Furdiburb Guide


Furbidurb is an Android game that is still in Beta. This game is basically a V-pet game, you have to raise an alien. In this game there is also a tone of puzzles for you to figure out to keep you entertained. In this guide I will try to help you solve these puzzles.

Main Guide

Hatching Furbidurb-

Put chicken mama on the egg. you should see a crack. Then all you gotta do is drop the egg a couple times. You can also roll the egg back and forth.

Bathing Furdiburb-

Pull down a cloud and put it on Furdi. Grab a blade of grass from near your house and scrub him until the stink lines are gone and then be sure to dry him with a gust of wind so he doesn't get sick.

Making Furdiburb happy-

Feeding Furdi is the main thing that makes him happy. Here is a hint Furdi loves hot dogs. They'll cheer him up the fastest.

Furdiburbs Inventory-

You can access the inventory by holding your finger on Furdi. This will open it's inventory and allow you to pull out items but when you do be careful. your items may float off into space.

Chicken Mama-

Did you accidentally feed your chicken mama to your Furdi? Don't worry you can get here back by cooking in the factory. There will be a list of all the things you can make in the factory lower in this guide.

Sick Furdiburb-

If your Furdi gets sick all you gotta do is give it some potions. Try to match the potion color to what color your Furdi has turned also there are some potions that can cure all sickness

Changing Furdiburb-

You can change the eyes and color buy buying some potions or mixing some ingredients together in the factory that will give you these potions

The factory-

To start up the factory pull down a cloud to the ball on the top. This will give the factory electricity. Then you put the items you wish to mix into the three cylinders. press the big red button and your items will be fused to get something groovy

The farm-

To get started go into the barn and buy some seeds to plant. Some of the seeds are free. Then you need to talk to Jed. You will need to fertilize and water your seeds so they can grow. Be sure to put the beaver to sleep before you do this though. You would have to go underground to find the right root to do this.

The Beach-

In this area there is a shop and an island. In the shop there are some free items that you should always pick up when your near. Put Furdi on the island to fish, after of course you purchase the fishing hook. To fish place something from your inventory on the hook. Raise Furdi into the sky to cast the line and when the line shakes pull on furdi to real in your catch. Big fish catch bigger fish. This will come in handy when you are trying to catch the Kraken.

The mountains-

There is a loose bolder that you will need to collect. You can use this bolder to get into the castle. Also later this will be where the spaceship crashes.

The StarQuest sisters-

By touching Tokori he will tell you some important information. You can use a star quest potion to shoot into the stars. Place the potion on the sister statue that doesn't have something in its hand. This will cause the pond to become the tool that will launch you into the stars. This is how you will also knock down the spaceship. Here is another hint, try to get to Neptune. You can get something to fix the spaceship. And one thing that will come in handy is a check point potion. You can use this when you reach a planet so the next time you go into space you don't have to start all the way from the beginning.

Boomy Woods-

Here there is a shop and a Nightingale bird. You can get a free bottle from the shop to collect the birds tear. This tear can be used to buy certain items. You can also buy some items with the squirrels you grow from the plants in your front yard.

The Castle-

You can get into the castle by putting the four elements onto the pillars. Use a wind gust on the pinwheel, use a cloud on the pitcher, put the stone you collected from the mountains on the plate. And for fire you will need to feed your Furdi a spotted mushroom.


Down the hole there is something cute and purple that the gopher will snuggle up with and take a nap

Earning money-

You can do this buy mixing items in the factory or buy traveling the stars.


Collect your Furdi's poop. It is able to be used for many things. Some is for fertilizer some you can use to buy things.


Repairing the Spaceship

Here are the items you will need to collect to repair the space ship

Orb – you will find this when you reach Neptune

Windshield – When you catch the kraken you can get this

Propulsion bulb - complete one of the music relics

Gravitometer – complete the nightingale quest

A.I. Core – complete the farm quest

Thruster - Complete the music game tutorial, then mix the recipe it gives you with the item you receive

I will try to update this as the game updates

Nightingale's song-

First you have to use the moon relic, Buy the potion to get to the moon. Then play the music game to get a music note that you give to the bird. The bird will drop a feather used to repair the ship.

Getting the Kracken-

To get the Kracken I recommend getting the fastest fishing pole. Then you need to use bigger and bigger fish to catch it. Don't forget to collect the tooth.

The Music Game-

Hit the keys (you can do it randomly, One key per row though, then hit Play) There will be an arrow that will allow you to move the notes up and down if you didn't get it right. There are 10 to 15 levels to the game at the moment. When you complete the game a door will open up on the right. In there there should be an item. These items can vary.

The rabbit hole-

There are patches near the gypsy that grow mushrooms. Eat the mushroom to shrink. This will allow you to slip down the rabbit hole.


Cherry+Cherry+Cherry=Cherry Picture

Squash+Squash+Empty Bottle=Honey

Cherry+Starquest+Starquest=Red & White Vase



Squash+Hotdog+Cheese=Chocolate Pie

Dragon Fruit+Cherry+Strawberry=Bed

Strawberry+Cheese+Hotdog=Strawberry Cheesecake

Eggplant+Squash+Starquest=Purple Creature aka Taro Root

Starquest Potion+Pineapple+Cherry=Cupcake

Eggplant+Squirrel+Squash=Gingerbread Man

Squirrel+Cheese+Eggplant=Rotten Cheese

Eye Potion+Star Qyest+Eye Berry Juice=2811 stars

Dragon Fruit+Dragon Fruit+Dragon Fruit=Chili

Mushroom+Rock+OrangePotion=420 stars

Orange Potion+Orange Potion+Orange Potion=1210 stars


Starquest+Squash+Eggplant=Taro Root

Rainbow Anttenna+Renewl+Renewl=Purple Starry Eyes

Red heart+broken heart+passion flower=3400 stars

Renewal Potion+ Star Quest+ Red Heart=1000 stars

Renewal+ Starquest+Strawberry=Female

Renewal+Cherry+Pumpkin=Halloween Eyeball


Renewal+Cherry+Pumpkin=Halloween Eyeball

Renewal+Pumpkin Rock=Jack O’lantern


Renewal+Renewal+Starquest=Green Starry Eyes

Renewal+Renewal+Starquest=Pink Starry Eyes


Renewal+Starquest+Mangasteen=Rainbow Attenna





Starquest+Starquest+Cherry=Striped Flower Pot

Empty Bottle+Strawberry+Strawberry=Strawberry Jam

Strawberry+Strawbery+Strawberry=Strawberry Rug

Pumpkin+Pumpkin+Pumpkin=Pumpkin Pie


Turkey+Heart+Broken Heart=Chicken Mama

Pineapple+Eggplant+Empty Bottle=Cauliflower

Renewal+ Renewal +Cockroach=thruster

I will also try to update these. Also please tell me if some of these recipies are wrong. I would appreciate it.

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Comments 82 comments

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

I added a recipe to the hub

fee 4 years ago

i finished the game on earth and made it home what's next is that all

profile image

josiegonz 4 years ago

can anyone please tell me how to get the pink light for the spaceship......did the music room but DID NOT GET THE RECIPE!!!! BEEN TRYING FOR WEEKS...

gjean 4 years ago

how to get out from the rabbit/ole hole?

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

I'm not sure exactly. I haven't been able to play the game in a while so I have some catching up to do. As soon as I know you will know too I promise.

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

If you are talking about the propulsion bulb the recipe is renewal+renewal+pink beetle

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

I just drag my furdi near the exit and he goes out. I will look at it though and see what else there is to do.

yvonne 4 years ago

Im confused as to where the factory is and stuff. My furdi is grown but I'm stuck on the same thing I can't move screens past the crab place or tree place. Do I need to get further into the stars? I'm on the third planet so far.

logoquiz profile image

logoquiz 4 years ago from London

looks like a cute game, I might download it. Thanks.

Laura 4 years ago

The 1000 dollar one doesn't work.

rebecca 4 years ago

What if your tooth from the kraken floated away....can you get another?

claudel 4 years ago


listen what kind of flower will i use for the windshild


LaVinia 4 years ago

Ive made it home. I don't know where to go from here. I have all the inks but do not know what to do with the statue. Please help.....Thanks

ellie 4 years ago

I'm confused,how do I get the pink beetle?

profile image

agsmith120 4 years ago

I found out how to get one hundred sixty credits!

cheese+cheese+cheese = 160 credits!!!

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

well you plant the plumer seed and it should grow into the flower you need. so you should buy a total of three plummer seeds, two for the recipe and one to get the flower.

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

one of the music games. I think it is the basic one but im not sure. You can buy cubes to play the game from the robot.

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

Inks? are you talking about the ghost like things?

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

you will have to catch the kraken again

LaVinia 4 years ago

Ive passed the ghosts, repared my spaceship and am on another planet I believe is home. The different inks change my color. I need help with the statue that is there. He seems to be sleeping or something. I don't know what to do next. Please help....thanks.

kittyjitty 4 years ago

What is a mangasteen?

Kat 4 years ago

Can Someone help me with ghost quest and music quest? I've done gopher quest already. Also, What is the purpose of chicken mama 'sides from hatching furdi's egg? Thx in advance!

lily 4 years ago

What do I do. With the rock that comes out after I collect all the ghost also what does the yellow relic do?

Eden 4 years ago

how to come out of the kraken

lily 4 years ago

@Eden to get out of the craken need to go to the throat

Eden 4 years ago

what is mangasteen

Alyssa 4 years ago

strawberry thruster dragon berry = heart

lindsey 4 years ago

what is the statue on his home planet for and who is it and what is he standing on

Eden 4 years ago

i got all the parts

the farm quest

the nightingale quest


giving iris light

the music relic

and kraken

Eden 4 years ago

but it is not going home

Eden 4 years ago

as you can see above i have got all the parts its not going home

misty 4 years ago

how do I get into the ground by the holes???

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

There is a mushroom that you can eat. I think you get it near the gypsy lady

eli 4 years ago

Hi , how do I get the teardrop to buy the potion for the moon

Dr. McButtFuck 4 years ago

What's a thruster

Andrea Rose profile image

Andrea Rose 4 years ago Author

The bird that's crying drops them. You need an empty bottle to collect them.

Eden 4 years ago

please help me its not going home

moi 4 years ago

i know another recipe:

that purple fruit you grow in front of your house. you use only that and it'll give you a chilli pepper which does tge same thing as the mushroom

Eden 4 years ago

furdiburb is not going to his home planet

i fixed all the parts

qiesya 4 years ago

Can I know how to get turbines..really want to know about it..tq

Eden 4 years ago

yes quieya

profile image

JamieCarrico187 4 years ago from Riverside, California

My Furdi has a loose tooth. I was feeding him last night and a messege popped up but i accidentally hit "OK" and it went away. Can anyone help me please?

qiesya 4 years ago

I finally complete all the task..n now my furdi can back home happily..

Eden 4 years ago

not going to home planet all parts fixed though

yishi22 3 years ago

pls help me i don't know how to play the music room...

Queenlkb 3 years ago

Is there any thing else you can bo with the kraken?

shannonthelost 3 years ago

How do you get all the ghost I'm short one and I can't find it :-(

maii 3 years ago

how can i get that broken heart thing ?

Furdiburb fan 3 years ago

You have rarly spocken about the clock machine.how do you tern it on? And is there a newer version of the game?

Furdi 3 years ago

you turn on the recycleing machine With A cloud and the real recipe for earth is emptybottle rock rock and the thruster is called the darkmatter propulsion bulb

karina 3 years ago

How do u get the music game??

Cameron 3 years ago

What do you do with the statue on the home plant?

furdi lover 3 years ago

how do I get the turbines? Pleas help:,(

furdi lover 3 years ago

How do I get the turbines?

furdi1204 3 years ago

I got the box from the moon but I need 2 play the game. Im confused

jamie 3 years ago

how can you complete the bug thing im stuck on lvl 3 can anybody help me plz

Ben Leverett 3 years ago

I'm sorry, it may be true for you, but for me Renewal Potion+ Star Quest+ Red Heart only yields 15 stars.

SkirtedSlayer 3 years ago

How do you get the Broken Heart for Chicken Mama

mel 3 years ago

There's a sight called something like furdiburb for dummies or something like and its basically a walk through up to when he goes home, my furdiburbs now got teeth like his parents and now won't eat food from his old planet anyone know what to do on this new planet?

jane 3 years ago

how do you feed the mushroom to iris when you cannot open inventory inside the cave and cannot pass one through the mouth of the cave.

jane 3 years ago

how do you get Larry to eat the taro root?

when i try to fed it to him it doesn't work, please help!

profile image

Ishnessocity 3 years ago

At Furdiburb's home planet, screen with statue, water the ground to grow new food.

Mahasweet 3 years ago

How do I feed the root to the mole? I have one and I got it from the hole nearby Junky Bot's store, but he won't eat it because he still has a seed in his mouth! What should I do? Should I get another item for him to eat?

Eden 3 years ago

mahasweet instead of seed put the root in the patch of soil in the farm. Now all I got all the space ship parts still furdi is not going to his planet

Brandi 3 years ago

To do music game, I clicked every block until I got it right

Daphne 3 years ago

What's a squash and a Mangasteen?

xxxxxxa 3 years ago

How can I make a heart and a broken heart??

Uhh 3 years ago

What's a furdiburb

gigoyvo 3 years ago

where to find the top left ghost plz tell me

missblack 2 years ago

You have to check in with your game occasionally based on the times displayed by the two sisters with the ghosts. The clock hands say 9 and 12. Can't remember if it was between 9am to 12pm, Or 9pm to 12am, or whatever; but it's between a certain time frame. It just showed up randomly for me once I got the timing right. Good luck!

Tiger 2 years ago

I can't get past the music game and i don't know how to catch the ghosts please tell me how to catch the ghosts!!!!

Ana 2 years ago

@Tiger do you see the clocks the sisters are holding? Well those times say 12 and 9, meaning those are the Times ghosts will be out.sometimes even if you come at that time you will get the point for it

mary 2 years ago

What do you do with the satue on furdiburbs home planet

JustDianaPlz 2 years ago

I beat this without this persons website also the starry eyes are not same one is purple other is green,the combations are not supposed to be the same. No offence but I think the other wibsites are better

ElectroByt 2 years ago

Maybe this is on it but

Empty Beaker+Empty Beaker+Empty Beaker=Green Lamp

P.S. the empty beaker is the remaining bottle from the used starquest potions

Michael 2 years ago

How do you get the vacuum tube

Veronica 2 years ago

Plumeria seed+plumeria seed+plumeria flower doesn't make the windshield it makes the A.I. Core

Stellar 2 years ago

This recipe does not give you windshield... Plumeria+Plumeria+Flower=Windshield - it gave me over 2,000 stars!

TB 24 months ago

What is a mangasteen

xcupcakepowerr_ 24 months ago

Please can anyone help me? How can I give a mushroon to iris, I can't open my inventory when I'm inside with iris

TB 24 months ago

What is a mangasteen?

Gabrielle 19 months ago

How do you add ingredients together

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