons of pedestrians, plus there aren't many cops, and you can hide from the helicopters they send since no one already has a visual on you (aka your stars are grey instead of white). If you shoot any gun when there's a helicopter anywhere on the island, it'll come toward you, but if you're fast enough, you can still find cover, and it'll just keep flying around trying to find you, which they're really not very good at, realistically.

uuuuu!!! 5 years ago

ragdolls are fun!

lol 5 years ago

take a super gt and drive fast and try to go under a semi trailor and u can turn

anul fair 5 years ago

GTA IV is frigen amazing i like bumming ladies

Renegade 5 years ago

Is there a San Andreas style cheat whereby you are never wanted?? That would be epic

poop loop 5 years ago

Go to the cabaret club and shoot one of the security guards. once you do that, a bunch of mob members will come after you. then use the "wanted down" cheat when the cops get there and watch them fight the mob members.

GTAPlayer 5 years ago

Anyone Tell Me How to hang On A Car In Pc

D33R 5 years ago

About the poll quesiton on this page....Tommy Vercetti was from Vice City, not GTA3. GTA3 was Claude.

nico belic 5 years ago

WRONG gta 3 was some guy called tony

Bob The Builder 5 years ago

WRONG Grand theft auto 3 guy's name WAS Claude.Tonys from episode from liberty city Dlc The Ballad Of Gay 'tony'! nico belic just to let you know you spelt Niko's name wrong!

g-man 5 years ago

wheres a cheat for no more f-n cops

Eric 5 years ago

I like to crash my car into the guys working on the trunk of there car and seeing if they get caught in the trunk. I also like to get in a helicopter with roman but rite before he gits in lift off and he dangles and sometimes still talk to you even though he is a few thousand feet in the air

jasorocks 5 years ago

do you need to have xbox live to make a video on gta iv the ballad of gay tony

albert 5 years ago


ideas are grate

Static 5 years ago

Get a fast bike, and drive high speeds into an oncoming car or low wall, see how far you fly, remember, helmets can save your life!

Erik 5 years ago

Try pushing pedestrians off of high places and watching them fall. Now these aren't the best directions, but if you're on the first island, if you go to the the first weapons store that opens up, then a little bit towards the left (almost near the water, but not quite,) theres the little area where there isn't a guard rail, and you can just walk into pedestrians until they tumble over the side, and you walk away whistling. Its entertaining. Sorry for the terrible directions, haha, its the best i could do. The area is rotterdam hill

woutie 5 years ago

hi, what a great list!

thanks for sharing.

currently working on a "Fun Times in Liberty City" video for the web (youtube/gametrailers/gamespot).

I will definetly use these great suggestions, laughed my ass off reading them!

Greatings from Holland.

InvisibleMuffin 5 years ago

Motorcycle parkour. Nuff said.

warren 5 years ago

get in a helicopter go on a biuling and jump of and try lan on a car!funny

GTAmong3r! 5 years ago

Ps3 doen't have a video editor does it.

Dylan Jones 5 years ago

hey try and get a nrg-900 and go as fast as u can and

then hit a car, you'll go flying ROFL

Piers 5 years ago

When does GTA London come out? That'll be fantastic. I really did love GTA IV and it's packages though i have to admit. You can almost *EVERYTHING* on it, unlike boring games such as Fight Night,Cod etc. It's an amazing game, and always has been! I do miss San Andreas though! 5 years ago


DoPeMaN82 5 years ago

1.- use slomo mode by pressing horn in free cam mode and try out the sidewalks to get a bloody brainsmashing bodylaunching small action movie and see peeps fly.

2.-Fly as high possible and then swing with heli back and forth to make the propellor hit ur body and make Niko shoot away in mid air n watch m smash into buildings pavement enz ;P

Bibek 5 years ago

I usually get the chopper and land of tall building and use sniper gun to kill people; increase my wanted level. And then when cop choppers arrive, shot the chopper pilot with sniper and it goes down. Fun to watch haha!

jack 5 years ago

what are mods

DK!! 5 years ago

I use to get a helicopter and fly real high and jump out and try to hit water ponds like that in the park (i think it's called middle park) it can be tricky but i think it's fun :) and try to jump of tall buildings next to a road and hit the roof of the cars ;D

harnoor 5 years ago

I alos love this game

mike 5 years ago

Need better cars

jj 5 years ago

this game is a beast I love everythig about it

christian 5 years ago

fido is the name of the character in gta liberty city

DK!! 5 years ago

I like GTA IV much more than Red Dead Redemption because there are much more to do when finished the game. In R-D-R you just help ppl who got their horse stolen or you can go hunting and shoot ppl. in GTA it's stunts, shooting and even dating and if that isn't enough you can start a BPF (Big Ppl Fight)

liam pile 5 years ago

playing multiplayer and got so bored.So i got in a chopper and shot my teamate he got angy and chopped of my head here is another thing to do get a ak-47 and shoot little jacob in the head and he will say some crazy stuff. he is so weird he talks crazy and if someone has gta4 on computer can they be friends with you on ps3

Peperez 5 years ago

hello im from brazil and i like gta 4 very much and i aprecciate your hints thank you

tye 5 years ago

thanks man i realy got board

dylan 5 years ago

cool and i got a web to i is called gta iv cheats and the botom one

profile image

Voraxith 5 years ago

I love this damn game so damn much! I swear, I should attend GTA Anonymous or something -- even though I've beaten it so many times, I just can't stop playing it. Plus, with all the mods and cheats available, the replayablity is endless! I'm to the point now that I actually want to try making my own mods, but I have no idea how to, and all my Google/YouTube searches come up with nothing.

vasily 5 years ago

Yeh nice thanks i bibnt complete the game cos its stops working at first mannys mission so im just trying to get past police to the other islands.

Scott 5 years ago

Thanks I will definently try some of this stuff

MACCA 5 years ago

how do u get video editor???? i got a ps3

random ped 5 years ago

get a heavy car and go fast and hit the car, if u hit it hard enough the person will die inside or fly out the windshield.

Cookiemonster 5 years ago

I just like to go to the top of very high buildings, and then either driving off them or just freefalling. XD

Doug 5 years ago

One of my favorite games is grenade chase. Get a wanted level of 3 or more stars then drive down the freeways and drop grenades out the windows for the cops behind you.

It's tricky to get the hang of but if you typically hold the grenade for 3 - 4 seconds and then drop it, you can decimate the cops that are following even closely behind you. Sometimes if you drop the grenade too late, it blows you own car forward at like 150 mph with your rear on fire like a bat out of hell. Always fun and funny.

I also like stealing hummers, taking them to the freeway and then literally driving over and through oncoming traffic. A lot of times if you hit another car head on or just hard enough, the driver will die and keep driving.

It's such a huge sandbox environment that there are always things to do. It was designed to maximize jumps and all other kinds of things.

Ty 5 years ago

Forget having friendly fire on, grab a buddy on free mode and team up on everyone in a helicopter!

Eventually people will get mad and grab some RPG's! Then the pilot needs to dodge rpgs while the passenger is trying to gun them down with a ak-47.

Plus you can chase down cars and gun them down.

Now THAT's a war zone lol!

stevonz 5 years ago

I think you might have the ability to become a hooker. When i was walking down the street this lady came up in her car and said 'wohoo' and it sayd hold 'f' to enter car. unfortunately might wanted level was one and i got arrested.

Has this happened to anyone and what happens if you go with her?

stevonz 5 years ago

I think you might have the ability to become a hooker. When i was walking down the street this lady came up in her car and said 'wohoo' and it sayd hold 'f' to enter car. unfortunately might wanted level was one and i got arrested.

Has this happened to anyone and what happens if you go with her?

TooMuchSoda 5 years ago

Fly a heli and crash into buildings til it wrecks, watch yourself going down with the flamin heli.

stephen 5 years ago

you know the highway in alderney ? well at the south of the highway near the nuclear plant ,theres a piece of guard rail missing. get 2 star wanted level ( not 3 as helicopter wont make the plan run easy) and hover just out over the missing guard rail and the police will come and run right off the edge of the highway and explode while hitting the ground below , its soo fun XD

Whats a name? 5 years ago

What is do is going to skate park by the burgershot close by the pier use a heat for cross-bike shanzez is the name not sure, but take the bike and get to the skate park and do some stuns like slato's and stuff :D

Whats a name? 5 years ago

sorry for my bad english in the comment wich i placed earlier. But what's fun to is get a chopper try to break his tail and then jump ou the choppers blades will hit ou and you get fired away :)

levias ferreira 4 years ago

hey try landing on a plane its hard but fun.

dBoy sWag gAng 4 years ago

Gta 4 is da best. i especialy like sky divin off a heli wth the rpg n sumtimes wn u hit da floor the rocket in the rpg explodes sendin u flyin. oh n its very tricky to do diz bt wn u got six stars n wn the cops heli arrive try to jump on top n see how long u cn last.better if u do it in the empire state bulding.

Rick 4 years ago

In Playboy X's penthouse, if you go out to the balcony, then go past the jacuzzi, if you jump over the railing in just the right spot you can hop onto the roof over there. get a wanted level, then crouch down behind the wall looking at the door across the way that playboy escapes through on the kill Playboy mission. Cops will come through it and try to get to you by jumping over the ledge, they don't realize there is a small gap between the buildings, and they all fall to their deaths. Hang out there for a half an hour like I did and the huge pile of dead cops who all jumped to their deaths on the ground down below is hilarious.

Jack 4 years ago

Call Romans taxi and tell him to drive to a waypoint very far away. While he is driving start shooting and no matter how many cops chase you, he will keep driving

harri 4 years ago

you can take a helicopter up to the top of a building with your friends in it and when you get to the top just try and push them off winner stays on

Zach 3 years ago

U know wats fun getting a 3 star wanted level taking a buzzard and getting the explosive sniper cheat and sniping cop veicles and choppers out of the sky

Dylan Mercer 2 years ago

Ha, I remember this page, I made a show of my self when I was nine, it makes me ducking cringe

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